Texts in English – Dezember 2011

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01.12.2011 Cooperation not intervention: a call for a new direction in the Northern Territory
01.12.2011 Aboriginal tribal leader going to Europe to challenge Australian sovereignty
01.12.2011 Illegal Anarchism: the False Dichotomy
01.12.2011 Occupy Oakland: WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12
02.12.2011 Evolution developing from Molecular Inertia
02.12.2011 Evolution developing from the Resultant of Vectors
02.12.2011 John Timoney's Journey from Miami to Manama
02.12.2011 Autonomous Base Nucleus
03.12.2011 Run-up to the NATO summit: Protests in Freiburg on March 30th
04.12.2011 FIRE AND GUNPOWDER From Indonesia to Chile… A proposition for FAI/IRF
06.12.2011 Global Call for New Year’s Eve noise demos outside of prisons, jails, and detention centers
06.12.2011 We want to be free and live in dignity - Manifestation in Hannover for The universal Basic Rights
10.12.2011 We are the 1%
11.12.2011 Invitation to an international uranium conference
12.12.2011 Tribal activist expects Aboriginal sovereignty in Australia confirmed "over the next few days"
14.12.2011 German Nazis killed at least nine immigrants and a policewoman
15.12.2011 State-nourished Nazi terror
18.12.2011 Peru: Uprising against gold – Don’t buy, don’t gift killer gold
19.12.2011 Australian miner allowed to obliterate sacred Aboriginal heritage
21.12.2011 Nuclear lobby’s underground campaign against renewable energy in Australia
24.12.2011 Sierra Leone: Land grab for palmoil
25.12.2011 Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas day using a drone
25.12.2011 Eight killed in protest against Australian gold mining in Indonesia
25.12.2011 U.S. building case against Assange through Bradley Manning trial
25.12.2011 immigration/struggle NEWS BREAKDOWN from GREECE
26.12.2011 B: Arson attack against the Rauch-house
26.12.2011 Exploring Revolt in Greece
30.12.2011 Keine Ruhe im Herzen der Bestie – Kommt zum internationalen Ratschlag in Frankfurt!
30.12.2011 Communiqué from an Absent Future
31.12.2011 Egyptian Anarchists and Revolutionary Socialists, under attack