Texts in English – Januar 2011

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02.01.2011 “If someone today wants to open a profitable business, they should make guillotines”.
03.01.2011 Mexico – Communiqué for prisoners in Greece
05.01.2011 Gr: A pig from DIAS team killed a 6 year old Rom girl
06.01.2011 In solidarity and support for the EZLN, the zapatista communities, and the other campaign (La Otra Campana)
06.01.2011 2010 was the year of the anti-nuclear movement in Germany
06.01.2011 Top Ten China Mass Protests of 2010 革命
06.01.2011 Hands-on action needed more than ever to stop nuclear power in Germany
06.01.2011 Algerian Revolt 6th January 2011
07.01.2011 Dioxin scare closes 4,709 German farms
07.01.2011 Gr: Banks' Squatting Symbolic Action (Wednesday 5th of January 2011)
08.01.2011 Victory for the Revolt of Hungry People in Algeria.
09.01.2011 Gr: Letters from Τortured Prisoners, Letter from G. Tsakalos, Two last Communiques of CCF, Cops kidnap a Syndicalist.
10.01.2011 Solidarity with the Struggling People in West Papua
11.01.2011 Tunisian Revolt: The Barbarity of the Tunisian Police - Video
12.01.2011 Gr: Solidarity to the Political Prisoners (text from Action for Liberty)
13.01.2011 2nd Undercover Cop Exposed in the UK: "Lyn Watson"
14.01.2011 The Case Simon Bromma
14.01.2011 Greece: International call for solidarity by three political prisoners
14.01.2011 Gr: Heavy Accusations for three Felony Actions to the five Arrested People.
15.01.2011 Tunisian Revolt - URGENT!
15.01.2011 Song for Bradley Manning
15.01.2011 Actioninfopoint: Information around the clock
15.01.2011 News about Mark „Stone“ Kennedy
15.01.2011 Gr: Open letter by Philip and Pepe Mayer
16.01.2011 Out of Afghanistan
16.01.2011 Il: Antifascist Demonstration in Tel Aviv.
16.01.2011 Undercover police officer says he fears for his life
16.01.2011 Gr: Pan-Hellenic Hunger Strike of Refugees.
16.01.2011 I am in fear for my life: Undercover policeman tells the amazing story of his eight years with eco-warriors... and his life on the run
16.01.2011 Gr: 2nd Letter of Giannis Skouloudis from Avlona prisons, Letters from Prisoners about Nadir Case.
17.01.2011 2,200 demonstrated against plutonium shipments
17.01.2011 German/Swedish agents or hunters (?) arrested Tunisian revolt 2011 - Video
18.01.2011 Support Jonathan Pollak, imprisoned Israeli anarchist
19.01.2011 100 leftist accounts hacked
22.01.2011 German consumers scared, farmers battered by dioxin in animal feed
22.01.2011 Air plane forced to return to Paris to stop deportation
22.01.2011 Gr: 1st Day of Trial about CCF Case, Letter from Fee Marie Meyer, Communique of Guerilla Formation - Lambros Fountas.
22.01.2011 Open letter by Fee Marie Meyer on her recent arrest by the anti-terrorist unit
22.01.2011 Anti-terrorist arrest in France
24.01.2011 More Time, More Money and More Resources
25.01.2011 Same shit, different year – Crash the WKR-Ball!
25.01.2011 Gr: Letters from Political Prisoners, etc
25.01.2011 Apello Genova 2001 – Genova 2011
26.01.2011 New anti-terrorism arrests in Paris
27.01.2011 !!! Breaking News: New Revolt in Suez - Aegypt (following the last days' Revolt against dictator Mubarak)
27.01.2011 Gr: CCF Case Trial, Text from the Defendants
27.01.2011 Mark Kennedy infiltrated German anti-fascists, Bundestag told
29.01.2011 No health risks from dioxin in foods, says German government agency
29.01.2011 Norwegian super stars
30.01.2011 Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers by Rex Osa “Refugees have a Voice”
30.01.2011 New short film: "Deterred, but still around"
30.01.2011 “You're in charge but don't touch the controls.”
31.01.2011 NATO backing up the Kossovarian Mafia - pdf
31.01.2011 Egypt: Protesters give army deadline to choose sides