Texts in English – 2016

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01.01.2016 Erdogan says Hitler’s Germany an example of presidential system with unitary state
01.01.2016 "Internationalist Center's" delegationtrip to Greece Part 2
01.01.2016 ThyssenKrupp Vehicle torched by Informal Pyromaniac Conspiracy
03.01.2016 'Against Democracy': English translation of GAC's book 'Contra la Democracia'
05.01.2016 Call for help of independent volunteers in Idomeni
06.01.2016 Leipzig: Customs vehicles set ablaze – for Black December
08.01.2016 Athens: Incendiary attack against security systems provider
08.01.2016 Five big nuclear issues for 2016 — and Australia’s role in them
10.01.2016 Nuclear, climate, energy and sustainability news
10.01.2016 Athens: New squat in Themistokleous St. 58 in Exarchia
11.01.2016 Geneva: Solidarity greetings from Reclaim The Streets
13.01.2016 Urgent! * Call for support in Macedonia
14.01.2016 Statement from Rigaer 94 on todays events
14.01.2016 (B) Demonstration 6.02.: Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
14.01.2016 Électricité de France shares sink to all-time low as nuclear waste cost estimate soars
14.01.2016 (B) Demonstration 6.02.: Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
15.01.2016 Rojava 2015 - Ein Rückblick
15.01.2016 Solidarity with all Refugees!
16.01.2016 (B) Rigaer 94 says thank you!
16.01.2016 Update on the Demonstration:Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
17.01.2016 Amsterdam: Shove Pegida in the Canals
18.01.2016 Solidarity without limits – action day against Fortress Europe!
19.01.2016 Voigt36 in solidarity with Rigaer94
19.01.2016 [GR] Ferries not Frontex – situation on Samos (Greece)
19.01.2016 (B) Declaration of solidarity and call to take part in the demonstration
19.01.2016 Solidarity greetings from Australia
21.01.2016 Solidarity with the ZAD
22.01.2016 [Greifswald] Solidarity with Liebig 34 & Rigaer 94
22.01.2016 Child refugees tell of bullying on Nauru: 'They are rude to us, they punch us'
22.01.2016 Nuclear news by Christina Macpherson
22.01.2016 Letter from Nahuel (SXE Madrid prisoner) to Wolf Down
23.01.2016 Indigenous Estate: “as soon as you have a closer look it disappears into nothing”
23.01.2016 Syria Deports Misrouted CIA Agent
24.01.2016 "The Australian dream is rooted in racism"
24.01.2016 What nobody talks about- Refugees from Sudan
25.01.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right”
26.01.2016 German city bans migrants from its nightclubs after women report they were sexually assaulted in toilets and slipped date-rape drugs in their drinks
27.01.2016 Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world
28.01.2016 Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth - Bayern
29.01.2016 Nuclear news at the end of January 2016
29.01.2016 Anti uranium mining walk in Western Australia
29.01.2016 John Pilger on the Indigenous struggle: 'There is no alternative now'
29.01.2016 "A cynical land and power grab" against Aborigines
29.01.2016 "The Intervention" book presentation - "Cynical land and power grab"
29.01.2016 Irregularities alleged in elections to wealthiest Aboriginal organisation - "the judge is the thief"
30.01.2016 Higher tax on everyday goods to slash Australian corporate taxes
01.02.2016 Lager Mobilisation in Berlin: The "Welcome To Wedding"-Map is here!
02.02.2016 Raids on the Loose Cannons!
02.02.2016 Chile: Phoenix Project – Incendiary attack against a security company by FAI-IRF
02.02.2016 Greek Police raid the house of a group of international refugee-supporters
02.02.2016 Information event + solidarity kitchen: Racist aggressions against refugees
04.02.2016 Press Release: Syrian woman expelled from Berlin refugee camp for defending human rights
06.02.2016 Mega coalmine along Great Barrier Reef coast 'not a foregone conclusion'
07.02.2016 Freeing Julian Assange: John Pilger On The Final Chapter
07.02.2016 [PRAG] Statement of Klinika collective about attack on the autonomous social centre
07.02.2016 Statement of solidarity from the houseproject Senffabrik located in Flensburg to the squatters of Alte Post Münster
08.02.2016 Soli LP for Rojava
08.02.2016 Time to fund the "No" vote in the Australian constitution dispute
12.02.2016 Euahlayi cultural astronomy parallels with latest gravitational waves detection
13.02.2016 Call for a Berlin WLTI* assembly: Thursday, Feb. 18th at 7pm at New Yorck im Bethanien
13.02.2016 Maybe an idea to copy here
13.02.2016 Nuclear news, climate news to 12 February
13.02.2016 Stop Deportations Vienna - New Blog
14.02.2016 'Far-left' activists smash luxury cars in Berlin police protest
14.02.2016 No VWs for this gang: Bicycling arsonists in Berlin target Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches
14.02.2016 Masked Attackers Have Smashed Nearly 50 Cars in Berlin
14.02.2016 Pissed-off anti-gentrification activists smash and burn rich people’s cars
14.02.2016 Nuclear waste dump tour: Activists travel 10,000km to six shortlisted sites, meet community members
15.02.2016 Megachurch Fusion Or Solar Encounter?
16.02.2016 Manifestation - Ferries not Frontex
16.02.2016 South Australia wants to store all the world's nuclear waste
16.02.2016 Giulio Regeni: instigators, culprits, accomplices
17.02.2016 Berlin: Burning cars and broken windows after police raid against Rigaer 94
17.02.2016 No justice! No peace! - Stop Racial profiling in Hamburg – solidarity with our comrades of the HafenVoKü
18.02.2016 Self-declared sovereign Indigenous nation recognised by Australian minister
18.02.2016 Conference: Social Center do it yourself!
19.02.2016 [P] Racism Kills!
19.02.2016 CALL OUT FOR SOLIDARITY! Court Case for the occupation of the ‘Spirit of Britain’
20.02.2016 February 20 Nuclear News this week
20.02.2016 Star stories of the Dreaming
22.02.2016 Australia the ‘ideal location’ for nuclear waste dump, says (foreign minister) Julie Bishop
22.02.2016 Reform announced for insane Australian electoral system - but will it happen?
24.02.2016 [H] Solistatement aus Italien gegen die Razzia im UJZ Korn
24.02.2016 The Trans Pacific Partnership has been secret for long enough, say Australian activists
24.02.2016 linksunten server problems during the last few days
26.02.2016 Australian pro-refugees protesters achieving the impossible
26.02.2016 Government Crisis Tightens Grip On Merkel
01.03.2016 The Rape Of East Timor: “Sounds Like Fun”
03.03.2016 Australian immigration minister ignores plea to release woman, 70, from detention
04.03.2016 Lies in the media about No Borders – a Calais Migrant Solidarity response
05.03.2016 This week: renewable energy and energy efficiency news
05.03.2016 Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres murdered, family says
05.03.2016 Calais - The Refugee City is still alive!
05.03.2016 The world’s pollinators are dying out, and all our favourite foods could go with them
06.03.2016 Berlin: BKA counter-terrorism building attacked with petrol bombs & paint
07.03.2016 Murrumu: one man's mission to create a sovereign Indigenous country inside Australia
07.03.2016 (Lesbos, GR) Action in the port of Lesbos to raise awareness on the actual situation in Greece
07.03.2016 No “Day of the German Future” on 4th of June '16 – Let's unite to block & sabotage!
07.03.2016 Treaty call gains traction in Australia
08.03.2016 Inspirateria Soliparty
09.03.2016 $55m Cambodia deal that resettled two refugees a 'good outcome', says Dutton
09.03.2016 Nuremberg: Military recruitment propaganda collected and destroyed
09.03.2016 CDU/JU office attacked in Mannheim for supporting Turkey’s AKP regime
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
12.03.2016 Nuclear news in the anniversary week of the Fukushima disaster
13.03.2016 Stop Deportations - Action at Vienna Airport / Aktion am Flughafen Wien
13.03.2016 Sydney public forum on the need for a treaty with indigenous people
14.03.2016 Walk for Justice for Refugees
15.03.2016 Fascist Molotov Attack at Vankouver Apartment Squat in Athens.
15.03.2016 Outrageous scandal in Latvia!
15.03.2016 [Idomeni] A statement to all regarding recent events in Idomeni
16.03.2016 Adani, no still means no. The next few weeks are crucial
16.03.2016 Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial wants to run Australian concentration camps
16.03.2016 Greece: Armed Anarchist demonstration against drug dealers
16.03.2016 [Halle/Saale] Demonstration für Vielfalt und gegen Rassismus
18.03.2016 Australia: Hijacking of preferences by electoral sharpies will be countered by law changes
18.03.2016 Climate and nuclear news 18 March
20.03.2016 “Fuck your constitutional recognition, I want a treaty”
20.03.2016 Demonstration to the 4th anniversary of Burak Bektaş death
20.03.2016 The World or nothing
21.03.2016 Prague: Network of Revolutionary Cells take responsibility for incendiary attack against police vehicles
21.03.2016 FAI-IRF claim responsibility for the bomb left at the gendarmerie center in Santiago (Chile)
21.03.2016 [Greece] Open letter of Pola Roupa about the attempt to break Nikos Maziotis out of Koridallos prison
21.03.2016 Hamburg (Germany): 3 churches desanctificated in solidarity with Mônica Caballero and Francisco Solar
22.03.2016 No Border Action Days
24.03.2016 The stolen wages that continue to hold indigenous Australians back
28.03.2016 Statement of the people in Karlsfeld Refugee Camp
29.03.2016 Update From Idomeni
29.03.2016 No Border Kitchen Lesvos under threat of police raid and eviction
31.03.2016 White Australia Still Has A Black History
31.03.2016 Opposition growing to dumping the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
31.03.2016 Australian place names still celebrate colonial mass murderers
01.04.2016 Deceit continues from the top down in Australia
01.04.2016 A refugee mother's thanks to Australian activists
01.04.2016 Speaking tour by Australian and Marshall Islander nuclear test survivors demanding a ban on nuclear weapons
01.04.2016 Finland – Responsibility for arson attack two cars of the private security company Securitas
01.04.2016 One Struggle - one fight!
02.04.2016 Infotour: Anarchism in Chile
02.04.2016 Millions spent on [Australian] anti-refugee propaganda
02.04.2016 People power saves babies from deportation to island concentration camps
02.04.2016 Nuclear, climate, coal, oil news 2 April
03.04.2016 Greeting of Nikos Maziotis at the yearly meeting of Red International Help
03.04.2016 Brisbane outcry over coal mine approval amid worst Barrier Reef bleaching
03.04.2016 Crashing Schengen!
03.04.2016 This is a Call to Action Against Slavery in America
03.04.2016 Chance to tell the world the indigenous story - take part or picket
04.04.2016 The Political MOVEMENT- Appeal to Refugee Communities for Solidarity Network in Germany and Europe
06.04.2016 Troubled Outback town’s successful Aboriginal medical service turns 30
07.04.2016 City Of Perth: Stop Terrorising The Homeless At Matargarup
09.04.2016 No-Border-Kitchen Lesvos - Urgent Call
09.04.2016 Call to day of action: Stop deportations – There is enough space for everyone!
10.04.2016 Demonstration: Stop deportations – There is enough space for everyone!
11.04.2016 Violent Consequences of EU Policies in Idomemi Camp (Greece)
12.04.2016 [Idomeni] A Statement
13.04.2016 [Idomeni] Independent Volunteers are not responsible for EU violence
15.04.2016 Statement on the last repressive operation in Barcelona and in solidarity with the imprisoned comrade in Soto de Real (Madrid)
15.04.2016 Greek Militarism in the Age of Syriza
16.04.2016 More Australian indigenous people than ever dying behind bars
17.04.2016 Traditional owners shrug off Adani’s land use pact in Australia
17.04.2016 Stop Deportations - Resistance is Possible!
17.04.2016 Nuit Debout Berlin
17.04.2016 Gambia: Death in detention of key political activist
17.04.2016 Live Update: Gambia’s Opposition Launch Protest Against Jammeh
17.04.2016 Calm Returns To Gambia Amidst Opposition Crackdown
17.04.2016 [May 1 Bonn] To a self-determined life and the emancipatory abolishment of work, capitalism, state and patriarchy!
19.04.2016 'The World or Nothing': Meet MILI, the New Face of Student Protests in France
19.04.2016 Update on Aachen repression
20.04.2016 Hack Back! – A DIY Guide
20.04.2016 [Lesvos] Eviction of the No Border Camp
20.04.2016 Campaign to Break Deportation Culture and Criminalization of Refugees in Germany and Europe
20.04.2016 [Lesvos] Statement from NBK regarding the eviction
21.04.2016 More Than A Voice: The Legacy Of Tiga Bayles
21.04.2016 Why no-one should climb Uluru
22.04.2016 Frankfurt, Germany: Wild demo with an attack on the French consulate
22.04.2016 "Media activism in the favela: state violence, resistance and way of life"
23.04.2016 23 April Past week in nuclear and climate news
24.04.2016 People power stings Australian politicians over corporate tax dodging
25.04.2016 [B] We will never be divided- United Neighbours!
25.04.2016 Anzac Day: We’ve Already Said Thanks, It’s Time To Move On
26.04.2016 Symbolical action on the Moroccan embassy in Berlin
26.04.2016 Nuit Debout Berlin - 27.04.16
27.04.2016 The Netherlands: Person arrested on suspicion of spreading Anarchist Wallpaper
27.04.2016 Neues aus Belgrad
29.04.2016 Riots in the detention center of Moria.
29.04.2016 12th police raid on Aboriginal protest and homeless camp
29.04.2016 Another month’s walk with Aborigines against uranium mining
29.04.2016 Asylum seeker dies after self-immolation in Australian camp
30.04.2016 Aboriginal owners outraged by a spiritually important site being chosen for Australia's first nuclear waste dump
01.05.2016 Further evidence that the Commonwealth of Australia does not have a legal sovereignty
01.05.2016 The Australian refugee detention regime is on the brink
02.05.2016 Munich: Spanish Consulate attacked
05.05.2016 Declaration on the cable fire in the Hambach mine
06.05.2016 Solidarity for ALL!
07.05.2016 Stop the slaughter! Prevent the extension of Wiesenhof!
07.05.2016 Invitation to the Forest-Week, 18.-25. May
10.05.2016 HH: Eco supermarket looted
10.05.2016 [FR] Katsival - Punk Festival
12.05.2016 Day of struggle at the Brenner border. A report.
12.05.2016 Call for support against Padovicz (Owner Liebig 34) in Dirschauer Strasse
13.05.2016 (B) We burned a police truck in solidarity with Brenner Pass protesters
13.05.2016 7th of May: a day of struggle - communiqué
13.05.2016 13 May Nuclear and climate news for the past week
13.05.2016 After 26 years no justice for Aboriginal families whose three children were murdered
14.05.2016 The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: 'We were all young, crazy, but we believed in justice'
14.05.2016 Call for solidarity with arrested activist of critical mass in Belarus
14.05.2016 “Language, culture, ceremony needed to fight Aboriginal suicide”
17.05.2016 Uranium on the rocks
17.05.2016 Foreign Investors Are The Real Winners In Turnbull’s New Economy
17.05.2016 Days of anarchist ideas and publications
18.05.2016 NOW! Admiralstraße (Kotti) – Let's take back the streets and squares!
18.05.2016 A shockwave through Australia's abusive detention regime
18.05.2016 BDS Berlin
18.05.2016 Eviction of Lautonomia in Lusatia!
19.05.2016 Help Aborigines close a community-destroying mine
19.05.2016 Brenner - What´s a wall?
19.05.2016 “We want peace. But we will not surrender.”
20.05.2016 Call for solidarity with our comrade imprisoned in Soto del Real Madrid, who is currently facing extradition.
20.05.2016 “Don’t let Australia into the United Nations Human Rights Council”
21.05.2016 LEIPZIG-HALLE AIRPORT- Transshipment point for goods and people
21.05.2016 Elation, sadness and anger over return of north Australian Aboriginal land
21.05.2016 Former NATO leader boss predicts nuclear war with Russia unless NATO steps up security in Baltic nations
22.05.2016 It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why
22.05.2016 No Border School Piräus, Athen
22.05.2016 Poznan, Poland: Three months in jail for eviction blockade
23.05.2016 Caravan to NoBorder-Camp in Thessaloniki
23.05.2016 Aborigines can no longer eat fish from mine-poisoned north Australian river
24.05.2016 Ancient Euahlayi astronomy parallels with Einstein's space-time theory
24.05.2016 Räumung des Camps in Idomeni // Eviction of Idomeni Camp
24.05.2016 Interview with Bese Hozat – “We will intensify the guerrilla’s activities”
25.05.2016 25.5.2016 Updates from the eviction in Idomeni
25.05.2016 International Activists' Week: On the trails of Partizan resistance in Bosnia and Hercegovina 1st – 7th July 2016, Banja Luka
26.05.2016 There are lots of ways to say sorry, but Indigenous Australians need a treaty now
26.05.2016 CALL FOR SOLIDARITY ACTION-WEEK: OVER THE FORTRESS from 30th of May to 05th of June
26.05.2016 26.5.2016 Day three of the Idomeni eviction
26.05.2016 Build the hacienda, burn down the palaces
27.05.2016 Statement: Boat with 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees sank about 70km North East of Zuwara, Libya
27.05.2016 Let's have treaty and constitutional recognition, Indigenous referendum chief says
28.05.2016 Cowardly Australian government expunged Australia from a damaging UN climate report
28.05.2016 Fuck nations, squat the world - Report from the Nordkiez
29.05.2016 CARAVANE AGAINST THE CAMP SYSTEM occupies the Rote Fabrik
29.05.2016 The week that was in climate and nuclear news
29.05.2016 The mobilisation for the "war starts here" camp 2016 begins
31.05.2016 Open letter in connection with the arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw
01.06.2016 [Athens] Gathering in solidarity with the Occuppied Gini Building
02.06.2016 For the Right to stay for all Sinti and Roma | Manifestation and rally in front of the Memorial | 3th June 2016, 17:00 at Alexanderplatz
02.06.2016 Attack against Bosch in Berlin
02.06.2016 Incendiary attack against a Turkish travel agency by Revenge Commando ‘Zinar Raperin’
07.06.2016 Update on Raids, Evictions and Deportations in Ventimiglia
07.06.2016 WARNING! Massdeportation!
07.06.2016 X*CSD - the Alternative CSD in Kreuzberg
08.06.2016 Strike at the refineries – reportback from Grandpuits
09.06.2016 Fundraising for No Border Camp
11.06.2016 Call to internationalize the French fight
13.06.2016 Reflections on Violence
14.06.2016 Aktion 2. September - Podiumsdiskussion & 1. Treffen
19.06.2016 Jacob Appelbaum
20.06.2016 Beyond Voluntourism and Holidarity? White German Activists on the ‘Balkanroute’ – (Self)Reflections
21.06.2016 Major State Repression in Oaxaca: Several Killed, Dozens Wounded and Detained
22.06.2016 women*squat in athens got evicted
23.06.2016 Press Communique from R94
29.06.2016 Solidarity Action for the Röszke 11 in Vienna
29.06.2016 Anarchist in custody for pie attack
29.06.2016 Hochsitze zerstört in Süddeutschland
30.06.2016 4.7. || 17h Refugeedemo: We want flats - from Lichtenberg to Rigaer94
30.06.2016 Spendenaufruf Rindermarkt-Verfahren
30.06.2016 Aboriginal children as young as 8, 9, 10 and 11 years of age are killing themselves in Australia
01.07.2016 We must die standing and fighting and not lay down and let these bastards have their own way
01.07.2016 "Every Eviction Has Its Price”: International Call Out From Rigaer 94 – Demos 5th & 9th July – Berlin
02.07.2016 R94 Action Day 05.07.
04.07.2016 call for international solidarity actions
04.07.2016 (B) Call out for demonstration: Defend Rigaer94! Destroy the Investor’s Paradise!
05.07.2016 (B) Solidarity statement from Meuterei and call for demonstration 9.7.
05.07.2016 Spanish State. Pandora II dismissed!
05.07.2016 [Rigaer 94] - Our strategy against their malice - A call out for a Black July
05.07.2016 [Ljubljana] Kurzes Update zur aktuellen Situation im ROG
05.07.2016 [Munich] Solidarity with LGBTQI refugees
06.07.2016 Rigaer 94 goes Black July
06.07.2016 (B) 2nd Update for the July 9 demo • Defend Rigaer 94! • Smash investors dreams!
06.07.2016 No Border Camp Muenster 2016
06.07.2016 Soli-party for Swedish Antifas
06.07.2016 Anarchist comrade arrested in Amsterdam
07.07.2016 [B] Cullet at Commerzbank
07.07.2016 [BI] R94 is everywhere!
08.07.2016 Frankfurt- smoke signals to Rigaer94 and for a Black July!
08.07.2016 First Aboriginal woman in Australia’s main parliament – tokenism or indigenous power boost?
09.07.2016 (B) statement by the refugees from the evicted JSH at Columbiadamm
12.07.2016 Report: Burst the dreams of investors – Defend Rigaer 94
12.07.2016 David Cameron promised to heal 'broken Britain' but left it more unequal
14.07.2016 Berlin: Black July – Attack with fire and stones against the Spittelmarkt
14.07.2016 Germany: Incendiary attack against Turkish fascist-owned business by Apoist Young Women’s Initiative
14.07.2016 Hanover: Feminist Attack
14.07.2016 Vinci excavator torched in Berlin to greet the rebels in France
14.07.2016 Whats going on with Friedel54?
15.07.2016 Does Indigenous Australia Need a #BlackLivesMatter Movement?
15.07.2016 Responsibility claim for the execution of mafioso Habibi in June , Exarhia area – Athens, Greece
15.07.2016 Clumsy is free, but the trial is not over.
15.07.2016 Message to the neighbourhood and all others
15.07.2016 Aboriginal mothers are 17.5 times more likely to be victims of homicide in Western Australia than other mums
16.07.2016 Ambulance Targeting Was Based On Turkish Disinformation
17.07.2016 New threat to remove Aborigines from tiny remote communities
19.07.2016 Berlin: Arson attack against Public Order Office vehicles for Black July
20.07.2016 Support swelling for treaty, falling for recognition in Australia
20.07.2016 One-stop shop for urban revolutionaries battles closure
21.07.2016 Actions against borders at NBC
22.07.2016 The unassignable riot
22.07.2016 A-Camp 2016
25.07.2016 [HH] Banks demolished in solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of bankrobberies in Aachen
26.07.2016 Impressions from the No Border Camp in Thessaloniki
26.07.2016 Aboriginal children stripped, tear-gassed, brutalised in Northern Territory prison
27.07.2016 Australian doctors going to court to challenge government gag order on refugee maltreatment
28.07.2016 Aborigines were NOT nomads – stirring for more teaching of Aboriginal history
28.07.2016 NT Juvenile Detention Abuse Royal Commissioner Needs No Introduction To Black Territorians
28.07.2016 WSH-Camp in Solidarity with illegalized and criminalized activists in Greece!
29.07.2016 [GR] Report of the action at Thessaloniki airport
31.07.2016 “This week, Australia is a boy in a hood in a cell"
01.08.2016 "To break the will and determination of Aboriginal people cowardly governments attack our youth"
01.08.2016 Nuclear news Monday 1 August and Sunday 31 July
01.08.2016 [B] Black July - text and actions against the social peace
03.08.2016 Nauru asylum seeker conditions: Abuse, sexual harassment, filthy tents
03.08.2016 Human Rights Groups Claim Australia Is Ignoring Nauru Abuse
03.08.2016 [Thessaloniki] Adapt or Die? - Fuck Off and Die!
03.08.2016 Underground fish, beetles, spiders, scorpions stop uranium mine
03.08.2016 [Thessaloniki] Statement of inhabitants of evicted Orfanotrofeio solidarity squat
04.08.2016 Suicide of 15-year-old boy in Don Dale - broken and ruined lives
09.08.2016 Open Space Days
11.08.2016 We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens!
12.08.2016 The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention
13.08.2016 Free the Warsaw Three – about the three anarchists arrested in Warsaw
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
14.08.2016 barbecue + solidarity-bar and lecture “For one, two, many social centers!”
14.08.2016 Workshop „Social Center 4 all – do it yourself!“
14.08.2016 Mexico: Explosives attack at Headquarters of Business Groups
14.08.2016 Oaxaca, Mexico: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank
14.08.2016 Heraklion, Crete: Incendiary solidarity with squats
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
14.08.2016 Freedom Day Festival - blackfella, whitefella unite as one
14.08.2016 Smash racist networks!
15.08.2016 Greece: Lets destroy them first! Statement after evictions in Thessaloniki
16.08.2016 [DD] Invitation to the Libertarian Days 2016
16.08.2016 (B) Veranstaltung gegen Olympia - in Rio und überall
16.08.2016 Two Aboriginal men running as independents for seats in the Northern Territory parliament
18.08.2016 Mother of four the first Aborigine to die in New South Wales custody in 16 years
19.08.2016 NEW BORDERS - OLD TRICKS?! - Labour market policy, migration and social segregation in the EU
19.08.2016 Wave Hill descendants highlight continuing injustices at 50th Walkoff anniversary
19.08.2016 New Victorian law will create legal same-sex marriages
19.08.2016 Urgent call for solidarity! It is enough! Stop nazi-violence - in Dortmund (D) and everywhere!
19.08.2016 Indigenous challenge to Adani Carmichael coal mine dismissed by Federal Court
19.08.2016 Indigenous challenge to Adani Carmichael coal mine dismissed by Federal Court
20.08.2016 Overview of NoBorder Camp Thessaloniki 2016
21.08.2016 Another comrade of Barcelona in prison for the case of bank expropriations in Germany
22.08.2016 1. ANTIFA FESTIVAL BASEL: Für das gute Leben
22.08.2016 Smash racist networks! – Campaign against the „Imperium Fighting Championship“ at Leipzig
22.08.2016 Solidarity with refugees – also in Harvestehude
24.08.2016 (B) Manifestation: NO to the coup in Brasil!
26.08.2016 Overcoming oppressors’ absolute brutality targeting our children
26.08.2016 Save the Date: 01.10. „Against Isolation, Against Deportation
27.08.2016 Gambia Urged To Release Political Detainees After New Death In State Custody
27.08.2016 Challenging times for the Gambia
28.08.2016 Abgar to turn Whitehouse into Green Meadow
28.08.2016 To 28 August nuclear and climate news
28.08.2016 Central Mediterranean: MSF condemns attack on rescue vessel
30.08.2016 A response to Mr. Hazan
30.08.2016 Solidarisches Transparent für Marios Seisidis, Kostas Sakkas und für allen Politischen Gefangenen
31.08.2016 Erfurt State Court verdict: 'Police are Racists, too!' Lawsuit Ended in Acquittal
31.08.2016 Vetschau: Refugees call for a demonstration "For Dignity - Against rascist Violence"
31.08.2016 Inside Fukushima's Time Bomb
31.08.2016 White Man’s Manslaughter. Black Man’s Murder. White Man’s Riot. Black Man’s Uprising
01.09.2016 Violent clashes between police and Aboriginal protesters in West Australian town
02.09.2016 Wilson Security to withdraw from Australia's offshore detention centres
02.09.2016 Senate tells Australian government not to fund controversial coal mine
03.09.2016 Nuclear news to Friday 2/9/16
03.09.2016 [DD] Social Center 4 All Dresden
04.09.2016 Collective Perspectives Against the Technological Attack
04.09.2016 Our shards against their repression
04.09.2016 Berlin: Solidarity banners for the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen
04.09.2016 Erfurt: Pax Bank branch trashed
04.09.2016 Hamburg: ATMs attacked in solidarity with the anarchists accused in Aachen robbery cases
05.09.2016 US Hate Group Forging Ties with the “Third Rome”
05.09.2016 Military Operation of Show of Vandalism in Civil Protest Against Annihilation Pacifico Usurper Michel President
06.09.2016 “Germany is coming home – (mobi)lecture against the reunification party in Dresden”
07.09.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right” about tides
07.09.2016 [RD] Nationalism is no Alternative - Boundless solidarity against the AFD party congress in Rendsburg!
07.09.2016 Defend the zad – a call for international solidarity !
08.09.2016 One in 10 young Australian Indigenous men rate their happiness at 'zero'
08.09.2016 Seven police cars set on fire at Magdeburg train station
08.09.2016 A visit at “Ogniwo”, Krakow – A free space that links together what belongs together
09.09.2016 [B-Neukölln] Manifestation: Remembering Luke Holland.
09.09.2016 [D] Demo: "Right to remain for all – there are no safe countries of origin!"
09.09.2016 We are under occupation by a foreign power, which keeps us in our place by superior force
09.09.2016 (B) One struggle, one fight! From Rigaer 94 to Ohlauer Schule – stop evictions!
10.09.2016 Solidarität mit dem Gefängnisstreik in den USA
11.09.2016 Australia's offshore refugee processing is no inspiration. It deserves condemnation
12.09.2016 Democracy or Freedom? - Demokratie oder Freiheit?
12.09.2016 [DD] Demo: "proletarian parade"
12.09.2016 [Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg] Demonstration: Together against racist violence
13.09.2016 „Stop selective exclusion, isolation & deportation of refugees! End the institutional racism of the ‚Ankunftszentrums‘ Rahlstedt!“
14.09.2016 A Casual Killing: How Government And Business Make More Money By Ripping Off Yours
15.09.2016 The Custody Notification System saves Aboriginal lives. Why isn't it national?
16.09.2016 Psychologists apologise to Indigenous Australians for decades of mistreatment
17.09.2016 Australian psychologists apologise to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
18.09.2016 Indymedia linksunten: Subversive News in Gloomy Times
18.09.2016 Demonstration, Saturday, 8 October (Verdun). Rise up against far-right extremism, racism and discrimination!
18.09.2016 Germany: 18 vehicles of the Federal Police & the Deutsche Bahn go up in smoke
19.09.2016 Bautzen Violence Mirrors Berlin’s Covert War Crimes
19.09.2016 Tony Abbott says Europe is facing 'peaceful invasion' of asylum seekers
19.09.2016 Nauru refugee denied emergency evacuation after suspected heart attack
19.09.2016 Turnbull claims Australian border policies 'best in world' despite widespread criticism
19.09.2016 [M] From Bautzen to Munich – a united struggle against racism / Ob in Bautzen oder München – ein vereinter Kampf gegen Rassismus
20.09.2016 Racist and bigot Senator Hanson tried to divide and hurt Australian people
20.09.2016 Malcolm Turnbull tells world leaders to follow Australia's asylum policies
20.09.2016 Kalgoorlie Uprising: Black Man’s Victim. White Man’s Culprit, And The Twisted Psychology Of Racially Motivated Crime and Punishment
20.09.2016 Another court challenge to Australia's biggest coal mine plan
21.09.2016 Poland, Warsaw : FREE THE WARSAW FREE CAMPAIGN : All the arrested are released! [ENG]
22.09.2016 Lingen-Demo 29.10. unterstützen
22.09.2016 More blah or real chances of progress for Australia’s indigenous peoples?
22.09.2016 Damn Cocktails!
23.09.2016 Call by Aboriginal rugby stars to snub the Australian anthem
23.09.2016 Action against Lafarge Holcim
25.09.2016 Aboriginal prisoner braindead after brawl with five guards
26.09.2016 South Australia: Anti-nuclear camp out and rally in the Flinders Range 7-9 October
26.09.2016 Nuclear and climate news to September 24
26.09.2016 [B] School- and University strike: stop racism – At School
27.09.2016 An Aboriginal prisoner has died after brawling with five guards
27.09.2016 Australia must recognise it has a race relations problem, to move forward on reconciliation
27.09.2016 Trial against antifascist one year after Pegida-birthday
28.09.2016 Australia continues its nuclear war against Aborigines
28.09.2016 Attack in Strausberg
30.09.2016 CatchApp tool can siphon encryption WhatsApp messages from a distance
01.10.2016 Neither here nor in Calais - Not keeping silence
02.10.2016 Children removed from families are at highest risk to suicide
03.10.2016 Social housing and the refugees affair in Berlin.
04.10.2016 Time to pick up the pace for decolonisation for First Nations Peoples in Australia – departing for London
04.10.2016 Nomuosfilm Screening und Diskussion
04.10.2016 Assassination of young antifascist in Finland.
05.10.2016 Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative arson attacks against cars owned by Turkish fascists
05.10.2016 Inter-racial tension grows over police shooting an Aboriginal man
05.10.2016 Refugee Protest March from Munich to Nuremberg
06.10.2016 Declaration of Yuggera tribal sovereignty to the lands of Brisbane/Ipswich
09.10.2016 Web2Web: Serverless Websites Powered by Torrents & Bitcoin
10.10.2016 Friedel54: Last round – rising up to the challenge of our rival
11.10.2016 Baton Song: The ZAD, destituent association, and the joy of pledging war
11.10.2016 Poland: urgent, call out for solidarity with AMEER !
13.10.2016 Calais: Updates of the October 1st Demo
13.10.2016 Eviction and dismantling – we demand humanity and freedom
13.10.2016 [The Netherlands] The Area Ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague
14.10.2016 [Prague] antifenix solidarity action
15.10.2016 Calais: jungle eviction probably delayed for one week
15.10.2016 How to deal with the AfD leaks
16.10.2016 Call-out against the coming evictions (Calais)
16.10.2016 Illegalisation of our protest
16.10.2016 Borders kill. Freedom of movement for all!
17.10.2016 Let us destroy the prisonsystem – inside or outside – until all are free!
17.10.2016 Demonstration against Deportations
18.10.2016 Companies Collaborating with the Border Regime in Calais
18.10.2016 Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull says Amnesty criticism of Nauru detention 'absolutely false'
18.10.2016 Upcoming Eviction of NoBorder Social Center in Lesvos and Call-Out for Activists!
18.10.2016 Aiton(Savoy, France): Prison on fire!
18.10.2016 Call to Action: No Border Action 27th til 30th of October
18.10.2016 RECLAIM EISENHÜTTENSTADT! demonstration
19.10.2016 Demonstration against deportations
19.10.2016 Some Updates on the Calais Eviction
20.10.2016 No still means no
20.10.2016 Dedicated Activists: The Next Big Threat For North-American Oil
21.10.2016 (B) Solidarity demonstration - Free the Röszke 11
22.10.2016 Solidarity with the Spanish student strike
22.10.2016 Calais Jungle - Räumungstermin 24. Oktober bestätigt
22.10.2016 Atom-News: Lingen-Demo, grüne Atompolitik, Westcastor-Resolution
22.10.2016 Representatives of enslaved indigenous people form a reparations alliance in London
24.10.2016 Australia lifts gag order on doctors treating refugees
25.10.2016 Film und Diskussion: Observation and Observation
25.10.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership makes Australia vulnerable to court challenges, report claims
26.10.2016 [update] Court case dates for Amsterdam comrade
26.10.2016 Infovortrag über den Prozess gegen eine Anarchistin in Aachen
26.10.2016 The nuclear debate: the slow death of fast reactors
26.10.2016 Mark Guyula's election in NT 'wholly void', Electoral Commission tells court
28.10.2016 We haven't learned the lessons of the stolen generations. We are still failing Koori kids
28.10.2016 Fire in Moria, Lesvos after clashes - updates & photos from inside
29.10.2016 Native Americans protest against North Dakota pipeline
29.10.2016 R.I.P. Jacques Mesrine
29.10.2016 (B) HANDS OFF OF OUR HOUSES! – Statement on the raid of Braunschweiger Straße
30.10.2016 Opening discussion on Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Treaty process
30.10.2016 Ecumenical Forum supports Treaty, Sovereignty and Constitutional Recognition
30.10.2016 Anarchist call against the G 20 summit in Hamburg
01.11.2016 Unanimously innocent Thodoris Sipsas for the case of Marfin
01.11.2016 'Wholly void' election of Aboriginal member a 'landmark case'
01.11.2016 Outrageous: Cameoon's Baka forest people abused to make way for elephant hunters
02.11.2016 Gathering of First Nations and Peoples 26 & 27 November 2016
03.11.2016 Obama: Army Corps Examining Possible Rerouting Of Dakota Access Pipeline
03.11.2016 A New American Low: One Rule For The Whites, Another For Its First Peoples
03.11.2016 Just released: Beyond the red lines – system change not climate change (film)
04.11.2016 Aborigines demand their historic shield and spears back from British museums
04.11.2016 Short outage of linksunten
06.11.2016 The victims of this asylum system
06.11.2016 Turkey Doubles Down on Censorship With Block on VPNs, Tor
06.11.2016 Coup plotters' use of "amateur" messaging app helped Turkish authorities map their network
06.11.2016 Gülenists’ Existential Fight Over A Mobile Application
06.11.2016 immigrant notes on exclusion
07.11.2016 A letter to 'Rojavist' Friends
07.11.2016 Wien - Demo: 8.11. ist Inter*-Solidaritäts-Tag!
07.11.2016 10 years imprisonment for a graffiti – freedom for Giyas and Bayram
07.11.2016 Apoist Youth Initiative Hessen claim two attacks against Turkish fascists in Kassel
07.11.2016 Attack against the Turkish Cultural Association in Bad Oeynhausen by Apoist Youth Initiative NRW
07.11.2016 Diplomatic vehicle torched outside the Turkish Consulate in Hannover
08.11.2016 Citizens jury trashes plan to absorb the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
08.11.2016 [B] Statement to XB-Liebig from Giraffenküfa
08.11.2016 Paint-bomb attack against Google headquarters in Munich
08.11.2016 Dresden: Arson attack against a vehicle owned by war profiteers ThyssenKrupp
09.11.2016 Hands Off!
09.11.2016 After the Election, the Reaction: Trump le Monde
09.11.2016 [B] Movie „Paris Rebelle“ with English and German subtitles!
10.11.2016 Growing up with family and culture is a human right. It's also essential for healing
11.11.2016 Aboriginal children in care 'isolated from family and culture', says Victoria report
11.11.2016 Gun-toting British anti-Muslim activist poses on Israeli tank
11.11.2016 71 Days to Prepare Before the First Executive Orders
11.11.2016 Kanal moving days
11.11.2016 Possible ‘first encounter’ Aboriginal shield uncovered in Berlin museum
12.11.2016 Queenslanders can’t challenge giant coalmine’s dangerous water grab
12.11.2016 Report calls for change in Indigenous suicide prevention in Australia
15.11.2016 Is South Australia’s nuclear dumping plan dead?
15.11.2016 Alexei Gaskarov: What Politics?
16.11.2016 No deportations to Afghanistan! Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan!
16.11.2016 Servants And Slaves: A Simple Guide To Why Australia’s Rulers Cultivate Racism
16.11.2016 Leipzig: Antifascists destroy the home of neo-Nazi Istvan Repaczki
16.11.2016 German far-Right extremists teaming up with gangs in America and Europe to plan attacks, intelligence chief warns
17.11.2016 [Berlin] Information-event: Freedom for Lukáš Borl - Solidarity with the anarchist & social movement in the Czech Republik
17.11.2016 Call out to Australian indigenous people to a gathering of nations 26/27 November
17.11.2016 Red November, Black November – An Anarchist Response to the Election
18.11.2016 Anti-fascist Demo - Gegen türkische Nazis
20.11.2016 [B] What is a robbery of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?
21.11.2016 Responsibility claim: Attack against Deutsche Telekom in Berlin
23.11.2016 Claim of the fake press release that attacked Vinci
23.11.2016 Berlin: Attack against Thales
24.11.2016 Vienna: Rage and solidarity with anarchists accused of bank robbery
24.11.2016 Riseup: "There is no need for panic."
25.11.2016 Call-out for networking from the campaign 'ineumanity'
25.11.2016 [B] Anti-authoritarian report and analysis on the social movement against the loi travail in france
25.11.2016 [NL] Massenfestnahme auf Antirepressionsdemo am 19.11. in Den Haag
26.11.2016 Repainting of a bank in solidarity with the anarchists accused of the aachen bank robberies
27.11.2016 The Invisible Committee: "Spread anarchy, live communism"
28.11.2016 Athens Warzone ~ Front line view of the intense protest and riot for the November 17 student revolt
28.11.2016 New Australian 'biodiversity' law 'a direct assault on Aboriginal laws, culture, religion and spirituality'
29.11.2016 Excavator burns in Berlin – against G20-Summit
29.11.2016 Wrong Signal
30.11.2016 Ongoing crimes against humanity, gross violations of human rights, genocide, ethnocide, ecocide and persecution across ‘Australia’
30.11.2016 [B] Attack against construction-company HOCHTIEF and a call against the G20-summit
01.12.2016 Attack against the ‘Messe Hamburg’, venue for the OSCE and G20 summits
03.12.2016 Barrier-Reef-trashing monster coal mine to get a billion dollar tax handout
04.12.2016 Tell the EU to ban the ivory trade – NOW!
05.12.2016 Adani protest: hundreds rally against proposed $1bn loan to mining company
05.12.2016 Küfa + Input: Oury Jalloh ist kein Einzelfall! // Oury Jalloh is no Isolated Case!
05.12.2016 [Update Aachen] Verdict 8th December 2016, 11:30
06.12.2016 URGENT ACTION: Stop oil exploration on tribal lands in the Amazon
06.12.2016 [Aachen/Barcelona] Dates set for the trial against the anarchists from Barcelona imprisoned in Germany
07.12.2016 Emma Goldmans Approach On Released Prisoner
08.12.2016 Ellwangen: Outing Dominik Stürmer
08.12.2016 (B) nikolauspresent for the police
09.12.2016 “We were killed with impunity simply because of who we are”
09.12.2016 Indigenous Kalgoorlie residents plan own legal action after landmark Palm Island court decision
09.12.2016 Aboriginal owners construct ‘legal line of defence’ against Adani and Queensland government
10.12.2016 [FFM] Racist Attack on the Project Shelter Bistro
11.12.2016 Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia
12.12.2016 Blockade of the hambach railway!
12.12.2016 Premier's nuclear push is proof of a government in meltdown
13.12.2016 Neumünster: Attack against the fascist ‘ATF’ organization
13.12.2016 Fossil fuel divestment is worth $7tn globally yet Australia still clings to coal
13.12.2016 Arson attack on k-fetisch
13.12.2016 Report on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage shows alarming gaps in progression
14.12.2016 Athens: Attack against the office of security company SCS
14.12.2016 Quotable quotes about uranium
14.12.2016 Appalling prison treatment of Aboriginal youth highlighted at Australian inquiry
14.12.2016 Oury Jalloh Soli-CD Release im SO36
15.12.2016 [B] Together against right-wing agitation and violence: "Fascists, fuck off!"
15.12.2016 Misoxeny – Μίσος των ξένων – in today’s terms, a culmination of White Privilege in Australia
15.12.2016 The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets
15.12.2016 German taxpayers may have to pay nuclear power producers billions of euros compensation for early closure
15.12.2016 Freiburg: Press Release by Students Occupying the Audimax! (15.12.2016)
16.12.2016 [Australian] Government backs down on threat to sue campaigner for use of Medicare logo
16.12.2016 Stop, reassess: no green light for Australian uranium sales to Ukraine
16.12.2016 Another Australian state has joined the growing indigenous treaties swell
19.12.2016 (Spain) Supreme Court reduces the sentences of anarchist comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar
19.12.2016 Leipzig: 3 public order police vehicles torched
20.12.2016 Liebknecht-Luxemburg-demonstration 2017: War starts here – let’s stop it here!
20.12.2016 After "inhumane treatment" of dying Aboriginal woman police get “stern letters”
20.12.2016 Coalition Reacts to ECOWAS Summit outcome
20.12.2016 Coalition: Gambia’s Jammeh To Be ‘Rebel Leader’ If Clings To Power
20.12.2016 Gambia: How Yahya Jammeh Lost The Elections
21.12.2016 Gambian President Jammeh Says He Will Not Step Down
21.12.2016 Gambia election: Zeid warning on human rights violations
21.12.2016 Incoming Barrow Regime Reaches Out To Diaspora Gambians
23.12.2016 Sweden to extradite 'Laser Man' killer to Germany
26.12.2016 #Antifa: Another Nazi Attack in #Berlin #Neukoelln
26.12.2016 Islington Boxing Club fighter heads ‘left-wing gym’ in Stoke Newington
28.12.2016 Colonial behaviour on the "Civil March For Aleppo"
29.12.2016 Smash G20! Bank attacked in Lund, Sweden!
30.12.2016 Man wrongly arrested over Berlin attack says he fears for his life
30.12.2016 Indigenous treaties for Australia: An interview with Narungga Elder Tauto Sansbury