Texts in English – Mai 2016

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01.05.2016 Further evidence that the Commonwealth of Australia does not have a legal sovereignty
01.05.2016 The Australian refugee detention regime is on the brink
02.05.2016 Munich: Spanish Consulate attacked
05.05.2016 Declaration on the cable fire in the Hambach mine
06.05.2016 Solidarity for ALL!
07.05.2016 Stop the slaughter! Prevent the extension of Wiesenhof!
07.05.2016 Invitation to the Forest-Week, 18.-25. May
10.05.2016 HH: Eco supermarket looted
10.05.2016 [FR] Katsival - Punk Festival
12.05.2016 Day of struggle at the Brenner border. A report.
12.05.2016 Call for support against Padovicz (Owner Liebig 34) in Dirschauer Strasse
13.05.2016 (B) We burned a police truck in solidarity with Brenner Pass protesters
13.05.2016 7th of May: a day of struggle - communiqué
13.05.2016 13 May Nuclear and climate news for the past week
13.05.2016 After 26 years no justice for Aboriginal families whose three children were murdered
14.05.2016 The Aboriginal Tent Embassy: 'We were all young, crazy, but we believed in justice'
14.05.2016 Call for solidarity with arrested activist of critical mass in Belarus
14.05.2016 “Language, culture, ceremony needed to fight Aboriginal suicide”
17.05.2016 Uranium on the rocks
17.05.2016 Foreign Investors Are The Real Winners In Turnbull’s New Economy
17.05.2016 Days of anarchist ideas and publications
18.05.2016 NOW! Admiralstraße (Kotti) – Let's take back the streets and squares!
18.05.2016 A shockwave through Australia's abusive detention regime
18.05.2016 BDS Berlin
18.05.2016 Eviction of Lautonomia in Lusatia!
19.05.2016 Help Aborigines close a community-destroying mine
19.05.2016 Brenner - What´s a wall?
19.05.2016 “We want peace. But we will not surrender.”
20.05.2016 Call for solidarity with our comrade imprisoned in Soto del Real Madrid, who is currently facing extradition.
20.05.2016 “Don’t let Australia into the United Nations Human Rights Council”
21.05.2016 LEIPZIG-HALLE AIRPORT- Transshipment point for goods and people
21.05.2016 Elation, sadness and anger over return of north Australian Aboriginal land
21.05.2016 Former NATO leader boss predicts nuclear war with Russia unless NATO steps up security in Baltic nations
22.05.2016 It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why
22.05.2016 No Border School Piräus, Athen
22.05.2016 Poznan, Poland: Three months in jail for eviction blockade
23.05.2016 Caravan to NoBorder-Camp in Thessaloniki
23.05.2016 Aborigines can no longer eat fish from mine-poisoned north Australian river
24.05.2016 Ancient Euahlayi astronomy parallels with Einstein's space-time theory
24.05.2016 Räumung des Camps in Idomeni // Eviction of Idomeni Camp
24.05.2016 Interview with Bese Hozat – “We will intensify the guerrilla’s activities”
25.05.2016 25.5.2016 Updates from the eviction in Idomeni
25.05.2016 International Activists' Week: On the trails of Partizan resistance in Bosnia and Hercegovina 1st – 7th July 2016, Banja Luka
26.05.2016 There are lots of ways to say sorry, but Indigenous Australians need a treaty now
26.05.2016 CALL FOR SOLIDARITY ACTION-WEEK: OVER THE FORTRESS from 30th of May to 05th of June
26.05.2016 26.5.2016 Day three of the Idomeni eviction
26.05.2016 Build the hacienda, burn down the palaces
27.05.2016 Statement: Boat with 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees sank about 70km North East of Zuwara, Libya
27.05.2016 Let's have treaty and constitutional recognition, Indigenous referendum chief says
28.05.2016 Cowardly Australian government expunged Australia from a damaging UN climate report
28.05.2016 Fuck nations, squat the world - Report from the Nordkiez
29.05.2016 CARAVANE AGAINST THE CAMP SYSTEM occupies the Rote Fabrik
29.05.2016 The week that was in climate and nuclear news
29.05.2016 The mobilisation for the "war starts here" camp 2016 begins
31.05.2016 Open letter in connection with the arrest of three anarchists in Warsaw