Texts in English – 2011

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02.01.2011 “If someone today wants to open a profitable business, they should make guillotines”.
03.01.2011 Mexico – Communiqué for prisoners in Greece
05.01.2011 Gr: A pig from DIAS team killed a 6 year old Rom girl
06.01.2011 In solidarity and support for the EZLN, the zapatista communities, and the other campaign (La Otra Campana)
06.01.2011 2010 was the year of the anti-nuclear movement in Germany
06.01.2011 Top Ten China Mass Protests of 2010 革命
06.01.2011 Hands-on action needed more than ever to stop nuclear power in Germany
06.01.2011 Algerian Revolt 6th January 2011
07.01.2011 Dioxin scare closes 4,709 German farms
07.01.2011 Gr: Banks' Squatting Symbolic Action (Wednesday 5th of January 2011)
08.01.2011 Victory for the Revolt of Hungry People in Algeria.
09.01.2011 Gr: Letters from Τortured Prisoners, Letter from G. Tsakalos, Two last Communiques of CCF, Cops kidnap a Syndicalist.
10.01.2011 Solidarity with the Struggling People in West Papua
11.01.2011 Tunisian Revolt: The Barbarity of the Tunisian Police - Video
12.01.2011 Gr: Solidarity to the Political Prisoners (text from Action for Liberty)
13.01.2011 2nd Undercover Cop Exposed in the UK: "Lyn Watson"
14.01.2011 The Case Simon Bromma
14.01.2011 Greece: International call for solidarity by three political prisoners
14.01.2011 Gr: Heavy Accusations for three Felony Actions to the five Arrested People.
15.01.2011 Tunisian Revolt - URGENT!
15.01.2011 Song for Bradley Manning
15.01.2011 Actioninfopoint: Information around the clock
15.01.2011 News about Mark „Stone“ Kennedy
15.01.2011 Gr: Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer
16.01.2011 Out of Afghanistan
16.01.2011 Il: Antifascist Demonstration in Tel Aviv.
16.01.2011 Undercover police officer says he fears for his life
16.01.2011 Gr: Pan-Hellenic Hunger Strike of Refugees.
16.01.2011 I am in fear for my life: Undercover policeman tells the amazing story of his eight years with eco-warriors... and his life on the run
16.01.2011 Gr: 2nd Letter of Giannis Skouloudis from Avlona prisons, Letters from Prisoners about Nadir Case.
17.01.2011 2,200 demonstrated against plutonium shipments
17.01.2011 German/Swedish agents or hunters (?) arrested Tunisian revolt 2011 - Video
18.01.2011 Support Jonathan Pollak, imprisoned Israeli anarchist
19.01.2011 100 leftist accounts hacked
22.01.2011 German consumers scared, farmers battered by dioxin in animal feed
22.01.2011 Air plane forced to return to Paris to stop deportation
22.01.2011 Gr: 1st Day of Trial about CCF Case, Letter from Fee Marie Meyer, Communique of Guerilla Formation - Lambros Fountas.
22.01.2011 Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit
22.01.2011 Anti-terrorist arrest in France
24.01.2011 More Time, More Money and More Resources
25.01.2011 Same shit, different year – Crash the WKR-Ball!
25.01.2011 Gr: Letters from Political Prisoners, etc
25.01.2011 Apello Genova 2001 – Genova 2011
26.01.2011 New anti-terrorism arrests in Paris
27.01.2011 !!! Breaking News: New Revolt in Suez - Aegypt (following the last days' Revolt against dictator Mubarak)
27.01.2011 Gr: CCF Case Trial, Text from the Defendants
27.01.2011 Mark Kennedy infiltrated German anti-fascists, Bundestag told
29.01.2011 No health risks from dioxin in foods, says German government agency
29.01.2011 Norwegian super stars
30.01.2011 Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers by Rex Osa “Refugees have a Voice”
30.01.2011 New short film: "Deterred, but still around"
30.01.2011 “You're in charge but don't touch the controls.”
31.01.2011 NATO backing up the Kossovarian Mafia - pdf
31.01.2011 Egypt: Protesters give army deadline to choose sides
02.02.2011 New protest mobilising against more nuclear waste to Lubmin
03.02.2011 Interview with an Activist at Tahrir Square in Cairo
04.02.2011 Interview with an Egyptian Protester
06.02.2011 300 in warm-up for anti-nuclear waste delivery protest
06.02.2011 Gr: Announcement of the Defendants in the Case of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire 3/2/2011
06.02.2011 Protest succeeds: Sumatran farmers free, palm oil giant in trouble
07.02.2011 Chomsky zu Mubarak, Nahost, usw. (Feb. 2011)
08.02.2011 Russian Anti-fascist prisoner Rinat Sultanov needs your support!
10.02.2011 Chronicles of a revolution: A protester's first-hand account
11.02.2011 Social media shaping political events
15.02.2011 Update from the Streets of Cairo
15.02.2011 Revealed: how energy firms spy on environmental activists
17.02.2011 Egypt: Free at last, the inside look
18.02.2011 1st of March Transnational Migrant Strike Day - Viennese Call
18.02.2011 Activists injured in nuclear waste train blockades overnight
18.02.2011 Statement von David Rovics über Antideutsche
18.02.2011 Nuclear waste train ran 934 km through Germany
18.02.2011 Letter from prison by the anarchist Fee Marie Meyer, 18.2.2011
22.02.2011 International solidarity week with the arabic insurrection and all the prisoners
23.02.2011 Solidaritätsaufruf für russische Anarchisten!
24.02.2011 Dresden: 20,000 anti-fascists against Nazis
24.02.2011 Attacks against Rabobank in Utrecht, by Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell
24.02.2011 Radiation killing more female than male embryos
25.02.2011 Women towards March the 1st and beyond: For the blinding visibility of women, with migrant women
25.02.2011 Gr: Letters from Political Prisoners, Statement from Chile by Hungerstrikers Political Prisoners
01.03.2011 Help write to the UN Human Rights Council about internet freedom
03.03.2011 Nuclear waste wasting billions of German taxpayers' euros
03.03.2011 Tata Noah: A Peruvian Family Tale
03.03.2011 Peru admits timber certificates faked in secret cable
05.03.2011 Suicide of a refugee
09.03.2011 URGENT: Government is trying to break the hunger strike!
10.03.2011 Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives
12.03.2011 Racially discriminative behaviour and ideas are still very prevalent in Australian society
13.03.2011 German protest in empathy with Japanese nuclear disasters
14.03.2011 [Cairo] The Eviction of Tahrir Square
14.03.2011 Germany to Reconsider Nuclear Policy - Merkel Sets Three-Month 'Moratorium' on Extension of Lifespans
16.03.2011 Germany temporarily switching off seven nukes, may rescind longer running times
16.03.2011 Stop Qaddafi
20.03.2011 The Animal Liberation Archive: AL-Archive.lnxnt.org
24.03.2011 Attention Bombay - Your City may be Sitting on a Volcano
25.03.2011 Neuer Castortransport nach Gorleben - BI Umweltschutz: "Volksabstimmung über Atomkraft im Herbst"
26.03.2011 Japan's wind industry hails earthquake-resilient turbines
26.03.2011 Australia is not doing enough to eliminate racial discrimination in Australia
26.03.2011 21-Year-Old Libyan American Medical Student Killed in near Brega; Hear His Interview with Democracy Now!
28.03.2011 Britain shows it can still stage a decent demo – pity about the mob
29.03.2011 Trying to stop Australians' gambling addiction
29.03.2011 Australia as “last bastion for the Aryan race”
30.03.2011 Civilmedia 11: Community Media For Social Change: Low Threshold - High Impact
30.03.2011 Germany considering export insurance for new quake-vulnerable Brazilian nuke
31.03.2011 South American Indians to receive royalties from potato sales
31.03.2011 Libya: dragged away for reporting rape
01.04.2011 Nuclear suspension faces court challenge by power company RWE
03.04.2011 Palm oil crimes in Honduras and Colombia
03.04.2011 Wave of anti-nuclear protest after reactor accidents in Japan
06.04.2011 How Our Money Goes to Support the Slave Trade (pt. 2)
07.04.2011 Russischer Antifaschist zu 2 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt
08.04.2011 international preparation meeting against G8-G20 France 2011
09.04.2011 Thousands dying for E10 in toxic cane fields, millions threatened by Mekong dams
11.04.2011 Demo-Occupation - For the access to land! Against the airport and the world it represents!
16.04.2011 Why are deaths in custody rising in Australia?
20.04.2011 Avaaz hits 8.2 million! Exploding in India, huge wins on corruption, breaking blackouts in Middle East..
21.04.2011 Pfc. Manning to be transferred to Army prison
23.04.2011 Bristol riot over new Tesco store leaves eight police officers injured
24.04.2011 Horrific treatment of refugees in remote Australian concentration camp
27.04.2011 Big changes are coming to Indymedia UK
01.05.2011 “Share our pain, taste our spirituality”
02.05.2011 Update on situation of Rote Flora in Hamburg and squatting actions, april 2011
06.05.2011 Brutal attack on endangered tribe in India
10.05.2011 Nuclear Adviser Resigns over Japanese Government's Increase in Allowable Level of Radiation Exposure for Children
11.05.2011 Japan, U.S. negotiating construction of nuclear waste facility in Mongolia
13.05.2011 Server Maintenance on Sunday
13.05.2011 Oil giant ConocoPhillips ‘pulls out’ of controversial Amazon project
13.05.2011 How the Murdoch press keeps Australia’s dirty secret
20.05.2011 How Our Money Goes to Support the Slave Trade (pt. 3)
25.05.2011 Western media fraud in the Middle East
25.05.2011 Solidarity with detained anarchists in Belarus!
26.05.2011 Some thoughts by an anarchist who was at Syntagma square in Athens last night
30.05.2011 The wonderful nights of Syntagma square
02.06.2011 Acampa moves to university
02.06.2011 [Aachen] Solidarity Actions: Liège & Satama
02.06.2011 Server maintenance on Sunday and summary of technical issues
08.06.2011 Israel kills protesters on Nakba Day/Israeli murder machine goes on and on
08.06.2011 Juggle and Struggle for Kommando Rhino!
11.06.2011 U.S. Companies?
13.06.2011 The Destination of Breitenworbis Refugees' Isolation Camp in Thueringen
19.06.2011 Kazakhstan: Mass strikes and protest action by oil workers in Mangystau Province
23.06.2011 Doku DebtOcracy in Griechenland
24.06.2011 Anarchism in Russia - video
24.06.2011 Squatting action days // 2-5 July Amsterdam
29.06.2011 Camp gegen G8/20 in der Bretagne
30.06.2011 Some notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism
10.07.2011 HADI KURNIAWAN - one of 100 children in Australian adult prisons
10.07.2011 Have you ever squatted the heart of the beast?
09.08.2011 EDL Switch To Anti-Black Racism
11.08.2011 Is Rioting Revolutionary
12.08.2011 Free Brendan Lillis!
12.08.2011 Eyes wide open in London
13.08.2011 Die Mauer muss weg!
14.08.2011 But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way
15.08.2011 [Bilbao] Kukutza - squatted cultural center in immediate danger of eviction
19.08.2011 Norway attacks/Result of extreme right populism in Europe
28.08.2011 Australian Aboriginal health: Not bleeding hearts, just the bleeding obvious
31.08.2011 Cables Reveal 2006 Summary Execution of Civilian Family in Iraq
01.09.2011 Anti-extinction campaign launched to protect 35 Colombian tribes
03.09.2011 Farmer protests in Sulawesi: “Mining is destroying our life”
04.09.2011 Howto: Adding a Navigation
06.09.2011 Brazilian Indians demand Shell leave their land
08.09.2011 Germany's only uranium enrichment factory might close
09.09.2011 Riots in England / 2011 Uprising of the unheard
10.09.2011 Arab revolutions: “natural allies in a common struggle”
12.09.2011 Close the Isolation Camp in Breitenworbis
13.09.2011 Anti-racist perspective MH/Ruhr invites you to/presents
14.09.2011 ‘Trucks of men’ brutally attack indigenous Brazilians
16.09.2011 Aboriginal anti-nuclear film to kick off Berlin festival TODAY
16.09.2011 Devastating failures of Australian policy on Aborigines
20.09.2011 Australian Labor government repudiates international law on refugees
21.09.2011 [Chile] ALF burns down rodeo arena
22.09.2011 Australian Aboriginal family sets custody precedent
24.09.2011 Rain & Fire
24.09.2011 International Reclaim the Fields camp joins Rosia Montana against the new Romanian expropriation law
25.09.2011 'Walk with us' appeal by Australian Aboriginal elders in new book
27.09.2011 Revealed: Sydney squatters become visible
27.09.2011 Sydney squatters' rooftop protest over cost of housing
28.09.2011 60 international activists occupy Gold Corporation headquarters in Rosia Montana
29.09.2011 The first American Indian TV channel in the United States went on the air September 25
30.09.2011 Brazil, Cameroon, Bolivia: Three big rain forest successes, but the killing continues
01.10.2011 Ghosts in the mosques
03.10.2011 Shut-down protest at high-output German nuclear plant
05.10.2011 Police Device Used To Steal Your Cell Phone Data During Traffic Stop
06.10.2011 Death of an Aboriginal boy in Australian custody – “We’ll get you, you black cunt”
07.10.2011 Was That The Kind Of Change We Were To Expect
08.10.2011 Call to scientists to join anti-“biofuel” appeal
11.10.2011 World's biggest mine could become a tourist attraction, says BHP compant
11.10.2011 Uranium export to increase fivefold after approval for world's largest open pit mine in Australia
11.10.2011 Operation Atomic Phaseout: Neither Satisfied Nor Pacified
12.10.2011 KA: 15.10. Demonstration call_ "It’s not a crisis! It is the system!" - Trainmeetingpoints
15.10.2011 Occupy Oakland (report)
17.10.2011 United Nations hears that Australia fails its Aboriginal and refugee children
19.10.2011 Sunday's Euro decisions will impact worldwide - join a protest to Angela Merkel
26.10.2011 Occupy Bewegung wird geräumt in mehreren Städten
27.10.2011 Call for occupation in La Salamane, Montpellier, France
27.10.2011 Could the Koch brothers' fortune put the radical right into the White House?
30.10.2011 Racism gives Australia one of the world's worst deaths in custody records
01.11.2011 Egyptian blogger off the plane from Silicon Valley straight into Egyptian military prison
01.11.2011 No G20 – The crisis is capitalism
02.11.2011 Generalstreik in Oakland 2.11.2011
03.11.2011 !Freedom Now!
04.11.2011 Open Callout new Squatted Social Center
05.11.2011 11th linksunten meeting in Tübingen
05.11.2011 Occupy Oakland: second Iraq war veteran injured after police clashes
07.11.2011 Occupy Protest Save Rosia Montana
08.11.2011 Naomi Klein zur Occupy Bewegung -- auch in Freiburg sehr relevant
09.11.2011 Skinner granted stay; Buck denied hearing
09.11.2011 Great Barrier Reef in great danger
09.11.2011 American, French, German, Italian firms selling Syrian regime Internet use tracking systems - sign to stop them!
10.11.2011 Prevent nuclear waste at its origin: uranium mining
13.11.2011 Call for transnational actions for „Save Rosia Montana“
15.11.2011 Governing Labor Party pushing for more uranium mining in Australia
15.11.2011 2 years since the murder of Ivan Khutorskoy : Notes of a co-conspirator
16.11.2011 Brown Army Frack-up
16.11.2011 19,000 police to guard German nuclear waste transport
19.11.2011 Masked gunmen attack Brazilian Indian leader in shock execution
22.11.2011 Greece: Let's go one step further
22.11.2011 Letter to the anarchist galaxy
23.11.2011 Ticker in English
24.11.2011 Tod eines 17-jährigen Antifaschisten in der Ukraine
26.11.2011 Stand against Australian Labor government's decade of discrimination od Aborigines - No second Intervention!
28.11.2011 Foreign children as young as 13 abused, traumatised in Australian adult prisons
28.11.2011 Nigerian Embassy deportation hearing in Köln – Less than 10 refugees participated
29.11.2011 Australian Aboriginal community: "Penned like animals with nowhere to go"
30.11.2011 Death of Gaddafi/The National Transitional Council's bloody path
30.11.2011 Australian government steals earnings from children and turns prisons into slave labour
01.12.2011 Cooperation not intervention: a call for a new direction in the Northern Territory
01.12.2011 Aboriginal tribal leader going to Europe to challenge Australian sovereignty
01.12.2011 Illegal Anarchism: the False Dichotomy
01.12.2011 Occupy Oakland: WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12
02.12.2011 Evolution developing from Molecular Inertia
02.12.2011 Evolution developing from the Resultant of Vectors
02.12.2011 John Timoney's Journey from Miami to Manama
02.12.2011 Autonomous Base Nucleus
03.12.2011 Run-up to the NATO summit: Protests in Freiburg on March 30th
04.12.2011 FIRE AND GUNPOWDER From Indonesia to Chile… A proposition for FAI/IRF
06.12.2011 Global Call for New Year’s Eve noise demos outside of prisons, jails, and detention centers
06.12.2011 We want to be free and live in dignity - Manifestation in Hannover for The universal Basic Rights
10.12.2011 We are the 1%
11.12.2011 Invitation to an international uranium conference
12.12.2011 Tribal activist expects Aboriginal sovereignty in Australia confirmed "over the next few days"
14.12.2011 German Nazis killed at least nine immigrants and a policewoman
15.12.2011 State-nourished Nazi terror
18.12.2011 Peru: Uprising against gold – Don’t buy, don’t gift killer gold
19.12.2011 Australian miner allowed to obliterate sacred Aboriginal heritage
21.12.2011 Nuclear lobby’s underground campaign against renewable energy in Australia
24.12.2011 Sierra Leone: Land grab for palmoil
25.12.2011 Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas day using a drone
25.12.2011 Eight killed in protest against Australian gold mining in Indonesia
25.12.2011 U.S. building case against Assange through Bradley Manning trial
25.12.2011 immigration/struggle NEWS BREAKDOWN from GREECE
26.12.2011 B: Arson attack against the Rauch-house
26.12.2011 Exploring Revolt in Greece
30.12.2011 Keine Ruhe im Herzen der Bestie – Kommt zum internationalen Ratschlag in Frankfurt!
30.12.2011 Communiqué from an Absent Future
31.12.2011 Egyptian Anarchists and Revolutionary Socialists, under attack