Texts in English – 2010

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03.01.2010 Aboriginal struggle like those in China and Iran
04.01.2010 Detained Protesters Threatened with Execution
08.01.2010 “Australians no longer need to hide their racism”
09.01.2010 Switzerland: Police Smash School for Undocumented Migrants
12.01.2010 New information on the case of Tobias
13.01.2010 “The Cuban Five” on America’s Rooftop
14.01.2010 Australia: “Overwhelming interest in Aboriginal summit”
17.01.2010 UN report paints grim picture of conditions of world’s indigenous peoples
17.01.2010 The Curse of Gorleben - Germany's Endless Search for a Nuclear Waste Dump
18.01.2010 Lebanon: New Lebanese security approach rejected by Palestinians
18.01.2010 Lebanon: Nahr al-Bared's economic recovery hampered by military siege
23.01.2010 Greek revolt (update 23/01/10)
24.01.2010 Jerusalem is starting to resemble Tehran
25.01.2010 Germany's nuclear waste removal decision
29.01.2010 Three obituaries for US-historion Howard Zinn
30.01.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 28-29-30 January 2010)
31.01.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 31st January 2010)
01.02.2010 Israel: "Yes, we used white phosphorus bombs."
02.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Updates of 1st & 2nd February 2010)
03.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update of 3rd February 2010)
04.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 4th February 2010)
05.02.2010 Greek Revolt (5th February 2010)
06.02.2010 News from occupied Palestine (6th February 2010)
06.02.2010 Australian Aborigines held a rebellious summit
07.02.2010 Greek Revolt (6th and 7th February 2010)
08.02.2010 Greek revolt (8th February 2010)
10.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 9th & 10th February 2010)
10.02.2010 News from occupied Palestine (10th February 2010)
11.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 11th February 2010)
13.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 12th & 13th February 2010)
16.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Updates of 14th - 15th - 16th February 2010)
18.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 17th & 18th February 2010)
20.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 19th & 20th February 2010)
21.02.2010 Solidarity demonstration for FAU-Berlin
22.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 21st & 22nd February 2010)
23.02.2010 Heckler & Koch Nottingham shut down for a day
23.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Update 23rd February 2010)
23.02.2010 The Freiburg Programme
24.02.2010 Greek Revolt (Wednesday 24th February 2010)
24.02.2010 Bonn to host extra U.N. climate talks, treaty unsure
27.02.2010 Greek Revolt (25th, 26th, 27th February 2010)
01.03.2010 Greek Revolt (28th February, 1st March 2010)
02.03.2010 Greek Revolt (2nd March 2010)
04.03.2010 Greek Revolt (3rd & 4th March 2010)
06.03.2010 Greek Revolt (5th & 6th March 2010)
08.03.2010 Greek Revolt (7th & 8th March 2010) en, de
10.03.2010 Greek Revolt (9th & 10th March 2010) en, de
10.03.2010 Long battles erupt in Athens protest march
11.03.2010 Greek Revolt (11th March 2010) General Strike - en, de
12.03.2010 Lebanon: Nahr al-Bared camp still far from being rebuilt
12.03.2010 Manifestation for access to land and food autonomy
15.03.2010 Lebanon: Checkpoints and more (Film)
15.03.2010 Greek Revolt (12th, 13th, 14th & 15th March 2010)
17.03.2010 150 German towns want nuclear power ended
19.03.2010 Greek Revolt (16th, 17th, 18th & 19th March 2010)
21.03.2010 Greek Revolt: (20th and 21st of March 2010) en / de
21.03.2010 Spontaneous Demo in Freiburg: Out with the Winter, Bring on the Spring!
22.03.2010 Nazi Group Plans National Concert in Enzkreis
24.03.2010 Why is there popular protest in Venezuela?
24.03.2010 Preventing the State’s infiltration of social movements
27.03.2010 Greek Revolt, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of March 2010
31.03.2010 Greek Revolt, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st March 2010
01.04.2010 Helsinki: Action against Stora Enso
03.04.2010 Switzerland: Calls to End Forced Deportations Follow Custodial Death
03.04.2010 The order has already been executed
04.04.2010 The CPT plans new torture-concealment visits
04.04.2010 Australia: Look different and risk being assaulted
04.04.2010 Fat rats skew research results
08.04.2010 Bulgaria puts nuclear plant project on ice
08.04.2010 Censorship doesn’t happen, but it works
10.04.2010 Relocation to Iceland
10.04.2010 »We found a provider in Iceland«
14.04.2010 a kind invitation for holidays from the "greek" revolution
15.04.2010 Declaration of solidarity with Indymedia Costa Rica
26.04.2010 Anti-nuclear protests – "We will be wherever they don't want us to be"
30.04.2010 Berlin-Freehain: Social Center "Zielona Gora" got caged by police inside the area for the traditional street-fest on Boxhagener Square
04.05.2010 Vienna: Stop Deportation on the 4th and 5th of May 2010!
04.05.2010 Athens: Teachers break inside state’s TV-station
05.05.2010 "Greek Revolt", 5th of May 2010: An employee of the burnt bank speaks out on tonight's tragic deaths in Athens - please spread
07.05.2010 Finland: Olkiluoto Blockade
09.05.2010 State terror in Exarcheia
09.05.2010 Anarchy is struggle for life, not death
17.05.2010 Australian coal mine defeated by thoroughbred industry
19.05.2010 New research questions spending restrictions on Australian Aborigines
20.05.2010 Frankfurt Athens: One crisis, one struggle
20.05.2010 Switzerland: Short film on Zurich's Autonomous School
03.06.2010 Latest news about the israelian murderous attack
05.06.2010 More than just a massacre
08.06.2010 US Food and Drugs administration finds lead in lipsticks
14.06.2010 international squatters-gathering in barcelona
15.06.2010 Protest targets Italian government over Ethiopian dam disaster
16.06.2010 Will Afghanistan’s mineral wealth bring the nation's rebirth?
18.06.2010 Anarchist super-market action in Thessaloniki
18.06.2010 Its a Shame!
20.06.2010 Stop Nuclear Power! Baltic Sea Infotour
21.06.2010 Anti-Nuclear Bike Tour from Turku to Mariehamn
25.06.2010 North Korea seeks $75 trillion in compensation
25.06.2010 Nuclear Shadow on Aland
26.06.2010 G20 Proteste: "Justice for Our Communities"
30.06.2010 Switzerland: Video on Undocumented Occupation
01.07.2010 No Border Camp Brüssel, Intersquat-Festival Berlin
01.07.2010 Thessaloniki, Greece: the first self-organised restaurant has arrived
04.07.2010 Analysts see progress on Palestinian rights issue
20.07.2010 MAD PRIDE in Toronto newspaper
25.07.2010 Atomic Death in Riga
28.07.2010 Australia 'a crime scene' since white invasion
30.07.2010 Anti-nuclear Stop in Lithuania
30.07.2010 Anti-nuclear Stop in St. Petersburg
10.08.2010 Tonino Libero! - you'll never walk alone.
15.08.2010 Nuclear debate heats up in Germany over new tax and plant lifespans
23.08.2010 The latest state in (the restaurant) Banquet
27.08.2010 Protest against the informal EU Defence Summit 2010
29.08.2010 Clashes at UK far-right demo
02.09.2010 No Border Camp in Brüssel 25.09.- 03.10. 2010
02.09.2010 The people create thousands of solutions to confront climate change!
02.09.2010 25 of September: Dam-Sleep-Out-Action in A'dam - Kraakverbod from 1st of October!
09.09.2010 My name is Australia and I'm an alcoholic
15.09.2010 Bxl: Last Info for the "No Border Camp"
18.09.2010 program for no border camp brussels
19.09.2010 Angst over absence of action in Aboriginal affairs
19.09.2010 Huge protest gathers in Berlin against government's nuclear power policy
29.09.2010 Call out for demonstration against squatting ban The Netherlands
30.09.2010 The Netherlands: Squatting prohibition
05.10.2010 Moskauer AnarchistInnen blockieren die Autobahn nach Minsk
07.10.2010 Report of actions during the No Border Brussels
08.10.2010 Documenting Workshop: Grassroots Media in a European Context
16.10.2010 Clean energy hero dies
16.10.2010 German anti-nuclear activists to cripple railway line
19.10.2010 Maxim Solopnov unter Auflagen aus der Haft entlassen
22.10.2010 European Climate Justice Assembly: Brussels, 26th – 29th November 2010
23.10.2010 10 to 20 thousand demonstrated across Germany against nuclear waste transportation
25.10.2010 Russia turns into international nuclear waste dump. Does it want to destroy itself?
26.10.2010 Brussels keen for EU states to bury nuclear waste
04.11.2010 Against any repressions.
04.11.2010 castorticker.de 2010 [en]
07.11.2010 Video: Successful CASTOR blockade at Franco-German border, waste train had to detour
07.11.2010 Police raid: shoot a thousand to hit none!
08.11.2010 CASTOR railbed hollowed in places
08.11.2010 You’re needed in Wendland NOW!
08.11.2010 Video: cold sit-in-night on the castorrailway
10.11.2010 My first CASTOR – "Everything I hate about this country and this system"
10.11.2010 Gr: Call for Solidarity to imprisoned anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis
11.11.2010 50,000 opposed German nuke waste transportation
15.11.2010 "Australians have an irrational fear of enforceable human rights"
15.11.2010 1,000 German spent fuel rods to add to Russian contamination pain - your signature requested
16.11.2010 "Space For Movement? Reflections from Bolivia on climate justice, social movements and the state"
21.11.2010 Film: In Oaxaca nothing happens?
21.11.2010 Berlin breaks German law to dump nuclear waste in Russia
22.11.2010 How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers
22.11.2010 Thousands expected to protest against nuclear waste delivery to Baltic Coast resort
23.11.2010 updates to the squatting ban in the netherlands
24.11.2010 A/I’s Norwegian crackdown in a nutshell
25.11.2010 COP15: Climate spokespersons sentenced guilty: This is a giant defeat for democracy
28.11.2010 Announcement No4 of "Sect of Revolutionaries"
29.11.2010 The Power of an Induced Sense of Betrayal
04.12.2010 Romantisches Auschwitz? Die nationalistische Haute-Volée der Ukraine übt durchzugreifen
04.12.2010 Enough protest puff for two simultaneous nuclear waste transports?
05.12.2010 Weapons from the hiding places are clean
05.12.2010 Swoop on terrorist hideouts reveals arms caches, nine arrested
05.12.2010 Iceland to elect citizens' panel to rewrite constitution
07.12.2010 Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths
08.12.2010 [NL] Anti-Pelz-Demo Maastricht
09.12.2010 Actiondays against the french-german summit in Freiburg on december 10th
09.12.2010 A Letter from Anonymous
10.12.2010 Avanti Indy linksunten
14.12.2010 Activists Denied Entry to France
14.12.2010 Prisoners' struggle in Greece
16.12.2010 Authorities breach basic rights to enforce German nuclear transport
17.12.2010 A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire....
17.12.2010 A Message from Anonymous.
18.12.2010 The Case "Simon Brenner"
27.12.2010 Bank of America steht vor DDoS Angriff
27.12.2010 Escalation of informer recruitment tactics by the Verfassungsschutz (German intelligence service)
28.12.2010 Communique of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire - 14 incendiary devices and 2 arrested members
28.12.2010 Gr: Announcement from the 3 imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle organisation about the attacks at Rome.
31.12.2010 Coolers