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04.01.2017 Gambia: Army Chief Pledges Allegiance To Jammeh
04.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow Urges Jammeh To End Crackdown Of Activists
05.01.2017 What is the status of the “#GambiaHasDecided” T-Shirts?
05.01.2017 Gambia: Breaking News: “Prosecuting Jammeh Will Teach African Governments A Lesson-Juwara Warns
05.01.2017 President Elect Barrow concerned about recent arrests, closure of radio stations
05.01.2017 Gambia: Plot To Kill Key Opposition Figures Revealed
05.01.2017 Adani's Mega Mine in Australia Runs Into Local Protests
06.01.2017 No Camps, No Prisons: Info & Discussion Weekend
06.01.2017 Human rights abuses complaint against WWF to be examined by OECD
07.01.2017 The climate and nuclear scene, as 2017 begins
07.01.2017 Bass against right-wing populists - January 20th, 2017 - 7o'clock pm (19:00) - Central Station Koblenz
08.01.2017 Importance of Anti-Facist Action in Small Towns
09.01.2017 Feminist Resistance - organized against G20
10.01.2017 ‘Ration days again’: Australian cashless welfare card ignites shame in Aborigines
10.01.2017 Policy Making As Violence – The Case Of The Carmichael Mine
10.01.2017 Gambia: President Jammeh’s Election Petition Suffers Major Blow
10.01.2017 Ghana completes its peaceful transfer of power
10.01.2017 “Jammeh has No Right or Power to Bring us Back to the Polls” Says Mamma Kandeh
11.01.2017 Train sabotage by Piromane against RWE
11.01.2017 Gambia: The Battle Against the Media Houses
11.01.2017 Gambia: Yahya we don’t want you and we don’t love you. Please go away
11.01.2017 Gambia’s Jammeh ‘Ready’ To End Election Standoff
11.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow vows to introduce term limit to avoid misrule
11.01.2017 Gambia: Supreme Court Hearings Fail to Commence
11.01.2017 Gambia: Press Release by the Tourism Fraternit
11.01.2017 The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar
12.01.2017 Gambia: Detention without Trial - Review of 2016
12.01.2017 Gambia: The Soldier Releases Weekend Bombshell-Jammeh’s Plots Unveiled!
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh files injunction against inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Seized T-shirts, photos not returned to owners
13.01.2017 Gambia: “Both Jammeh and I have drawn lessons from past election” Says President-Elect Barrow
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Seeks Court Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Seeks Court Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Opposition Ridicules Jammeh’s Attempts To Stop Barrow’s Inauguration
14.01.2017 Berlin: Paint bomb attack against luxury buildings
14.01.2017 Arson attack against the Leipzig Job Center
14.01.2017 Coordinated arson attacks against energy multinational RWE
14.01.2017 Arson and sabotage at Hambach open cast mine
14.01.2017 Berlin: Arson attacks against Sodexo and Vodafone
14.01.2017 Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’
15.01.2017 Thousands Fleeing Gambia As Political Standoff Deepens
15.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow’s Office responds to Jammeh’s televised message
15.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow Moves To Senegal Until Inauguration
16.01.2017 Aktions against ENF (21.01.2017 Koblenz,Germany)
16.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Pleas With Liberian Leader For Help
16.01.2017 Gambia: Chief Justice To Hear Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration Today
16.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Asks Parliament To Extend Mandate
16.01.2017 President-Elect Barrow joins ECOWAS leaders in Bamako summit
16.01.2017 Gambia: National Assembly And Jammeh’s General Amnesty Bill
16.01.2017 Hacker Steals 900 GB of Cellebrite Data
17.01.2017 Gambia: Migration from Greater Banjul Intensifies
17.01.2017 Gambia at a Crossroads – 2 Days to D-Day (*)
17.01.2017 President Jammeh, your Ardent Supporters are Crying for Peace
17.01.2017 What next for New Gambia after 19th January 2017
17.01.2017 Gambians await inauguration day with anxiety
17.01.2017 What next for Gambia after 19th January 2017
17.01.2017 Gambia: As Jammeh’s Term Expires In 48 Hours; Dozens Of Army Officers Detained!
17.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Vows To Scupper Barrow’s Inauguration
17.01.2017 Gambia: President Jammeh Why Opprobrium In A Doom Cause Or Did You Deserve To Die?
17.01.2017 Furious Gambia Lashes Out At AU’s Peace And Security Council
17.01.2017 Gambia: Gambian Parliament Passes Resolution To Bar ECOWAS Military Intervention In Banjul
17.01.2017 APRC attempt to block Barrow’s inauguration fails
17.01.2017 Gambia: Is Yaya Jammeh reliable and trustworthy in pranking a president?
17.01.2017 Gambia: Chief Justice orders substituted service on Barrow & Co via media
17.01.2017 Parties without discriminations, border crossing behaviour and assaults: How do we reach that?
18.01.2017 Gambia Declares State Of Emergency
18.01.2017 British Holidaymakers To Be Evacuated From Gambia
18.01.2017 President Jammeh: Why I Declared A State Of Emergency In Gambia
18.01.2017 ‘The choice of The Gambian people must be respected to preserve peace’
18.01.2017 Gambia: Letter Writer Pays Tribute To Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh
18.01.2017 Gambia's Yahya Jammeh declares state of emergency
18.01.2017 Thousands of Gambians Fleeing the Country
18.01.2017 Call for solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of participating in the expropriation of a bank office in Aachen!!
19.01.2017 26th January – illegal to celebrate genocide in failed state Australia
19.01.2017 John Pilger: The Issue Is Not Donald Trump. It Is Us.
19.01.2017 Gambia’s Jammeh Backtracks, Decides To Stay Put
19.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow Reaches Out To Jammeh
19.01.2017 Gambia: Five other ministers resign
19.01.2017 Gambia political crisis: What happens next?
19.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow to take oath in Senegal
19.01.2017 [HH] Demonstration Friday 20.01. 16 o'clock in front of the town hall: Deportation stopp now! Monitoring of the Innenausschuss
20.01.2017 Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
20.01.2017 New uranium mine approved on Aboriginal land - and other nuclear news
23.01.2017 Gambia ‘Missing Millions’ After Jammeh Flies Into Exile
23.01.2017 [Aachen] Lawsuit against anti-fascists
23.01.2017 Gambia: I’ll Be Back, Exile-Bound Jammeh Vows
23.01.2017 Rousing celebration after President Adama Barrow’s swearing in
23.01.2017 NO muos NO borders Benefit in Koepi, Berlin
24.01.2017 [Koper/Slovenia] Autonomous spaces in Slovenia under attack - Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat!
24.01.2017 [Aachen] short report from the first day of trial against those accused of bank robbery
25.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow Rethinks Vice President Tambajang’s Appointment
25.01.2017 ECOMIG DISARMS SOME GAMBIAN SOLDIERS Takes over State House
25.01.2017 Gambia: Peace trip to bring returnees home
25.01.2017 President Barrow Should Improve Living Conditions of People Says the youths of Tallinding
25.01.2017 Gambia: ECOMOG troops enter Banjul
25.01.2017 Gambia: JAMMEH finally leaves the country
25.01.2017 Women’ Peace Forum Gambia Branch Visits Gambian Refugees in Casamance
25.01.2017 Gambia: Moves To Bring Back Refugees
25.01.2017 Militancy: highest stage of alienation - Organisation des Jeunes Travailleurs Révolutionnaires
26.01.2017 Gambia: Tijan B. narrates his ordeal
26.01.2017 Dutch secret service tries to recruit Tor-admin
27.01.2017 The far right: Is punching Richard Spencer inciting violence or 'American as apple pie'?
27.01.2017 'What are you actually celebrating?' Indigenous elder says Australia Day debate must continue
27.01.2017 Gambia: Families Of Missing Gambian-Americans Make Public Plea For Help
27.01.2017 Gambia: EU Parliamentarians Seek ‘Severe’ Sanctions Against Jammeh
27.01.2017 President Adama Barrow arrives in The Gambia, at last
27.01.2017 President Barrow receives rousing welcome
28.01.2017 The Good Fight - new website about martial arts
28.01.2017 Anarchism and Violence - Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina 1923–1931 [Osvaldo Bayer]
28.01.2017 Three interviews with a comrade from bulgaria about the current situation
29.01.2017 Elephant Editions Archive. A work in progress.
29.01.2017 The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people 'treated as animals'
30.01.2017 Anti-Judicial Anarchism
31.01.2017 Resistance against heroin pushers in Italy
31.01.2017 Jammeh’s regime was classical tyranny, says Amadou Scattred Janneh
31.01.2017 President Barrow meets the press
31.01.2017 Gambia: Former President Jammeh's close aide released
31.01.2017 Weapons Seized From Gambia Ex-Leader’s Home
31.01.2017 ECOMIG forces explain mandate in Gambia
31.01.2017 ECOMIG Forces in The Gambia: The indicators that guarantee their effectiveness
01.02.2017 “1, 2, 3, Sovereignty, that's how easy it can be!”
02.02.2017 [B] In Spite of their separation
02.02.2017 Youths hold standoff protest demanding NAMs to resign
02.02.2017 Three More Reasons To Visit The Gambia This Winter
02.02.2017 Gambia: Thomas Cook arrives with 233 tourists in Banjul
02.02.2017 Gambia: Barrow swears in new cabinet, one coalition party missing
03.02.2017 Gambia: The Coalition Government in the Making
04.02.2017 Renzo Novatore - I am also a Nihilist
05.02.2017 Nuclear and climate news to 4 February
05.02.2017 Berlin leftists at Rigaer 94 win another court battle
05.02.2017 Gambia: Apprentice Flogged at Fajara Barracks
05.02.2017 Solidarity saves trees in Cologne
06.02.2017 Queensland government won't pay $220,000 damages to Aboriginal protest leader
06.02.2017 Katholische Kirche - Tausendfacher Kindesmissbrauch in Australien
06.02.2017 Documentary Video: Project Phoenix (English subtitles)
06.02.2017 Let smoke signals speak…French diplomatic vehicle torched
06.02.2017 What should you think about when using Facebook?
07.02.2017 Bern: Local jail and police van attacked with paint bombs
07.02.2017 Prisoner resistance in Turkey
08.02.2017 The real showdown begins over monster coal mine in Queensland
08.02.2017 Freedom for Mahmoud A.
09.02.2017 Bremen: Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched
09.02.2017 Antifascist from Belarus needs your support!
10.02.2017 First Indigenous woman appointed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
10.02.2017 Melbourne protest against three proposed uranium mines in Western Australia
12.02.2017 France: How union leaders destroyed the movement against El Khomri
13.02.2017 Stolen generation continues - No to the removal of Yolngu citizens
13.02.2017 Update: Freedom for Mahmoud A.
13.02.2017 Man jailed 16 months, and counting, for refusing to decrypt hard drives
13.02.2017 Overview about recent development of repression in spain
14.02.2017 Aboriginal leaders seek new relationship with the Australian government
14.02.2017 Changing native title law to facilitate monster 200 km2 coal mine in Queensland
15.02.2017 Adani’s dark underbelly: bribery, vandalism, corruption, money laundering
16.02.2017 The anti-fascist martial arts movement: an introduction
17.02.2017 Riseup moves to encrypted email in response to legal requests.
17.02.2017 Guyula names kids he says are part of second stolen generation
17.02.2017 Aboriginal children 'stolen' from Yolngu communities a protection system failure, Mark Guyula says
18.02.2017 Gabby Wanambi's death from sepsis preventable with appropriate treatment, Northern Territory coroner says
18.02.2017 Athens: Responsibility claim for 6 coordinated incendiary attacks by CCF – Incendiary Destabilization Outbreaks / FAI-IRF
19.02.2017 Land rights not mining rights
19.02.2017 KLM refuses seven passengers following Trump's muslim ban/KLM accomplice to discrimination
19.02.2017 Invitation to the 2nd open assembly against the G20
20.02.2017 Arson attack on a police station against the Police Congress & the G20 Summit
20.02.2017 Gambia: The Release of Detainees and Investigation on the State of Disappeared Persons
20.02.2017 Gambia: Why Yahya Jammeh and Co should be prosecuted
20.02.2017 Protests and attacks against the CIGEO nuclear disposal project in Bure
20.02.2017 [Gambia] “I was beaten and sustained injuries on my back” Madi M.K.Ceesay
20.02.2017 Gambia: President Adama Barrow orders release of 171 prisoners
21.02.2017 Rise Up against fascism
21.02.2017 1,000 Australians tell Westpac bank to stop funding Adani’s dangerous coal mine
21.02.2017 How European pension funds sustain Israeli occupation
21.02.2017 [Gambia] APRC Gov’t left D48B debt, says Finance Minister
21.02.2017 President Barrow Unveils His Vision For The Gambia
21.02.2017 University of The Gambia Organises Independence Symposium
22.02.2017 Solidarity with the riots in Rinkeby, Stockholm
22.02.2017 Amnesty International condemns Australian treatment of Aborigines and refugees
22.02.2017 ARNA: New anticapitalist Alliance against the G20 summit and beyond
24.02.2017 Grassroots Aboriginal movement in New South Wales squashes ‘Recognise’
24.02.2017 Nuclear, uranium and energy/climate news 23/2/2017
24.02.2017 Call for support at the court
24.02.2017 Gambia: Daba Marena’s Wife Questions the whereabouts of her Husband ...
24.02.2017 Gambia: IEC chairman speaks to the political parties ahead of N/A elections
24.02.2017 Gambia Arrests Head Of Intelligence Agency Linked To Killings
24.02.2017 Gambia: Ex-Spy Chief, Others Remanded For ‘Killing’ Solo Sandeng
26.02.2017 Nuclear Power Is In Crisis As Cost Overruns Cripple Industry Giants
27.02.2017 "One of the vilest racist acts we've seen"
27.02.2017 Solidariy with Théo! Cops, outside of our lives!
28.02.2017 Gambia: A serious allegation that needs investigation
28.02.2017 Gambia: Striking GMC Staff Complain of Unfair Treatment
28.02.2017 Break isolation! Support the protest of refugees. Come all to camp horst at 03.03.
01.03.2017 Catholicism has done more harm to Australia than Islam. Where's the outrage?
03.03.2017 Australian Conservation Foundation vs Adani – in court today
03.03.2017 Berlin: Attack against Securitas in the context of the Global Anarchist Urban Guerrilla
03.03.2017 First Nations form green energy alliance to beat govt. electricity corruption
05.03.2017 18.03.2017 Leipzig: They shall not pass
05.03.2017 Lethal lies: how a corporate spy for a Kazakhstan company infiltrated the global anti-asbestos network
05.03.2017 [B] Attack in the Wrangekiez
07.03.2017 A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry
07.03.2017 Protest against new uranium mine in Western Australia
09.03.2017 Australian banks under mounting pressure to shun coal
10.03.2017 Urgent: Last chance to stand up for indigenous land rights!
10.03.2017 Nieder mit dem Patriarchat – Worte aus dem Knast
13.03.2017 Gambia: No dumping at Bakoteh Dumpsite, say protesters
13.03.2017 140 Gambians stranded in Libya return, says Interior Minister
14.03.2017 The Australian government's constitutional ‘Dialogue’ processes are fatally flawed
14.03.2017 [Belarus] Biggest protests in Belarus in the last 10 year
14.03.2017 [Leipzig/CZ] Defend Connewitz: Leipzig stays red!
14.03.2017 No Revolution without Feminism!
15.03.2017 The violent role of religion, nepotism and state corruption: Human rights abuses and persecutions in Pakistan
15.03.2017 Activists protest against demolition of Monkey Park
15.03.2017 Interior minister confirms repatriation of 140 Gambians in Libya
15.03.2017 War Starts Here Camp 2017
15.03.2017 Puerto Rico Religious Leaders Ask Congress to Pass Debt Crisis Actions
15.03.2017 [Belarus] Dozens of anarchists arrested in Minsk after anti-government protests
16.03.2017 Solidarity with Athens Squats – Pig Patrol attacked in Rigaer Street
16.03.2017 Dresden: Solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Struggle!
16.03.2017 Food & Trial prep: Solidarity with activists from “March for Freedom”
17.03.2017 [Belarus] Trial marathon in Belarus - 52 people jailed - Interview with activist
17.03.2017 Hamburg: Fire and Flames for the Police!
18.03.2017 "Miners and other rich developers will have even better tools to divide and conquer us"
18.03.2017 US releases Gambia’s human rights report
18.03.2017 Gambian escapee from arrest in Jammeh era speaks out
19.03.2017 ‘Die Rechte’ Rallies in Leipzig- Thousands Join Counter-protest
19.03.2017 MEANTRAITORS - psychobilly for rightwingers and nazi-skins on tour through Europe
19.03.2017 Ten years of Close the Gap; Why are we sicker, poorer and living shorter than the rest of Australia?
20.03.2017 Adani hopes to start mining in Queensland in August, state Premier confident
20.03.2017 International anarchist and libertarian book fair in Florence (Italy)
20.03.2017 [Belarus] Interview with belarussian activist
21.03.2017 Benefit for ZK Squatt @ Køpi [Berlin]
21.03.2017 Gambia: Gov’t establishes Criminal Case & Detention Review Panel
23.03.2017 Australia’s biggest green alliance formed to fight Adani's Reef-killing coal mine
24.03.2017 18th March: Last Saturday’s big international mobilization and those to come
25.03.2017 “9,000+ anti-Adani campaigners to occupy work sites, chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines”
25.03.2017 Gambia: 30th ‘December Attackers’ Appeal Struck Out
26.03.2017 Australia isolated on UN nuclear treaty boycott
26.03.2017 Do: Freedom for Political Prisoners in Belarus (Video)
26.03.2017 Gambia: Arrest of NIA officials was in good faith - Interior ministry
27.03.2017 [Belarus] Hundreds protesters detained after massive wave of repressions in Belarus
27.03.2017 “Eat that little bit of poo go! go! go! Come suck my dick you little cunt”
28.03.2017 Vienna, Squatting action
29.03.2017 Everybody in Hamburg hates the police / The whole world hates the police
29.03.2017 Repression gegen die Villa Zografou (Hrsg. Athen, Griechenland)
30.03.2017 Young anti-coal nighttime activists visit Westpac banks across Australia
30.03.2017 Nuclear power crisis reaches dramatic new levels
30.03.2017 “I can't describe the feeling of having to prove my Aboriginality”
31.03.2017 Australian government fails to pass native land rights changes - major setback for proposed giant Adani coal mine
31.03.2017 Gambia: KMC denies receiving 2.2 million euros for the dumpsite
01.04.2017 Forensics: Germany considers wider use of DNA evidence in criminal cases
01.04.2017 German environment minister’s dangerous schizophrenia on nuclear fuel exports
01.04.2017 Rally in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Belarus
03.04.2017 Demonstration for the upholding of the autonomous social center Klinika in Prague
03.04.2017 Gambia: 6 APRC, UDP supporters in Police custody
03.04.2017 Gambia: Police Dig Suspected Graves Of Ex-President Jammeh’s Victims
03.04.2017 Gambia: Bodies Of Killed Coupists Exhumed
03.04.2017 Njaga Jagne: A Hero And Son Of The Gambia
03.04.2017 Gambia: The Horror of Jammeh’s Decades, Victims Of Despotism (Part 1)
06.04.2017 (B) The project 'Tempest Multilingual, Anarchist Library' has been brought to an end
06.04.2017 Arson attack against a ‘Securitas’ private security company vehicle
07.04.2017 Adani coal mine environmentally reckless, contrary to today's energy markets
07.04.2017 169 Gambians repatriated from Libya
08.04.2017 Gambia: SECRET GRAVES UNCOVERED Remains of state house attackers exhumed
08.04.2017 Gambia: 10 State Guards Facing ‘Indefinite’ Detention
08.04.2017 Gambia: Security forces determined to unearth atrocities by Jammeh regime
08.04.2017 Gambia president's party takes majority in parliament
08.04.2017 [Thessaloniki] About the eviction of the squatted house “Albatross”
08.04.2017 Bure’s anti-nuclear struggle: Info tour in Germany
09.04.2017 Protesters call for justice on anniversary of homeless resident’s shooting
09.04.2017 queer-feminist night walk
10.04.2017 Thousands protest in Australia against Reef-destroying monster coalmines
10.04.2017 Frankfurt stands with Standing Rock! Solidarity with the struggle of the movement!
10.04.2017 Gambia goes through peaceful parliamentary elections
10.04.2017 Senegal celebrates 57th Independence of Nationhood
10.04.2017 Gambia: APRC, UDP supporters clash in Sibanor
10.04.2017 Gambia: 5 PPP supporters arrested, say police
10.04.2017 Gambia: Brikama defeated National Assembly candidate arrested
11.04.2017 Gambia: APRC/UDP Clash After the Election
11.04.2017 Gambia: GDC Candidate Escapes Death
11.04.2017 Gambia: UDP Is Ruling Party And Darboe de facto President
11.04.2017 Gambia: Changing From Green To Yellow
11.04.2017 Gambia: Mamma Kandeh Questions Validity Of Election Results
11.04.2017 Gambia: Mamma Kandeh Questions Validity Of Election Results
11.04.2017 Gambia: April 10/11 2000, student massacre victims: families demand Justice
12.04.2017 Get skilled up to #StopAdani
12.04.2017 Australian governments have failed Indigenous peoples, says Oxfam
12.04.2017 [Berlin] Interkiezionale Demonstration for the Termination of the Peace with the Rich and Powerful
12.04.2017 Turnbull offers to sacrifice Aboriginal rights to Adani in an act of national betrayal
13.04.2017 [MS] *Underwater Underground* – Soliabend für Balu und Thunfisch
13.04.2017 Gambia far from achieving desired targets says Halifa Sallah
14.04.2017 Gambians Demand Justice For April 10 Victims
14.04.2017 [B] Call for demo on 22nd of April 2017
15.04.2017 [Berlin] Second Update - Interkiezionale Demonstration on 22/4
15.04.2017 Activists block gasoline terminal in Western harbour Amsterdam
15.04.2017 [Vienna] Solidarity event of "Anarchist Black Cross - Solidarity Cell" with imprisoned comrades of Koridallos prison (Athens) @ ABC FESTIVAL VIENNA (20. - 23. April 2017)
17.04.2017 Squatting in Vienna
17.04.2017 Gambia: UDP To Commemorate Anniversary Of Solo Sandeng’s Murder
18.04.2017 [B] 22.04.-30.04: Friedel54 Action Week!
18.04.2017 Risking Disease Infection and Exploitation – The Heart-wrenching Stories of Women Forced into Prostitution by Poverty
18.04.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Don’t Backtrack On Promised Imposition Of Term Limit
19.04.2017 (B) New Yorck/Bethanien: Bericht im Zusammenhang mit Vergewaltigung /Report in relation to rape
19.04.2017 Bremen: Incendiary attack against Jobcenter
19.04.2017 Report about the arrest of seven friends in Paris
20.04.2017 [Karlsruhe - No TddZ] We have lined up to prevent the Nazi march!
20.04.2017 Queensland farmer finds common cause over coal with Adani’s Indian neighbours
20.04.2017 Gambia - NIA 9 trial: One granted D500,000 bail bond
21.04.2017 Solo’s Protest Is A Defining Moment
21.04.2017 Gambia: Two Kanilai Soldiers Wounded After Fighting Broke Out Between The Soldiers And The ECOMIG Forces!
21.04.2017 Gambia: ECOMIG Commander Orders For The Evacuation Of The Arms At The State House; As Arms Are Scattered In The Gambia!
22.04.2017 (Bern) Communiqué Queer-feminist Nightwalk
23.04.2017 Always independent: An interview with Murrawarri Republic Chair Fred Hooper
24.04.2017 Queenslanders kept in the dark about Adani, Greens push “Stop Adani Bill”
24.04.2017 Insurgent Thought in a Fragmented World - Interview with Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel
25.04.2017 'And there'll be NO dancing' - Policies impacting Indigenous Australia since 2007
25.04.2017 Gambia: Kanilai gunshots due to miscommunication – Interior Minister
26.04.2017 Aboriginal government stooge rubbishes activists resisting planned coalmine
27.04.2017 [Vienna] Squat in Kienmayergasse 15 evicted – And now?
27.04.2017 Seeking Justice One Year Later: Homeless Immigrant Shot and Killed by SFPD
27.04.2017 Gambia: Bakoteh dumpsite issue still unresolved
27.04.2017 Gambia: Imam Baba Leigh says was ‘continuously tortured in prison’
27.04.2017 Ljubljana Joins F54 Action Week
28.04.2017 Protests make 2nd largest Australian bank shun Adani and other coal investments
29.04.2017 Critical perspectives on the US alliance are unthinkable in Australian politics
29.04.2017 Eviction of squat in Lesvos April 28th
30.04.2017 Wuppertal, Germany: For a District Social- and Refugee Welcome Center at Marien Street 41
01.05.2017 First formal recognition of First Nations people in the Australian Defence Force
02.05.2017 Mayday in Wuppertal, Germany: Autonomous Demo & Schusterplat-Streetparty Kettled After Police Violence
02.05.2017 let's disc-harrow G20 – RTF call for protests
02.05.2017 Gambia Lifts Ban On Import Of Agric Produce
02.05.2017 [B] Wage slaves [English]
04.05.2017 “We have five days to stop the Adani coal mine madness” – appeal for help
04.05.2017 Wrong legal advice from two professors on Indigenous referendum outcomes
04.05.2017 Memmingen: Neo-Nazi Clubhouse Torched
06.05.2017 'The amnesty on ignorance of Australia’s frontier wars is over'
09.05.2017 4. Anarcha-queer-feminist gathering
10.05.2017 Venture: Magic hood for G20 Summit!
11.05.2017 Gambia: Our Struggle Is Not Over
12.05.2017 Evicitons of the Baracks in Belgrade - State violence against people only in interest of capital and Belgrade Waterfront
13.05.2017 Get lost, B.O.R.! – A brief personal account on what happened at the anti-abortion march organized by the Orthodox Romanian Church
13.05.2017 Hamburg: Arson Attack Against the Vehicle Fleet of ‘Deutsche See’
13.05.2017 Italy : DOWN WITH THE G7 IN TAORMINA Calendar of demos and initiatives
13.05.2017 Internationales Anarchistisches Treffen - 3 und 4 Juni Appelscha NL
16.05.2017 "Maintenant" - The Invisible Committee; Part 1
16.05.2017 Gambia: Women Don’t Need To Ask For Recognition
16.05.2017 Gambia: Ex-President Jammeh’s Victims Unite To Seek Redress
17.05.2017 Benefits of new union of 23 New South Wales and Queensland First Nations
17.05.2017 African Export-Import Bank to Invest More Than $500m In The Gambia
17.05.2017 Jammeh brothers charged
17.05.2017 Know your enemy, G20 edition - protest policing in Germany
17.05.2017 “Let’s transform The Gambia’s economy, by empowering businesses”
17.05.2017 Gambia: Forest investment plan for West Africa validated
17.05.2017 Women's self-defense - How and why?
17.05.2017 Demonstration in solidarity with the arrested. 9 pm. Vesterbro Torv, Copenhagen
19.05.2017 The past week in nuclear and climate news
21.05.2017 Legal battle started against Adani’s fake land deal, as government interferes
22.05.2017 ‘‘Golden Leaf Factory is an Environmental Hazard’’ – Gunjur Native Complains to Foroyaa
22.05.2017 [Taormina/Italy] Update to the NOG7 initiatives on 26-27 May
23.05.2017 The new experience of crossing the Northern border of Germany
23.05.2017 'Unfinished business' of stolen generations puts more children at risk – report
23.05.2017 Divided world, divided class? - Perspectives on class struggle and global inequality
23.05.2017 Gambia: What does government have in store for deportees?
23.05.2017 Gambia: Golden Lead denies dumping fish
23.05.2017 The story of a house in toumba, Thessaloniki 2016
23.05.2017 African Liberation Day
23.05.2017 African Liberation Day 2017 - History
23.05.2017 State of The Gambia Fishing Industry and the role of Chinese company
23.05.2017 State of The Gambia Fishing Industry and the role of Chinese company
23.05.2017 Gambia, NIA 9 Trial: State urged to produce witness or risk closure of case
23.05.2017 Gambia: Police accuse ex-Jammeh soldiers of killing, dumping bodies in wells
24.05.2017 Very sad news about the Great Barrier Reef
24.05.2017 Gambia: Jammeh’s memory is being effaced
24.05.2017 Bure: illegitimate vote, legal disaster, police invasion : the inexorable headlong rush of CIGEO
24.05.2017 Montreal: Yuppie Restaurant Smashed Up
26.05.2017 The Uluru walkout: Constitutional recognition, Treaty and structural change
26.05.2017 [Vienna] Italian embassy attacked - solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Turin!
27.05.2017 Rigaer Street sends aggressive solidarity to Gare Squat and everybody resisting state opression
29.05.2017 Second night of anti-state violence in Friedrichshain (Berlin)
29.05.2017 Gambia: ‘‘Protect our Environment’’ Protesters Tell NEA
29.05.2017 Gambia: Fisheries Minister Speaks on Fish Dumping
29.05.2017 Gambia: Justice and Human Rights Conference Kicks Off
29.05.2017 Gambia: Demolition leads to riot in Farato
29.05.2017 Gambia: Houses in Brikama demolished
29.05.2017 Gambia: Afrijammoo- Cradle of Humanity co-memorate African Liberation day
29.05.2017 Gambia: Seven Arraigned in Court Following Farato Riot
29.05.2017 Gambia: 7 Farato youths arrested, charged
29.05.2017 Farato represents challenges of democracy: Interior Minister
29.05.2017 Africa Day in Gambia: It is time to take stock
30.05.2017 Protests stop billion dollar public loan to one of world's biggest coalmines
30.05.2017 Perfecting trickery: Australia's Referendum Council
30.05.2017 Gambia Reveals List Of Jammeh’s Frozen Assets
30.05.2017 Gambia: Ecowas Accused Of Betraying Ex-President Jammeh
30.05.2017 President Barrow And The Gambian Diaspora: An Impending Political Binarism
30.05.2017 Gambia’s Interior Minister Warns Saboteurs
30.05.2017 Gambia: Democracy And Human Rights Come With The Good, Bad And The Ugly
30.05.2017 Gambia: Several Injured in ′Bloody Riot′ at Farato Village
30.05.2017 Gambia: 7 Farato/Bafuloto Youths Arrested and Charged with Willful Damage of Properties and…
30.05.2017 Gambia: Bafuloto-Farato incident: Interior Minister says citizens misreading democracy, breaking law
31.05.2017 Gambia: Farato Case Referred to High Court
31.05.2017 Gambia: THE FARATO INCIDENT
31.05.2017 Gambia: Barrow Intervenes In Gunjur Pollution Saga
31.05.2017 Gambia’s President Disappointed With Poor Civil Service Pay Scale
31.05.2017 Building The New Gambia With Madi Jobarteh: APRC. Celebrating The Birthday Of A Despot! SHAME!!
31.05.2017 Tommy Robinson Nazi Broadcasts: #Antifa @0rder227 @2ferdi7 @Slatfascists @Jlrfb @Missduffyafa #Edl
31.05.2017 Kartong Residents Write to Minister of Fisheries
31.05.2017 Gambia: Bloody Riots Hits Farato; PIU Officers And Protesters Injured Amid Attempts Demolish Structures In Farato!
31.05.2017 Gambia: ”An Act Of Mindless Violence Against The Police Will Not Be Tolerated” ...
31.05.2017 The Deportation Machine Case: Trial date set for four comrades
31.05.2017 [B] Defend Friedel54
01.06.2017 Gambia: Detentions without trial - WHAT IS GOING ON?
01.06.2017 Gambia: Trade minister speaks up on flour price reduction
01.06.2017 Pollution Affects Gunjur Bolongfenyoto Lagoon
01.06.2017 UDP accuses the police of unprofessionalism
01.06.2017 Gambia: Civil servants immune to dismissal now
01.06.2017 Learning to trust the poor
01.06.2017 BlackBelt Privacy 6.2017.06 Stable
02.06.2017 Open Letter to the Northern Territory government by Aboriginal lawmaker
02.06.2017 Guinea-Bissau Confirms Three Cases Of Zika Virus, Govt Says
02.06.2017 Camouflage Wear Banned In Gambia
02.06.2017 Gambia: Kerr Mot Hali sues Government over property rights
02.06.2017 Gambia: “The Nine ‘Junglers’ Arrested Are With The Military Police, They Are Serving Members Of The Military” Police PRO
02.06.2017 Gambia: U.S. Could Lift Visa Ban
02.06.2017 Gambia: Time to Boycott the Daily Observer! NOW!!
02.06.2017 Gambia: Prices and the Cost of Living
05.06.2017 Germany: Bismarck Monuments Attacked
05.06.2017 Gambia: One dead, six injured in Kanilai demo
05.06.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Accuses Foni Protesters Of Provocation
05.06.2017 Gambia: Foni Residents Deny Carrying Arms At Kanilai Protest
05.06.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Refuses To Condemn Shooting Of Foni Protesters
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai protest ‘will not be accepted’: Prexy Barrow
05.06.2017 AFRICA LIBERATION DAY - Poem oh the 25th of March
05.06.2017 Repatriated Gambians call for Gov’t Intervention
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai In Flames; As Senegalese Soldiers Reportedly Shot At Two Demonstrators
05.06.2017 Gambia: One person dead in Kanilai protest
05.06.2017 Gambia’s opposition GDC condemns demonstrator’s killing
05.06.2017 Gambia: Arrest toll in ex-ruler’s home village rises to 22
05.06.2017 Gambia’s president extends mandate of West African forces
06.06.2017 Senegambians living in European countries are returning after recession
06.06.2017 ECOWAS Extends Military Mission In Gambia
06.06.2017 Gambia’s Opposition Calls For Investigation Into Shooting Of Unarmed Foni Protesters
06.06.2017 Gambia: Injured Foni Protester Dies
06.06.2017 Gambia: Cyber Activism And Blind Patriotism
06.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai Alkalo Never Evaded Arrest; As Alkalo’s Son Debunks Mai Fatty’s Claims;
07.06.2017 Civil cop action in Rigaer Strasse and solidarity with Copenhagen
07.06.2017 Majority of Gambians in Europe live in Spain
08.06.2017 Arson Attack Against a Police Station in Weilheim
08.06.2017 Gambia: ARRESTS IN FONI Following Friday’s demo
08.06.2017 Gambia: Hon. Amul Nyassi appeals for peace in Kanilai
08.06.2017 Gambia Charges Foni Protesters With Unlawful Assembly
08.06.2017 Gambia: Politics Of Revenge Does Not Promote Peace
08.06.2017 Gambia: GID Assistant PRO Speaks On Migration
09.06.2017 Hildesheim: Banner drop in solidarity with the comrade convicted for bank robbery in Aachen
10.06.2017 Nuclear and climate news to 11 June
10.06.2017 Solidarity with those facing the repression from the Belarussian state
10.06.2017 Berlin Premiere of the documentary "Huligladni"
11.06.2017 Strong spirit, strong culture, strong people
12.06.2017 Gambia: Gunjur, Kartong Youths Embark on Beach Cleansing
12.06.2017 Gambia: Normalcy will not return to Kanilai unless all are safe to return and no curfew is imposed
12.06.2017 Gambia: Illegal Curfew in Kanilai
12.06.2017 Gambia: ‘‘I Would Rather Face The Law, Than Hide’’ – Kanilai Alkalo Told Foroyaa
12.06.2017 UN experts on Enforced Disappearances to visit Gambia
12.06.2017 "Gambians will see a difference soon" - NAWEC Deputy MD
12.06.2017 Gambia: NAWEC calls for patience as second-hand machines are being repaired
12.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai situation calm Haruna Jatta laid to rest
12.06.2017 Gambia: Court Grants Kanilia Protesters Bail
12.06.2017 Gambia: Two soldiers arrested in Kanilai
12.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai military camp re-opens
12.06.2017 Gambia: Training of security forces, journalists on freedom of expression wraps up
12.06.2017 Caravan of Mercy donates Ramadan gift to needy Gambians
12.06.2017 Gambia: Halifa Sallah Breaks Silence On Foni Protest, Pertinent Issues
12.06.2017 Gambia: No Curfew In Kanilai, Says Interior Minister Mai Fatty
13.06.2017 Australian Senate to vote on weakening indigenous people’s land rights forever
13.06.2017 Gambia: Re: “Obey The Law Or Consumed By The Law”
14.06.2017 Australian Senate has just sold out indigenous land rights to help Adani
14.06.2017 (FL) Border controls started
14.06.2017 Gambia’s Daily Observer Newspaper Shut Down
15.06.2017 Meet the kids suing the US government for ruining the earth for future generations
15.06.2017 The Intervention: Ten years of Australia’s shame - public forum
15.06.2017 Daily Observer ordered to close amid unpaid tax scandal
15.06.2017 Gambia: When Will the Soldiers Unlawfully Detained be Released?
15.06.2017 Gambia: Kanila Women Gardeners Call for Gov't Intervention
15.06.2017 Gambia: Ex-Newspaper Editor Condemns Closure Of Daily Observer
16.06.2017 "Our people are the last line of legal defence against the Adani mine"
16.06.2017 Women in Australia are taxed on tampons and pads, considered non-essential
16.06.2017 How South Australians dumped a nuclear dump
17.06.2017 Cave sacred to Aboriginal women faces destruction for massive housing project
19.06.2017 “Assimilation into the constitution would seal the theft of our lands, waters and natural resources”
19.06.2017 [KA] „Role of Autonomous Spaces in Social Struggle“ - Anarchist initiative Ljubljana
20.06.2017 Message to XB-Liebig from Multiversal
20.06.2017 “Proposed Australian law would lock our society into two classes of people”
21.06.2017 Call for all Australians to work with First Nations Peoples to liberate ourselves from the devastation of British colonialism
22.06.2017 'Welcome To Hell' – Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors
22.06.2017 Gambia: GAFNA Commemorates World Refugee Day
22.06.2017 8,000 refugees in Gambia
22.06.2017 Gambia: We stand together #WithRefugees
23.06.2017 [HH] The way through court and how they only can loose
23.06.2017 Wien: Situation in Russland aus anarchistischer Perspektive
25.06.2017 Reviewing 10 years of government oppression of Aborigines – the pain continues
25.06.2017 Frogs are smarter than we are
25.06.2017 Davi Yanomami asks: "Please help us, a genocide is unfolding in our country, Brazil"
26.06.2017 Government and Opposition politicians speak out against Adani Queensland coalmining plans
27.06.2017 Most Australians want renewables to be primary energy source, survey finds
27.06.2017 Internationalistic anti-nuclear summer camp and Free Flow festival near Gorleben in north Germany
28.06.2017 Gambia: KM Mayor Calls for Reopening of Bakoteh Dump Site
28.06.2017 Gambia: GPU Organizes Training of Trainers on Freedom of Expression
28.06.2017 Gambia: Wildlife Department in Land Controversy with Gunjur People
28.06.2017 Gambia: Golden Lead Resume Work, Fishermen Express Joy
28.06.2017 Crimethink Vortrag - Resistance in the Trump Era
28.06.2017 Gambia: Truth and Reconciliation draft bill is ready - Director of Press, More updates from OP
28.06.2017 Gambia: Bail To Soldier Held For Taking Part In Kanilai Protest
28.06.2017 Gambia: Chinese Fishing Company Is Systematically Endangering Gunjur’s Environment
28.06.2017 Crimethink Vortrag: Resistance in the Trump Era
28.06.2017 Program of the rally „G20 - Welcome to hell“
28.06.2017 Gambia Gets Over US$16 Million Emergency Credit From IMF
29.06.2017 Solidarity with the activists in Amsterdam
29.06.2017 [G20] Plan of action for the international anticapitalist demonstration on 6.7.17 in Hamburg - G20 welcome to Hell!
30.06.2017 UN committee urges Australia to rethink support for Adani coal mine1
30.06.2017 The week that has been in climate and nuclear news
30.06.2017 How many Gambians are either repartriated or are on the way to be rapartriated
30.06.2017 Gambia: Bafuloto Medina Nemasu Imam, Kabilo Head And Others Bailed
01.07.2017 Drinking deep-well bore water poisoned by mining is killing Outback Aborigines
02.07.2017 [AntiG20] Camp durchsetzen und mehr!
03.07.2017 This billboard will make them so mad!
04.07.2017 Songlines can bring us Home - A Statement from the Bush
04.07.2017 Hamburg: attempted intimidation of protests against the G20 summit and attacks on infrastructure
04.07.2017 (G20) To our friends …
04.07.2017 [Yes we camp] Wendland Altmark Barrio at Johanniskirche
04.07.2017 Statement from the plenary of the anticapitalist Camp
04.07.2017 Long term rallye aqainst G20
04.07.2017 [Dresden] Solidarity action for people facing police repressions in Hamburg
05.07.2017 FAUD: - Pub idioma en el „V6“ | Language bar in the „V6“ | Sprachenkneipe im „V6“ | Pub parler dans le „V6“
05.07.2017 Police of Hamburg is spreading mendacious propaganda
05.07.2017 Update Hamburg: dezentralized infrastructure on site!
05.07.2017 Aggressive police operation against protest camps and partying crowd
06.07.2017 Despite Harassment and Delay: ZuG20 on its Way to Hamburg!
07.07.2017 Welcome to police state
07.07.2017 Australian university researchers publish new map of massacres of Aborigines
07.07.2017 Aboriginal statement opposing constitutional recognition & manufactured consent
07.07.2017 Green light for Adani will mean more death and destruction around the world
07.07.2017 Illegal or not - the police of Hamburg don't cares
07.07.2017 ATTACK G20: Plan B
07.07.2017 Hamburg bids goodbye to the rule of law
08.07.2017 Nuclear and climate news this week
08.07.2017 All of Hamburg hates the police
08.07.2017 Batons instead of kettles, water canon instead for carrying people away, pepperspray instead of process
09.07.2017 Raids and arrests at the end of the summit
10.07.2017 Global meltdown? Nuclear power's annus horribilis
14.07.2017 A Greeting from the Future | Communique of the ‘..Ums Ganze’ Alliance concerning the events around the G20-Protests in Hamburg
16.07.2017 Gathering of 6000 Nazis in Germany seem no big deal..
17.07.2017 Who is fighting whom?
17.07.2017 Gambia: World Population Day Commemorated
17.07.2017 Gambia: National Food Security and Processing Corporation Heated Argument at Bakoteh Dumpsite passes off peacefully
17.07.2017 Gambia: KMC absent at community meeting over dumpsite
17.07.2017 Gambia: The land disputes need careful handling
17.07.2017 Gambia: Latrikunda Market Chairman Calls for Government Intervention
17.07.2017 Gambia: 10 Soldiers detained without trial when will they be released?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Kailai trial suffers setback
17.07.2017 Gambia to Launch Tobacco Control Act 2016
17.07.2017 Gambia: Safe Drinking Water a Concern for NAMS in Their Constituencies
17.07.2017 Gambia: Tension diffuses at Bakoteh/Manjai dump site After Commotion and Scuffles
17.07.2017 Gambia: Minister of Interior Expresses Regret over Kanilai Incident
17.07.2017 Gambia: Legislators Voice Concerns about Gambia Senegal Fisheries Agreement
17.07.2017 Gambia: Military commanders at GAF replaced
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the government reacting to foroyaa's report of detention without trial?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Laments on Deplorable Condition of Mile Two Prisons
17.07.2017 "Gambia police Force has huge logistic challenges" – Interior Minister
17.07.2017 Gambia: Halifa counsels Bakoteh/Manjai youth
17.07.2017 Gambia: Intense Arguments in Kanilai 13 Trial
17.07.2017 Gambia: "Sterilising Dogs is the Best Method of Control" - Interior Minister
17.07.2017 Gambia: Seminar on Patent Cooperation Treaty underway
17.07.2017 US Govt Report urges Gambia to Investigate, Convict Traffickers
17.07.2017 World Bank approves $56M budget support for Gambia
17.07.2017 Gambia: Manneh Family Mourn Death of Daily Observer Journalist
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is Marabout Manneh Alive?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the Minister's Promise Regarding the Bakoteh Dumpsite Kept?
17.07.2017 Switzerland: 2 Gambians Testify in former Interior Minister’s pre-trial Investigation
17.07.2017 Gambia: PRO of BAC Responds to Coastal Road Vendors
17.07.2017 Gambia: Revised Budget in Focus
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the Ministry of the Environment Monitoring the Way Waste is Disposed of at the Bakoteh Dumpsite?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Immigration gets new PRO
17.07.2017 Gambia: Need for a Holistic Policy on Issues Regarding the Past Government
17.07.2017 Gambia: Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate Jammeh’s assets
17.07.2017 Gambia: National Assembly Members on garbage situation
17.07.2017 Gambia: OP under weighs external security threat reports
17.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow Condemns Bid To Mark Jammeh’s Coup Anniversary
17.07.2017 Gambia: Police Considers Permit To Mark Jammeh’s Revolution
17.07.2017 Gambia: Benefits Of Remittance
18.07.2017 Anarchists smash one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe
18.07.2017 B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 2 (07/2017)
18.07.2017 Gambia: communities of Manjai / Bakoteh dissatisfied, dissappointed
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Hosts National Reconciliation and Reunification Meeting
18.07.2017 Gambia: ‘GAF seeks Legal advice from AG chambers about detained soldiers’ – Military spokesperson
18.07.2017 Gambia: Should the July 22 coup be commemorated?
18.07.2017 Gambia: man dies in police custody
18.07.2017 Gambia Gets €30 Million European Commission Grant
18.07.2017 Gambia: Jammeh’s Victims Urge Government To Investigate Lawyer Tambadou
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Is Not The Problem!
18.07.2017 Gambia leads Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nigeria in End FGM campaign
19.07.2017 Hambach Forest Activists Blockade Hambachbahn
19.07.2017 Rhineland: Incendiary Sabotage Against RWE Coal Company
19.07.2017 (H)eat The Rich! Attack G20! Against The City Of The Rich
19.07.2017 Hamburg: Responsibility Claim for the Torching of a Diplomatic Vehicle
19.07.2017 Referendum Council's recommendation concedes there is 'NO CONSENT'
19.07.2017 Fascist Australian immigration minister to get more power to appease right wing
19.07.2017 Munich: Incendiary Sabotage of Rail Network
19.07.2017 Gambia: CORPSE FROM POLICE CUSTODY LAID TO REST Police Promise To Do Thorough Investigation
20.07.2017 Aborigines in Australia longer than previously thought, study shows
20.07.2017 Abused Aboriginal youth to stand in Alice Springs Town Council elections
20.07.2017 Writing puts Gambia on world map, says Nana Grey-Johnson
20.07.2017 Gambia: NIA 9 trial adjourned for adoption of briefs
20.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t validates roadmap to tackle electricity shortage
20.07.2017 Gambia Launches Crackdown On ‘Mutinous’ Soldiers
20.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow Meets African Petroleum CEO Over Oil Licences
20.07.2017 Gambia: I Found My Husband’s Lifeless Body In A Police Cell
20.07.2017 Gambia: APRC Leader Says “If Hitler’s Nazi Germany Supporters Can Celebrate After Murdering Millions Of Jews; Why Not The APRC Supporters?”
20.07.2017 Gambia: Belgian Company Semlex Reacts To Allegations Of Buying Out Gambian Gov’t Officials!
20.07.2017 Gambia Center For Victims Of Human Rights Violation on the Special Prosecutor Mr Sheriff Tambadou’s Leaked Tape
20.07.2017 Is That The Gambia We Dream?
20.07.2017 Australia quietly makes first uranium shipment to India three years after supply agreement
21.07.2017 Man who ran over Indigenous teenager jailed for three years
22.07.2017 The week that has been in climate and nuclear news
23.07.2017 [B] Left summer cinema: »Ditching the Fear«
24.07.2017 [Β] Sostenibilidad de la vida (workshop)
24.07.2017 In memory of Yami Lester, atom bomb victim and Aboriginal land rights warrior
25.07.2017 United we stand Summit of resistance - Summit of repression – Solidarity is our weapon
25.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t plans to establish another Commission of Inquiry
25.07.2017 Gambia: APRC Convenes a Press Conference
25.07.2017 Gambia: 7th Day Charity Conducted for late Krubally Whilst Family Claim to Have Been Denied Witnessing postmortem
26.07.2017 Gambia: “Human Rights Must Not Be Considered a Favor,” says Joe Bongay
26.07.2017 Visiting Senegalese CDS discusses collaboration with Gambia army
26.07.2017 Gambia: More civil society organisations recruited to fight money laundering
26.07.2017 Gambia: Government Freezes Daily Observer Newspaper
26.07.2017 Gambia: Government Freezes Daily Observer Newspaper
26.07.2017 Gambia: Guaranty Trust Bank Should Respect Workers’ Rights
27.07.2017 The shady web behind potential finance for the Adani mega coalmine in Australia
27.07.2017 Paris: German Embassy Attacked in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners
27.07.2017 [Β] Film: Ditching the fear
27.07.2017 Gambia EXCLUSIVE: President Barrow talks about detention without trial, others
28.07.2017 Gambia: Agriculture, tourism not productive last year - Finance Minister
28.07.2017 Gambia: CPA calls for prohibition of physical, humiliating punishment of children
28.07.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Delivers Message Of Hope
28.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t, stakeholders review National Development Plan
29.07.2017 Gambia: Mai Fatty Holds First Monthly Press Conference
29.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow describes Haruna’s death “a very unfortunate incident”
29.07.2017 Gambia: Detention Without Trial is Unconstitutional
31.07.2017 Confront the G7 Agriculture: October 14-15, Italy
31.07.2017 Solidarity not Charity
31.07.2017 Bike Rave Party Berlin
31.07.2017 Banjul North Nam Calls for Enfranchisement of Diaspora Gambians
31.07.2017 Senegal parliamentary elections marred by voting problems
31.07.2017 Gambia: Author urges Barrow to ‘act against bad laws’
31.07.2017 Gambia: TGG holds youth convergence on FGM
31.07.2017 Gambia: Armed Forces wish Jammehs coup never happened
31.07.2017 Gambia: Victims Revisit Yahya Jammehs Reign Of Terror, Confront APRCs 22-Year Rule
31.07.2017 Senegal votes in Parliamentary elections after tense campaign
01.08.2017 Gambia: Serrekunda "Sandika" Market Infested with Worms, Flies
01.08.2017 Gambia: Taxi drivers on sit down strike
01.08.2017 The Eritrean children who cross borders and deserts alone
01.08.2017 Gambians in crosshairs of EU migrant return drive
02.08.2017 Gambia: Will there be an Inquest this Time on Another Death in Police Custody?
02.08.2017 Gambia: EU disburses D1.25B to gov’t
02.08.2017 Gambia: Industrial development key to curbing youth migration, says Barrow
02.08.2017 Gambia: UGYD on course of ending FGM in Generation
02.08.2017 Gambia: Barrow Calls For Investment In Youths To Curb Migration
02.08.2017 Gambia: Beijing, Banjul To Deepen Cooperation
03.08.2017 Gambia: LT. JARJU, 4 OTHERS DETAINED
03.08.2017 Gambia: torture, inhuman or degrading punishment or other treatment impermissible in new Gambia
04.08.2017 Switzerland: sabotage against Agroscope
05.08.2017 Gambia: Junctions Turn to Dumpsites
05.08.2017 Gambia: Dumpsite: Bakoteh / Manjai Communities Meet With KMC Officers
05.08.2017 Gambia: Halifa visits Agency for Waste Management in Oslo
05.08.2017 Gambia: Remanded Prisoners protest against Security Officers in Court
05.08.2017 Senegalese ruling party sweeps parliamentary polls
05.08.2017 Gambia: EU to translate commitment to action in support of Barrow
05.08.2017 The EU sees "The Gambia as an Important Partner"
05.08.2017 Gambia: 72 -year old man dies in the hands of the police
05.08.2017 31 Gambians Deported From Libya
05.08.2017 Gambian authorities probe Guinean’s death in police custody
05.08.2017 Gambia: Nemakunku man dies in police custody
05.08.2017 Back-Way to Europe: One of the Greatest Existential Threats to Africa's Future!
07.08.2017 [DD] Bring on the beautiful Kiez!
08.08.2017 Gambia: Halifa Sallah in Norway - Migration to the north and the growing tendency to stop it
09.08.2017 Italy gives Gambia 40 pickup trucks to manage migration
09.08.2017 Elected Senegalese parliamentarian says ‘election was easy’
10.08.2017 Berlin: Gathering in Front of Besieged Teppichfabrik
11.08.2017 Gambia: Fish dumped due to dispute
11.08.2017 ‘No genuine reconciliation without truth’ says African Centre chairperson
11.08.2017 The New Gambia - moving wherever?
11.08.2017 Gambia: An Environmental Calamity
12.08.2017 [B] Die Platte - On the necessity of squatting, collective living and continuing the struggle in the streets
13.08.2017 “There Will Be a Before and After Charlottesville”: Some Notes
13.08.2017 After today’s murder in Charlottesville, we must all unite to defend ourselves and each other.
14.08.2017 In Commemoration of Heather Heyer - Solidarity with all anti-fascists in the US
14.08.2017 Gambia: State to Take Over Kanilai Protesters’ Case
14.08.2017 Gambia: Opposition GDC Refused Permit To Hold Rally
14.08.2017 [DD] Wut im Bauch, Trauer im Herzen!
14.08.2017 ‘Visit to Gambia is trouble-free’ says UK
14.08.2017 Gambia: Ending Impunity
14.08.2017 From the Frontlines of Charlottesville: A Statement from DC Antifascists
15.08.2017 Charlottesville: Race and Terror - VICE News
16.08.2017 [B] To whom does the city belong? Standing together in solidarity against high rents & evictions! – For a grassroots city!
16.08.2017 Protection against technical attacks on Indymedia linksunten
17.08.2017 Why We Fought in Charlottesville - A Letter from an Anti-Fascist on the Dangers Ahead
18.08.2017 [Charlottesville/S] Solidarity with Charlottesville!
19.08.2017 Gambia: EU outlines its first package for Government
19.08.2017 Gambia / Libya: 136 migrants from Griyana Prisons return
19.08.2017 EU / Gambia: Fighting irregular migration
19.08.2017 Deportation of Gambians from Europe is not EU arrangement
19.08.2017 Gambia opens bids for oil exploration
23.08.2017 2nd Open Letter to the people of Hamburg
25.08.2017 linksunten.indymedia.org banned – the archive remains