Texts in English – 2015

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01.01.2015 Why attack democracy? (“Coordinated Anarchist Groups”, GAC)
01.01.2015 VIDEO: Anarchist Riot Greetings from Greece for 2015 [Jingle Bells version]
03.01.2015 [B] 05.01. United against racist propaganda and social exclusion! #NoBergida
03.01.2015 Aboriginal land rights under attack again in Australia
04.01.2015 Meeting Mannheim Hauptbahnhof for Oury Jalloh
06.01.2015 MS: Sylvesterkundgebung am Knast
06.01.2015 Freiburg: Sylvester zum Knast
06.01.2015 Mass strikes in Guyana, 1917
07.01.2015 1965 Freedom Ride re-enactment going off track in Australia
07.01.2015 Kicked off a train for being 'Black' in Western Australia
09.01.2015 He renounced Australia and lives solely by tribal law. Now Murrumu is hitting the road
09.01.2015 [Vienna] We'll be in their Way! Let's block the FPÖ's Student Fraternity Ball together!
10.01.2015 I Stand With Charlie Hebdo, But I Also Stand With the Victims of Our Bombs
12.01.2015 Midgegooroo - "he threw the pick-axe down the well"
12.01.2015 Phil Africa Dies In Prison Under VERY Suspicious Circumstances
12.01.2015 Offener Brief über ://aboutblank
12.01.2015 Institutional Racism in the State Organs
13.01.2015 Three simple ways Australia can clean the stain from its asylum seeker policies
14.01.2015 The free-speech hypocrisy of some world leaders marching in Paris
16.01.2015 Khalid Idris Bahray – his death was murder! Let's turn grief and rage into resistance!
16.01.2015 Destroika-Video: March 18th 2015: European Central Bank opening in Frankfurt
16.01.2015 Refu­gees wel­come — fight racism!
17.01.2015 The day after the insurrection
18.01.2015 Create a struggle against the racist society of selfgovernance / An invitation for further discussion
18.01.2015 [LE] Solidarity is our weapon
18.01.2015 White Australians would not have had this inflicted on them
18.01.2015 Removal of Aboriginal children at crisis point and rising
19.01.2015 Up to 700 detainees on hunger strike in Australian-run concentration camp
19.01.2015 People urged to attend Canberra First Peoples sit-in
19.01.2015 "The Place is Here, The Time is Now" (Mini documentary on Athens Riots of 6 December 2014)
19.01.2015 Liquidation of RASH Stuttgart
20.01.2015 Islamism and the Left
20.01.2015 New police radars can 'see' inside homes
22.01.2015 Monday demonstration for refugees safety and against racism
22.01.2015 Four people arrested after solidarity actions with arestees from New Year Punk Gig in Minsk
22.01.2015 Call for Antifa-Support in February in Bulgaria
22.01.2015 Journalists reporting on asylum seekers referred to Australian police
23.01.2015 Qualitatively the worst genocide in human history
23.01.2015 Boum! Contre les frontiéres – A festival welcoming refugees and tearing down borders
23.01.2015 In Midst of War, Ukrainian Political Left Ponders Next Moves
24.01.2015 Community shut-downs and homelessness in Western Australia
24.01.2015 PEGIDA in Trier
24.01.2015 [HH] Fight for the rights of refugees – come to Hamburg!
25.01.2015 Newly discovered 1964 Martin Luther King speech resonates with Australian Aboriginal struggle
25.01.2015 Australians resisting free trade deal with US that would empower corporations
28.01.2015 [Discussion] Protocol of an exchange among anarchists concerning PEGIDA and democracy
29.01.2015 Syriza Cant`t Save Greece
29.01.2015 Date with destiny - February 9 - First Peoples' Sit-In in Canberra
29.01.2015 Final notice: black line is drawn
01.02.2015 Queensland parliament likely to get its first two Aboriginal members
01.02.2015 I am not Charlie/No to attacks/No to racism and Islamophobia
01.02.2015 Interview with a proud Wiradjuri woman
04.02.2015 Most Australians 'don't actually understand what human rights are'
06.02.2015 (B) Kaufhof is selling fur again - direct action in Berlin!!!
08.02.2015 Call-out for Aboriginal sit-in at the Australian parliament
10.02.2015 Aboriginal protesters come face-to-face with politicians during Canberra 'sit-in'
10.02.2015 Call for Germanwide Demonstration on February 28th in Dresden
10.02.2015 Anti-nuclear activists: "Don't buy holidays from Hapag-Lloyd or TUI"
11.02.2015 Culture of fear growing among Australian immigration officials
11.02.2015 Leadership squabbling, not Aboriginal rights struggle, consumed by mainstream media
11.02.2015 Rotting nuclear waste drums to be retrieved from Brunsbüttel "breakdown reactor"
11.02.2015 Nearly 4000 blacks lynched in the US from 1877 to 1950: study
11.02.2015 Show your ass to the authorities: call for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists from 25th February to 1st March
12.02.2015 [DD] Demonstration for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees
12.02.2015 Australian government insider slams failure to close the gap between Indigenous and white Australians
12.02.2015 three animalliberationactivists were detained in russia!
12.02.2015 animal liberation and arson in la plata
14.02.2015 Grandmothers protest worst ever stealing of Australian Aboriginal children
14.02.2015 Plan to make Australia a nuclear recycling and waste dump
16.02.2015 Info-Event: European Police Congress Sets Security Policy Trends
16.02.2015 Asylum seekers on hunger strike, sewing their lips and swallowing razor blades
16.02.2015 Invitation for Final Actions concerning the Voucher system for refugees in Hennigsdorf
18.02.2015 Islamic group worried by Australian government's new toughness
18.02.2015 Innocent Sayed Abdellatif and his extraordinary detention in Australian immigration
18.02.2015 Closure of remote communities devastates Aboriginal residents
18.02.2015 JUST CROSS
19.02.2015 Transnational Migrant Strike - Brennero aperto – Free passage across Brenner
19.02.2015 MDB and WWF: against hate, discrimination, and inner-scene elitis
21.02.2015 Stop a billion-dollar gift to the palm oil industry!
21.02.2015 Arms fair in Abu Dhabi/War on your doorstep action against National Aerospace Laboratory/Statement of solidarity
22.02.2015 Fifty years on, Freedom Ride again holds up a mirror to white Australia
24.02.2015 I AM CONTROLLED: Creative Action opposite the "European Police Congress" at Alexanderplatz in Berlin
24.02.2015 Racist entrance-policies at the „Musichouse“ in Graz
26.02.2015 (GÖ)Feminist fighting beyond boundaries – against antifeminism, racism, homophobia and trans*phobia!
27.02.2015 Guccio No 1: Eine etwas andere Streitschrift - für Frankfurt und darüber hinaus
27.02.2015 [Erfurt] Appeal for manifestation at the 04.03. at 9 pm against deportation at Stauffenbergallee 25
28.02.2015 Monika Herrmann is shamefully planning another eviction for ohlauer ghs school
28.02.2015 No expulsions from Goerlitzer Park. Stop police brutality!
01.03.2015 Dresden Protest Camp Refugee Struggle
01.03.2015 Atomic bomb test site on Aboriginal land could now be flagged as a nuclear waste dump
01.03.2015 (B) Animal Liberation Front action against Peek&Cloppenburg
02.03.2015 Australia's complicity with brutal Sri Lankan regime exposed
03.03.2015 In the heart of Perth, Aboriginal Tent Embassy and a refugee camp
04.03.2015 Australian Prime Minister defames female Moslem academic
06.03.2015 For the international female day of struggle 2015 in Freiburg
06.03.2015 All feminists are created equal, but some are more equal than others
06.03.2015 What legacy do you want to leave your children?
06.03.2015 Controversial Senator says there's no proof indigenous people were the first Australians
06.03.2015 How Morrison's Australia crushed the life out of little Febrina
06.03.2015 'Every single step of the justice system is discriminatory against Aboriginal people.'
07.03.2015 Refugee camp in Perth, Australia, and a developing humanitarian crisis
08.03.2015 Australia breaches UN on torture: expert
09.03.2015 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen: Anti-racist neighbourhood-football-cup with a social-cultural schedule
09.03.2015 Germaine Greer says feminism is ageist and the aged care sector is under attack
09.03.2015 Mental disintegration of refugee children and parents in Australian concentration camps
10.03.2015 Our invitation. Food for all. Refugees Welcome.
11.03.2015 "The voice and opinion of a tyrant, dressed up in a liberal suit"
12.03.2015 Greece: Communique by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire about the hunger strike
12.03.2015 All fouled up - Fukushima four years after the catastrophe
14.03.2015 Maori politicians support Aboriginal protest over proposed closure of indigenous communities
15.03.2015 Ohlauer-School calls for action!
16.03.2015 Ex-undercover officer reveals that covert police unit spied on trade union members - full statement
16.03.2015 Covert police unit spied on trade union members, whistleblower reveals
17.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities announce a global call to action
20.03.2015 Report finds sexual abuse, attempted suicides of refugee children in Australian concentration camp
22.03.2015 A Day After a Killing, Afghans React in Horror, but Some Show Approval
22.03.2015 "Violence" at #Blockupy: Enough with the Hypocrisy!
23.03.2015 Tekk Back Da Park - Ⓐct II
24.03.2015 [GB] Support needed: Räumung in England
24.03.2015 Aboriginal Australian communities send a powerful message to government
25.03.2015 Germany’s Nuclear Costs Trigger Fears
25.03.2015 Witness threats, 'inhuman guards', rapes and deaths at sea: testimony that didn't make the Moss Review
26.03.2015 Aboriginal group fights to stop $16bn Carmichael coalmine, Australia’s largest
28.03.2015 "Shameless, insensitive, outrageous, incredibly racist, lacking humanity, disconnected from reality"
28.03.2015 Bills before Australia's parliament would entrench a militaristic approach to refugees and allow a use of force against detainees
29.03.2015 Maori solidarity with the Nyoongar people at Matargarup, Perth
30.03.2015 Without Consent: Emotional Canberra exhibition remembers Australia's forced adoptions
30.03.2015 In defence of our land and our freedoms
30.03.2015 10 Facts about Ohlauer School and how Monika Hermann and Green Party are evicting it
30.03.2015 Amongst two worlds - International Call of Action for the Hunger Strike until Death of the CCF (Greece)
31.03.2015 Communique by the prisoners of Korydallos prison (Greece)
01.04.2015 South Australian Aboriginal communities hold emergency summit to fight 'cultural genocide'
03.04.2015 Why I Broke Up with the Anarchist Community
04.04.2015 „Berkin Elvan was an ordinary person, but he was our child“
04.04.2015 Greece: The hunger strike of the CCF was victorious
14.04.2015 Brussels: The struggle against the construction of a maxi-prison
15.04.2015 Fight For Your Poverty - DADA_DANCE_DEMO + Musical
16.04.2015 [Chile] Anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran declare hunger strike
16.04.2015 TekkBackDaPark Act III
16.04.2015 For the record: First People's sovereignty never ceded
17.04.2015 Police ends occupation of Athens University: no tear gas, no tears
19.04.2015 White and black deceit, corruption and looting over land against autonomous Aboriginal people in South Australia
19.04.2015 Refugees Soli Bustour in Kiel
19.04.2015 Athens, Greece: Incendiary attack against a poultry company in solidarity with imprisoned hunger strikers
20.04.2015 Aborigines appeal to UN indigenous forum over homelands closure plans
20.04.2015 Network of Imprisoned Fighters end their 48 day hunger strike after Greek parliament agree to significant portion of the demands (Greece)
21.04.2015 Upcoming international Perth conference on racist theft of Aboriginal children
21.04.2015 ALERT: New grouped deportation to DRC on April 28th 2015!
21.04.2015 2nd of may "Danube Channel for everyone - Let's take back the city!"
22.04.2015 By evicting the homelands, Australia has again declared war on Indigenous people
24.04.2015 'Systemic racism' against Aboriginal communities is savaged at the United Nations
25.04.2015 Free Mumia
25.04.2015 Ferrys not Frontex!
28.04.2015 Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Australia -- Call-to-Action day!
28.04.2015 A fair go for the First Nations: Australia needs a Treaty
28.04.2015 Stop Tightening of asylum laws InfoEvent and Küfa
28.04.2015 No bees, no future
29.04.2015 Refugee-Movement-Bustour - Sponti in Lager Bramsche-Hesepe (Osnabrück)
29.04.2015 Refugee-Movement-Bustour - 21-24 april in Kiel, Oldenburg and Hannover
01.05.2015 French researchers: “Aboriginal communities should not be closed!”
02.05.2015 Popular opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement growing in Australia
02.05.2015 International anger swelling at plans to evict Australian Aborigines from ancestral lands
03.05.2015 Refugee Struggle Bustour – Münschen Demo, sunday
04.05.2015 Massive police operation against anarchists left three people in custody (Czech Republic)
04.05.2015 Last Night in Baltimore
05.05.2015 Police again smash Aboriginal protest camp in Perth
05.05.2015 Videobericht 1. Mai Okmeydanı [Istanbul] - "GLASS MARBLES AGAINST LEAD BULLETS"
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
07.05.2015 Wuppertal: Visitor of AZ critically injured - a second statement
07.05.2015 Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges
08.05.2015 Finland: stop treating indigenous Saami as second-class citizens!
08.05.2015 Appeal to stop Australia taxing menstruation
08.05.2015 Arson with demands - on the Swedish riots
09.05.2015 Reparation needed before Aboriginal peoples can 'move on'
13.05.2015 Australia’s disarmament double-speak at this year’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference
13.05.2015 Aborigines expect more misery from new national budget
13.05.2015 Governments Negotiate UN Agreement on Global Development
14.05.2015 Australian government budget leaves indigenous affairs in a “trauma zone”
15.05.2015 A letter from Paul, anarchist prisoner of Operation Piñata (Spain)
16.05.2015 Nuclear News
16.05.2015 New coalition demands more justice for Indigenous Australians
17.05.2015 How an Australian Aboriginal family turned their sister's death into a youth suicide prevention group
17.05.2015 The 5 Anarchists Prisoners in Operation Piñata (Spain) Dispersed!!
18.05.2015 So 90% of us are 'proud Australians'. Proud of what, exactly?
18.05.2015 "We are still here" - Picket from 18th of May 2015
18.05.2015 (BO) Action in solidarity with the autonomous centre in Wuppertal and the anarchists facing repression in Spain
21.05.2015 More cuts to Aboriginal health spending
21.05.2015 Ethiopian Jews Riot in Israel
23.05.2015 Every 20th Aboriginal death a suicide
24.05.2015 Gardez la rage contre le barrage - Resistance Against the Reservoir Dam in Tarn
24.05.2015 2nd International Antifascist Martial Arts Tournament
25.05.2015 Nuclear-hit Aborigines again in radiation danger
27.05.2015 Info event+Küfa // life in the camp
28.05.2015 Belarus: Mikalai Dziadok protested against tortures by prison staff - he cut his abdomen and arms.
28.05.2015 KüfA and InfoEvent on the live in camps
29.05.2015 „Operation Phönix“: Repression in Czech Republic
30.05.2015 More Aboriginal children than ever ripped from their families
30.05.2015 Aborigines to visit US and European banks to prevent funding of Australia’s biggest coalmine on their country
01.06.2015 Ukraine: truce the least bad option, but it gave space to fascists on all sides
01.06.2015 [Wü] Trial report + outing of the ZAG
02.06.2015 One refugee child has spent nearly five years in an Australian prison camp
02.06.2015 International nuclear news roundup
02.06.2015 [Spain] Three of the five anarchist prisoners of the Operación Piñata released!
03.06.2015 Aboriginal actions across the continent to ‘Shutdown Australia’ on 1 June
03.06.2015 Greece: Solidarity to arrested Grigoris Tsironis and Spiros Christodoulou and in active insurrectionary memory of Spiros Dravilas
04.06.2015 Watch it now: Giant tampons at Parliament!
05.06.2015 Solidarity with the Spanish Anarchists
05.06.2015 Detention turns refugees into patients. Don't jail doctors for saying so
05.06.2015 T-Shirt Racism
06.06.2015 Aboriginal Elders and writers flail invasion of homelands eight years ago in an exciting anthology
07.06.2015 Downtime due to technical problems
07.06.2015 Musik braucht Freiräume
08.06.2015 Greece: “Communization: The senile decay of anarchy (or re-inventing anarchy)”, text by CCF
10.06.2015 [B] Frackanpada! Berlin info-event + soli-cocktails
10.06.2015 Ground Control - agriculture and climate action camp // Amsterdam 1-8 July
10.06.2015 Stop tightening asylum laws!!
11.06.2015 The forbidden texts of refugee activist Joke Kaviaar
12.06.2015 Ukrainian Anarchist Organizations’ Statement On the Attack Against the Equality March
12.06.2015 Big Agriculture: hands off of Papua!
13.06.2015 Australia must back indigenous expertise to end crisis of children’s incarceration
14.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear news
14.06.2015 Can Australia sink any further in its treatment of asylum seekers
15.06.2015 Decolonisation: to be or not to be included in the Australian constitution?
16.06.2015 The Cultural Afterparty of Maidan
16.06.2015 Stop Killing Refugees! Actiondays against Racism, Asyllawaggravation and Fortress Europe
18.06.2015 Berlin from 26-28 June: An art installation about the Yolngu people: S.O.S. Australia - restoring dignity
19.06.2015 “Take away from me my language, my responsibilities for the land, my land, and I am nothing”
20.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear week
20.06.2015 Calls Upon the International Community to Save Life of Detainee on Hunger Strike, Khader Adnan
23.06.2015 [Jena] Wenn der Schutzmann dreimal wegschaut
24.06.2015 Western Australian minister tells parliament he's 'proud' of world-beating juvenile jailing rate
24.06.2015 Signs against the gentrification: The Rigaer street party
27.06.2015 Protests in major Australian cities against cuts to Aboriginal services & closure of Aboriginal communities
01.07.2015 Ruhr: AfD-office smashed
01.07.2015 (B) attacked two banks
02.07.2015 (TÜ) Note of solidarity to the struggling people in Europe and beyond
02.07.2015 Spontaneous Demonstration in Aachen was clouded by police violence
02.07.2015 (B) For a hellfire on earth…
02.07.2015 Berlin: Prison industry targeted by Destroika
02.07.2015 Berlin: Santander bank smashed in Prenzlauer Berg
02.07.2015 Frankfurt, Germany: ABS real estates office attacked
02.07.2015 Berlin: Cop car burnt for Lambros Foundas
02.07.2015 Frankfurt: Sabotage of a VGF ticket machine
02.07.2015 Dresden: A car of Deutsche Bahn set on fire
02.07.2015 Eschborn, Frankfurt: Arson attack against power and communication lines
02.07.2015 Every eviction has its price! Attack with paint against the office of the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’ housing cooperative in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg
02.07.2015 Berlin: Solidarity sabotage with those incarcerated as part of Operation Pandora in Spain
02.07.2015 Leipzig: Real estate company targeted and several luxury vehicles torched
03.07.2015 Announcement of the greek activist newspaper "APATRIS" on the breakthroughs in Greece
03.07.2015 We just took on the world
03.07.2015 Call-out for big Aboriginal protest march across Sydney Harbour Bridge
06.07.2015 Anti-fascist and anarchist from Russia needs help and solidarity
07.07.2015 Mexico City: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank branch
07.07.2015 Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against a car company by FAI-IRF
07.07.2015 Berlin: Vehicle owned by the Greek consul torched
07.07.2015 Santiago: Attacks on Bci and BancoEstado branches
07.07.2015 The daily resistance at Oplatz-Berlin
08.07.2015 Berlin: Arson attack on Santander bank branch
08.07.2015 Berlin: Attacks on Santander bank branches
08.07.2015 Berlin: Fire for Bosch
08.07.2015 Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership
08.07.2015 Nantes, France: Court repainted red – justice reveals it’s true face
08.07.2015 Czech Republic: Two attacks against police vehicles
09.07.2015 Phoenix Project: Smoke signals from Berlin
09.07.2015 Germany: Molotov attack against vehicles owned by Bayer
09.07.2015 [Bremen, Germany] Attack on office of a member of the CDU
09.07.2015 Berlin – Fire to Sodexo
09.07.2015 Berlin, fire to Gegenbauer and greetings to Commerzbank
09.07.2015 Germany: Smoke signals from Dresden
10.07.2015 Guide for collective survival in times of mass destruction (text about Greece)
10.07.2015 Stop Instrumentalizing Us!
10.07.2015 Berlin: Arson Sabotage of a Deutsche Telekom Car
10.07.2015 Berlin: Attack against Deutsche Telekom in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle
10.07.2015 ‘Attack’ against Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit
10.07.2015 [B] District Court - We bring light into the darkness…
10.07.2015 Berlin: Diplomatic vehicles belonging to the Turkish embassy set ablaze
12.07.2015 Tony Abbott and the 40 thieves
13.07.2015 Paris: Vinci and La Poste lose two vehicles
13.07.2015 [Budapest] Demo against the wall on the Serbian-Hungarian border
13.07.2015 1) Most people haven't heard about it; 2) When they do, they get mad
15.07.2015 Nikos Maziotis regarding Greece’s default and exit from the EMU
16.07.2015 Mexico: Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan
16.07.2015 Against Nazis and Repression – Freedom for Valentin
16.07.2015 Break the ranks
17.07.2015 Meuse, France: Attack against a technical site of ANDRA
17.07.2015 Brussels: “Anti-terrorist” raids of comrades’ homes and Le Passage
17.07.2015 Brétigny (Essonne): the municipality police loses two cars
17.07.2015 Paris: Solidarity hammering
18.07.2015 Child asylum seeker alleges rape in shower and 253 Nauru detainees attempt self-harm, Australian Senate inquiry hears
18.07.2015 Aboriginal children as young as nine killing themselves in Australia
18.07.2015 Preparation Meeting in Saxony for the Beyond-Europe-Camp (Chalkidiki, Greece)
18.07.2015 (Athens) Announcement from the arrested at the gathering against the enactment of the 3rd Memorandum
18.07.2015 Mohammad Al Zoubi from Syria ist under deportation threat - I am not safe in germany
20.07.2015 Gaza trade unions urge boycott of Israeli labor federation
20.07.2015 Australia 'most sceptical' about climate change globally, says study
22.07.2015 The Wehrmacht in Crete: “No more reluctance regarding innocent men, women and children”
22.07.2015 Australian opposition leader wants Labor to adopt government's refugee boat turn-backs
22.07.2015 Remote Indigenous outstation rejects Australian government policy and opens own school
22.07.2015 (B) car lighted
23.07.2015 International call to action for Suruç Massacre
23.07.2015 Alice Springs paramilitary vigilante leader says Aboriginal people 'stuck in the 1700s'
23.07.2015 Week for Anarchist Prisoners – Call for an international mobilisation
28.07.2015 Imaginary spear outrages Australia. Slap on the wrist for hit and run death of black child doesn't
31.07.2015 "Fund Abortion Now" Website Targeted by Denial of Service Attack
31.07.2015 WHITE PEOPLE - Official Full Documentary
01.08.2015 About some car fires in recent weeks in Berlin…
01.08.2015 Leipzig: Deutsche Bank stoned in solidarity with anarchists in Spain
01.08.2015 Thessaloniki, Greece: Expropriation of supermarket
01.08.2015 Paris: on foot
01.08.2015 Claim for damage to Senate interior office in Bremen
01.08.2015 Policecar hit by stones at Rigaer Straße
03.08.2015 Ukraine’s left: between a swamp and a hard place
04.08.2015 Welcome to Britain
05.08.2015 Genoa, Italy: Sabotage Against Italsite Spa In Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners
05.08.2015 What is White Rex?
06.08.2015 Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership
07.08.2015 Xalapa, Mexico: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) for a Black June
10.08.2015 “You can keep your gold, we just want our land back”
13.08.2015 How Goldman Sachs Profited From The Greek Crisis
15.08.2015 Fat cat and activist Aborigines fighting over prime Sydney land
16.08.2015 [Bonn] Right to residency for all! Against police violence and racism
16.08.2015 From Berlin to Kopenhagen
17.08.2015 Whistleblowers expose alleged abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru – video
18.08.2015 [Antifenix] Welcome Home!
19.08.2015 Invitation for the "Connecting European Struggles conference"
23.08.2015 Open letter to the struggling textile workers worldwide
26.08.2015 Chronik: a new blog documenting social war from Germany
26.08.2015 There we go! Keep it up! Ende Gelände!
26.08.2015 A Dubious Deal with the NSA
27.08.2015 Anti-racist Demonstration in Hennigsdorf
29.08.2015 MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur) | Ahead of Bersih 4, dozens nabbed in raid on independent punk venue Rumah Api
29.08.2015 Paul is remanded in custody
30.08.2015 Ihar Alinevich, Mikalai Dziadok, Artsiom Prakapenka and Jauhen Vas’kovich are released
30.08.2015 Call for a NO BORDER block at the demonstration on 31st of August in Vienna
31.08.2015 Attack against Turkish general consulate in Zurich
31.08.2015 30 who oppose gay marriage claim to speak for 700,000 Aborigines
31.08.2015 Dortmund: ...until all are free
01.09.2015 Australia pays more than $13 million per refugee to send four to Cambodia
02.09.2015 Australia nanny state: Have we become a nation of idiots?
03.09.2015 Australia decides next week whether to join bombing Islamic State
03.09.2015 Convoy Budapest Vienna - Rail replacement Operation for Refugees
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
05.09.2015 De Vloek declares independence!
06.09.2015 Indigenous suicides “Australia’s worst crisis”
07.09.2015 Art Ecology Resistance (SKA) event in the Philippines
08.09.2015 First Australians – Die unbekannte Geschichte von Australien
09.09.2015 Basel, Switzerland: Call for a “NoBorder – NoNation – NoConex” demonstration
09.09.2015 Australia joins bombing of Syria, it's already bombing Iraq
09.09.2015 Massive Aboriginal misery focus at Bonn conference
10.09.2015 Down Under Berlin Film Festival 16 - 20 September 2015
10.09.2015 Tribal leaders meet in Alice Springs to hammer out treaty with White Australia
11.09.2015 [B] protocoll #1 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
13.09.2015 Australia, you're standing in it: another day, another week of breathtaking Aussie racism
14.09.2015 Chile: Coordinated incendiary attacks against telecommunications infrastructure by FAI-IRF
14.09.2015 Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting
15.09.2015 Bright spark, black day: the political obituary of the prime minister for indigenous affairs
15.09.2015 [FR] Shameful conditions in Freiburg's BEA
16.09.2015 Some words on the situation at the Hungarian-Austrian border
16.09.2015 Call out for an EMERGENCY solidarity action at the Serbian-Hungarian border
16.09.2015 [Berlin] Jobcenter Mitte attacked - fuck austerity
17.09.2015 After the wreckage Abbott caused he still left feeling sore and under-appreciated
17.09.2015 “March for life”? – What the fuck! Sabotage anti-feminism! Protest for self-determination of the body! Block Christian fundamentalists!
18.09.2015 Protesters against military coup killed in Burkina Faso
18.09.2015 Military claims control of Burkina Faso amid unrest
19.09.2015 Melbourne woman taking on Transfield over children in detention
19.09.2015 Madagascar: demand freedom for forest guardian Armand Marozafy!
19.09.2015 Aborigines and foreigners complete 450-kilometre anti-uranium walk in Western Australia
21.09.2015 Transfield could face legal action over Nauru and Manus abuses, group warns
21.09.2015 In remembrance of Pirsûs
21.09.2015 Australia-India nuclear deal fails to meet its objectives - and other nuclear news
21.09.2015 Bristol: Direct action against estate agents – CJA trashed
22.09.2015 Threatened traditional Aborigines again seek global activism
23.09.2015 Call for global action to save Aboriginal communities
24.09.2015 Arrests and Deportations at #crossingnomore
24.09.2015 Massive pain inflicted on Aborigines to steal their land rights
24.09.2015 From $13.50 to $750 per HIV/AIDS pill
25.09.2015 Forest fires in Indonesia: stop the corporate arsonists
27.09.2015 Greek Police - Tradition of Torture
29.09.2015 Attack against the Military Forces
29.09.2015 Attack against the Military Forces
29.09.2015 "The trains are full" – Some Insights into an East German Neo-nazi music network
30.09.2015 Stuttgart am 11. October 2015: We'll stand queer!
30.09.2015 Rightwing Populist event in Mettmann
30.09.2015 2nd Open Antifa Youth Meeting
01.10.2015 [Heidenau] 3.10.2015 Demonstration "No discussion - For a save and humane accomodation for regugees!"
01.10.2015 Maurice Konstantinov: Nazi agitator in Freiburg-Herdern
03.10.2015 Greece: More Seclusion - More dead People
05.10.2015 “Es reicht, ya basta, it’s enough, كافيةأنها – Antiracist Demonstration
05.10.2015 [B] Arson attack on Liebig34
09.10.2015 Snitches, weak leadership and degradation of racial theories – Finnish Resistance movement in 2015
10.10.2015 [MS / Münster] Social centre opens its doors. The former Zollamt has been squatted
10.10.2015 Manifestation: "Solidarity with Gülaferit Ünsal".
11.10.2015 protocol #5 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
11.10.2015 Athens: Words from Evi Statiri – released after hunger strike, now recuperating at home
11.10.2015 meeting #6: forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
11.10.2015 meeting #7: forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
12.10.2015 refugeeswelcomemods
12.10.2015 Oppression is the cause of the majority of the suicides (or murders)
12.10.2015 Australia Redefines Hypocrisy And Human Rights In Bid For UN Position
12.10.2015 Indigenous call to Australian authorities: “Our communities and families have the capacity to care for our children”
13.10.2015 Father tried to kill himself when son was cured of TB as doctors over-ruled by immigration
13.10.2015 Keeping place for stolen Indigenous remains should take priority over Anzac centre
13.10.2015 Help to free refugee children from Australian concentration camps
15.10.2015 Aboriginal talks next month on declaring independence from Australia
15.10.2015 Terrible news: Australian government re-approves one of the world's biggest coal mines
15.10.2015 Our shit against your violence!
15.10.2015 Berlin: Banner drop in solidarity with Evi Statiri, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar
15.10.2015 An Aboriginal Artist’s Dizzying New York Moment
16.10.2015 Callout for a Weekend of Actions Against Police Weaponry - Oct. 25, 2015, Pont-de-Buis, Finistère, France
16.10.2015 Roundup of nuclear/climate news
16.10.2015 Asleep-at-the-wheel parliament allows Australia's wealthy and powerful to dodge taxation
16.10.2015 Fees paid by the Australian Wheat Board to dominate Iraqi wheat market were a 'bribe', court told
17.10.2015 Presentation of the Anarchist Newspaper APATRIS
18.10.2015 The Massacre of Ankara: Eye-Witness Account& Analyses
18.10.2015 Gewalt und Korruption: Bericht von bulgarisch-serbischer Grenze (Dimitrovgrad)
18.10.2015 Pregnant from being raped in camp, Somali refugee is denied medical care by Australia
19.10.2015 Breaking news from the borders - situation on the balkans migration route getting worse!
19.10.2015 Deal struck to end removal of Aboriginal children
20.10.2015 Aborigines take coalmine worries to United Nations bodies and corporations
21.10.2015 Human Rights Roundtable: Has Australia Become A Soft Theocracy?
21.10.2015 Curent Situation at the Serbian/Croatian Border
21.10.2015 Gypsies burn cars, block traffic, start riots in French town Moirans
21.10.2015 Waldkonzert am 5.12. mit MONO FÜR ALLE! im Hambacher Forst
22.10.2015 Anti-racist demonstration
22.10.2015 Campaign Intelexit: "Exit path back to democracy" for members of the intelligence community in moral conflicts
23.10.2015 Rise up against far-right extremism, racism and discrimination!
23.10.2015 Hambacher Forst | Arrests at Militant Actions Against the Forest Clearance
25.10.2015 International Call out against COP21
25.10.2015 Solidarity Party: Against Repression - Refugees welcome!
29.10.2015 A Short Report From the NoBorder Kitchen Team RIGONCE/BREZICE/DOBOVA 28/10/15
30.10.2015 Medicos rally against child detention
01.11.2015 Flyer and posters for the RefugeesWelcomeAberAuch day of action
02.11.2015 [Berlin] KüfA and InfoEvent on the situation at the serbian-croatian border
02.11.2015 "Slaughter To Prevail" - Russian band with Neo Nazi frontman tours Europe
03.11.2015 Dortmund: Incendiary attack against Nazi’s car
03.11.2015 From Bakur to Germany - European Anarchists on the Kurdish Struggle
03.11.2015 Lands Of Opportunity, Travel Warnings, And Torture: The Places Australia Wants To Send Refugees
04.11.2015 Hambacher Forst: Occupation of Trees in Cutting Area
05.11.2015 [08/11] PEGIDA in the Netherlands (Utrecht) - help needed!
06.11.2015 Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists in Madrid
10.11.2015 HH - "koZe goes Collective Welcome Center"
10.11.2015 If You Read Just One Open Letter Opposing Labor’s Cruelty To Asylum Seekers, Make Sure It’s This One
10.11.2015 Greek conscripts: 'we won't take part in fighting migrants'
13.11.2015 Statement about the Party on 7. November
14.11.2015 November 13 attacks : Reject the murderers and let's protect the spirit of Charlie !
15.11.2015 Paris: Attacks against „Cultural Industry“ and „Hedonistic Life“? Some thoughts after the killings in Paris and other places around the world
16.11.2015 protocol #10 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin
16.11.2015 Fake „leftists” and „anarchists” in Ukraine
16.11.2015 Anti-Fascism, Anti-Capitalism and Straight Edge
17.11.2015 Festnahmen wegen 1 Mai/ Mailand in Italien und Griechenland
18.11.2015 [Spanien] Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists
19.11.2015 Timely Gathering of Nations this weekend in Canberra 21& 22 November
19.11.2015 [Spanien] News! Released from prison Enrique, anarchist comrade arrested in Pandora II.
19.11.2015 Islamic State is losing ground. Will that mean more attacks overseas?
19.11.2015 European call for ‪‎Lund‬, Sweden‬: Antifa demo against the fascists congress, 28 November 2015, 14.00
21.11.2015 Turkey: Osman Evcan on Hunger Strike
22.11.2015 [Poland] Freedom Fighters martial arts league
26.11.2015 Call for demonstration againt the eviction of the SC4A
27.11.2015 [GREEK-MACEDONIAN BORDER] Violent clashes between refugees and police
28.11.2015 Help to fight government move to extinguish Aboriginal right to Barrier Reef land
28.11.2015 [B] Rigaer: Reminding another episode
28.11.2015 2nd antimilitaristic Counsel
28.11.2015 Block the train to Paris – the climate summit is part of the problem!
01.12.2015 Is Terrorism actually a threat to the State?
01.12.2015 2 may 2014 in Odessa, Ukraine: journalist research and propaganda video
01.12.2015 Violence results from lack of veto against mining in Australian Native Title process
02.12.2015 A raft of new and ongoing threats to Aboriginal lives
03.12.2015 Communiqué from Gathering of Nations in Canberra 21 & 22 November 2015
03.12.2015 The future of Australia's violent offshore detention camps hangs in the balance
03.12.2015 Aboriginal opposition to mega-mine caves in – ‘We want a job, a car, a house like any Australian'
04.12.2015 Erfurt: Demonstration against Deportation
05.12.2015 Tell the EU to ban biodiesel!
06.12.2015 Upgrade to Debian Jessie
06.12.2015 Last-minute reprieve for life-saving Aboriginal prison support
07.12.2015 Bring down the Ba'ath regime in Syria! Against the Nazi demonstration in Connewitz!
07.12.2015 Dispute rises as Munich continues ban of stumbling stones honouring Holocaust victims
08.12.2015 Stan Grant: 'Black Australia is a foreign place and I feel like a foreign correspondent in my own land'
08.12.2015 The Intervention and its Consequences – 9-10 October 2015 (Bonn)
09.12.2015 Torres Strait Islanders on ‘the trauma of climate change in the land of our ancestors’ – video
10.12.2015 Assimilationist Aborigines hunting down educated young to oppose grassroots leaders
10.12.2015 GST 15% rise would hit lowest earners hardest, latest modelling shows
10.12.2015 Avalanche Nr.6 erschienen
10.12.2015 (B) No Extradition to Milano! Solidarity with the NoExpo-Struggle
10.12.2015 Stop the rally of Pegida fascists from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in Aachen on December 13th! Block the racist mob!
12.12.2015 protocol #13+14 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin
12.12.2015 US prisons: A writing by longterm anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble for Black December
14.12.2015 Right to the City Vienna Meeting and ROD Info evening
16.12.2015 Berlin: Act of destruction – December 6th
16.12.2015 AFA Stockholm: 13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison – We’ll take the hit together
17.12.2015 [Egypt] "We're the freedom people."
19.12.2015 Attack against RWE energy company headquarters in the context of the COP21
20.12.2015 Le: EWI was just the beginning!
21.12.2015 Montreal: Private patrol car sabotaged for a Black December
21.12.2015 Nantes, France: Call-out for a massive day of action on Saturday 16th January
21.12.2015 Athens: Attack against Jumbo S.A. chain toy store
21.12.2015 From the hands, to the legs, to the neck - lets break the stability of the authority of the State!
21.12.2015 [B] Call for demonstrations to the women's prisons
22.12.2015 Antifa Straight Edge: So just what is the point?
22.12.2015 Bus to Dessau: Oury Jalloh - this was murder
22.12.2015 Call for supporting refugees in Macedonia
25.12.2015 31.12.: New Years Eve Noise Demo at Coquelles Detention Center
27.12.2015 [Balkanroute] Call for supporting refugees crossing Macedonia
28.12.2015 English call for the campaign "fighting for 20 years"
29.12.2015 “Requiem for a Journey of No Return" - Nikos Romanos
30.12.2015 Facebook on CCC
30.12.2015 Indymedia linksunten Tor onion service
30.12.2015 [Spain] Letter by Anarchist Comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
31.12.2015 SFIZY VEG: Vegan Paradise, Worker's Hell
31.12.2015 Melbourne: Attack against BAE Systems for Black December
31.12.2015 "Internationalist Center's" delegationtrip to Greece