Texts in English – März 2016

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01.03.2016 The Rape Of East Timor: “Sounds Like Fun”
03.03.2016 Australian immigration minister ignores plea to release woman, 70, from detention
04.03.2016 Lies in the media about No Borders – a Calais Migrant Solidarity response
05.03.2016 This week: renewable energy and energy efficiency news
05.03.2016 Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres murdered, family says
05.03.2016 Calais - The Refugee City is still alive!
05.03.2016 The world’s pollinators are dying out, and all our favourite foods could go with them
06.03.2016 Berlin: BKA counter-terrorism building attacked with petrol bombs & paint
07.03.2016 Murrumu: one man's mission to create a sovereign Indigenous country inside Australia
07.03.2016 (Lesbos, GR) Action in the port of Lesbos to raise awareness on the actual situation in Greece
07.03.2016 No “Day of the German Future” on 4th of June '16 – Let's unite to block & sabotage!
07.03.2016 Treaty call gains traction in Australia
08.03.2016 Inspirateria Soliparty
09.03.2016 $55m Cambodia deal that resettled two refugees a 'good outcome', says Dutton
09.03.2016 Nuremberg: Military recruitment propaganda collected and destroyed
09.03.2016 CDU/JU office attacked in Mannheim for supporting Turkey’s AKP regime
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
11.03.2016 Aboriginal suicide prevention May conference call for papers
12.03.2016 Nuclear news in the anniversary week of the Fukushima disaster
13.03.2016 Stop Deportations - Action at Vienna Airport / Aktion am Flughafen Wien
13.03.2016 Sydney public forum on the need for a treaty with indigenous people
14.03.2016 Walk for Justice for Refugees
15.03.2016 Fascist Molotov Attack at Vankouver Apartment Squat in Athens.
15.03.2016 Outrageous scandal in Latvia!
15.03.2016 [Idomeni] A statement to all regarding recent events in Idomeni
16.03.2016 Adani, no still means no. The next few weeks are crucial
16.03.2016 Spanish corporate giant Ferrovial wants to run Australian concentration camps
16.03.2016 Greece: Armed Anarchist demonstration against drug dealers
16.03.2016 [Halle/Saale] Demonstration für Vielfalt und gegen Rassismus
18.03.2016 Australia: Hijacking of preferences by electoral sharpies will be countered by law changes
18.03.2016 Climate and nuclear news 18 March
20.03.2016 “Fuck your constitutional recognition, I want a treaty”
20.03.2016 Demonstration to the 4th anniversary of Burak Bektaş death
20.03.2016 The World or nothing
21.03.2016 Prague: Network of Revolutionary Cells take responsibility for incendiary attack against police vehicles
21.03.2016 FAI-IRF claim responsibility for the bomb left at the gendarmerie center in Santiago (Chile)
21.03.2016 [Greece] Open letter of Pola Roupa about the attempt to break Nikos Maziotis out of Koridallos prison
21.03.2016 Hamburg (Germany): 3 churches desanctificated in solidarity with Mônica Caballero and Francisco Solar
22.03.2016 No Border Action Days
24.03.2016 The stolen wages that continue to hold indigenous Australians back
28.03.2016 Statement of the people in Karlsfeld Refugee Camp
29.03.2016 Update From Idomeni
29.03.2016 No Border Kitchen Lesvos under threat of police raid and eviction
31.03.2016 White Australia Still Has A Black History
31.03.2016 Opposition growing to dumping the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
31.03.2016 Australian place names still celebrate colonial mass murderers