Texts in English – Juli 2017

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01.07.2017 Drinking deep-well bore water poisoned by mining is killing Outback Aborigines
02.07.2017 [AntiG20] Camp durchsetzen und mehr!
03.07.2017 This billboard will make them so mad!
04.07.2017 Songlines can bring us Home - A Statement from the Bush
04.07.2017 Hamburg: attempted intimidation of protests against the G20 summit and attacks on infrastructure
04.07.2017 (G20) To our friends …
04.07.2017 [Yes we camp] Wendland Altmark Barrio at Johanniskirche
04.07.2017 Statement from the plenary of the anticapitalist Camp
04.07.2017 Long term rallye aqainst G20
04.07.2017 [Dresden] Solidarity action for people facing police repressions in Hamburg
05.07.2017 FAUD: - Pub idioma en el „V6“ | Language bar in the „V6“ | Sprachenkneipe im „V6“ | Pub parler dans le „V6“
05.07.2017 Police of Hamburg is spreading mendacious propaganda
05.07.2017 Update Hamburg: dezentralized infrastructure on site!
05.07.2017 Aggressive police operation against protest camps and partying crowd
06.07.2017 Despite Harassment and Delay: ZuG20 on its Way to Hamburg!
07.07.2017 Welcome to police state
07.07.2017 Australian university researchers publish new map of massacres of Aborigines
07.07.2017 Aboriginal statement opposing constitutional recognition & manufactured consent
07.07.2017 Green light for Adani will mean more death and destruction around the world
07.07.2017 Illegal or not - the police of Hamburg don't cares
07.07.2017 ATTACK G20: Plan B
07.07.2017 Hamburg bids goodbye to the rule of law
08.07.2017 Nuclear and climate news this week
08.07.2017 All of Hamburg hates the police
08.07.2017 Batons instead of kettles, water canon instead for carrying people away, pepperspray instead of process
09.07.2017 Raids and arrests at the end of the summit
10.07.2017 Global meltdown? Nuclear power's annus horribilis
14.07.2017 A Greeting from the Future | Communique of the ‘..Ums Ganze’ Alliance concerning the events around the G20-Protests in Hamburg
16.07.2017 Gathering of 6000 Nazis in Germany seem no big deal..
17.07.2017 Who is fighting whom?
17.07.2017 Gambia: World Population Day Commemorated
17.07.2017 Gambia: National Food Security and Processing Corporation Heated Argument at Bakoteh Dumpsite passes off peacefully
17.07.2017 Gambia: KMC absent at community meeting over dumpsite
17.07.2017 Gambia: The land disputes need careful handling
17.07.2017 Gambia: Latrikunda Market Chairman Calls for Government Intervention
17.07.2017 Gambia: 10 Soldiers detained without trial when will they be released?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Kailai trial suffers setback
17.07.2017 Gambia to Launch Tobacco Control Act 2016
17.07.2017 Gambia: Safe Drinking Water a Concern for NAMS in Their Constituencies
17.07.2017 Gambia: Tension diffuses at Bakoteh/Manjai dump site After Commotion and Scuffles
17.07.2017 Gambia: Minister of Interior Expresses Regret over Kanilai Incident
17.07.2017 Gambia: Legislators Voice Concerns about Gambia Senegal Fisheries Agreement
17.07.2017 Gambia: Military commanders at GAF replaced
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the government reacting to foroyaa's report of detention without trial?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Laments on Deplorable Condition of Mile Two Prisons
17.07.2017 "Gambia police Force has huge logistic challenges" – Interior Minister
17.07.2017 Gambia: Halifa counsels Bakoteh/Manjai youth
17.07.2017 Gambia: Intense Arguments in Kanilai 13 Trial
17.07.2017 Gambia: "Sterilising Dogs is the Best Method of Control" - Interior Minister
17.07.2017 Gambia: Seminar on Patent Cooperation Treaty underway
17.07.2017 US Govt Report urges Gambia to Investigate, Convict Traffickers
17.07.2017 World Bank approves $56M budget support for Gambia
17.07.2017 Gambia: Manneh Family Mourn Death of Daily Observer Journalist
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is Marabout Manneh Alive?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the Minister's Promise Regarding the Bakoteh Dumpsite Kept?
17.07.2017 Switzerland: 2 Gambians Testify in former Interior Minister’s pre-trial Investigation
17.07.2017 Gambia: PRO of BAC Responds to Coastal Road Vendors
17.07.2017 Gambia: Revised Budget in Focus
17.07.2017 Gambia: Is the Ministry of the Environment Monitoring the Way Waste is Disposed of at the Bakoteh Dumpsite?
17.07.2017 Gambia: Immigration gets new PRO
17.07.2017 Gambia: Need for a Holistic Policy on Issues Regarding the Past Government
17.07.2017 Gambia: Commission of Inquiry set up to investigate Jammeh’s assets
17.07.2017 Gambia: National Assembly Members on garbage situation
17.07.2017 Gambia: OP under weighs external security threat reports
17.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow Condemns Bid To Mark Jammeh’s Coup Anniversary
17.07.2017 Gambia: Police Considers Permit To Mark Jammeh’s Revolution
17.07.2017 Gambia: Benefits Of Remittance
18.07.2017 Anarchists smash one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe
18.07.2017 B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 2 (07/2017)
18.07.2017 Gambia: communities of Manjai / Bakoteh dissatisfied, dissappointed
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Hosts National Reconciliation and Reunification Meeting
18.07.2017 Gambia: ‘GAF seeks Legal advice from AG chambers about detained soldiers’ – Military spokesperson
18.07.2017 Gambia: Should the July 22 coup be commemorated?
18.07.2017 Gambia: man dies in police custody
18.07.2017 Gambia Gets €30 Million European Commission Grant
18.07.2017 Gambia: Jammeh’s Victims Urge Government To Investigate Lawyer Tambadou
18.07.2017 Gambia: Foni Is Not The Problem!
18.07.2017 Gambia leads Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nigeria in End FGM campaign
19.07.2017 Hambach Forest Activists Blockade Hambachbahn
19.07.2017 Rhineland: Incendiary Sabotage Against RWE Coal Company
19.07.2017 (H)eat The Rich! Attack G20! Against The City Of The Rich
19.07.2017 Hamburg: Responsibility Claim for the Torching of a Diplomatic Vehicle
19.07.2017 Referendum Council's recommendation concedes there is 'NO CONSENT'
19.07.2017 Fascist Australian immigration minister to get more power to appease right wing
19.07.2017 Munich: Incendiary Sabotage of Rail Network
19.07.2017 Gambia: CORPSE FROM POLICE CUSTODY LAID TO REST Police Promise To Do Thorough Investigation
20.07.2017 Aborigines in Australia longer than previously thought, study shows
20.07.2017 Abused Aboriginal youth to stand in Alice Springs Town Council elections
20.07.2017 Writing puts Gambia on world map, says Nana Grey-Johnson
20.07.2017 Gambia: NIA 9 trial adjourned for adoption of briefs
20.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t validates roadmap to tackle electricity shortage
20.07.2017 Gambia Launches Crackdown On ‘Mutinous’ Soldiers
20.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow Meets African Petroleum CEO Over Oil Licences
20.07.2017 Gambia: I Found My Husband’s Lifeless Body In A Police Cell
20.07.2017 Gambia: APRC Leader Says “If Hitler’s Nazi Germany Supporters Can Celebrate After Murdering Millions Of Jews; Why Not The APRC Supporters?”
20.07.2017 Gambia: Belgian Company Semlex Reacts To Allegations Of Buying Out Gambian Gov’t Officials!
20.07.2017 Gambia Center For Victims Of Human Rights Violation on the Special Prosecutor Mr Sheriff Tambadou’s Leaked Tape
20.07.2017 Is That The Gambia We Dream?
20.07.2017 Australia quietly makes first uranium shipment to India three years after supply agreement
21.07.2017 Man who ran over Indigenous teenager jailed for three years
22.07.2017 The week that has been in climate and nuclear news
23.07.2017 [B] Left summer cinema: »Ditching the Fear«
24.07.2017 [Β] Sostenibilidad de la vida (workshop)
24.07.2017 In memory of Yami Lester, atom bomb victim and Aboriginal land rights warrior
25.07.2017 United we stand Summit of resistance - Summit of repression – Solidarity is our weapon
25.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t plans to establish another Commission of Inquiry
25.07.2017 Gambia: APRC Convenes a Press Conference
25.07.2017 Gambia: 7th Day Charity Conducted for late Krubally Whilst Family Claim to Have Been Denied Witnessing postmortem
26.07.2017 Gambia: “Human Rights Must Not Be Considered a Favor,” says Joe Bongay
26.07.2017 Visiting Senegalese CDS discusses collaboration with Gambia army
26.07.2017 Gambia: More civil society organisations recruited to fight money laundering
26.07.2017 Gambia: Government Freezes Daily Observer Newspaper
26.07.2017 Gambia: Government Freezes Daily Observer Newspaper
26.07.2017 Gambia: Guaranty Trust Bank Should Respect Workers’ Rights
27.07.2017 The shady web behind potential finance for the Adani mega coalmine in Australia
27.07.2017 Paris: German Embassy Attacked in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners
27.07.2017 [Β] Film: Ditching the fear
27.07.2017 Gambia EXCLUSIVE: President Barrow talks about detention without trial, others
28.07.2017 Gambia: Agriculture, tourism not productive last year - Finance Minister
28.07.2017 Gambia: CPA calls for prohibition of physical, humiliating punishment of children
28.07.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Delivers Message Of Hope
28.07.2017 Gambia: Gov’t, stakeholders review National Development Plan
29.07.2017 Gambia: Mai Fatty Holds First Monthly Press Conference
29.07.2017 Gambia: Barrow describes Haruna’s death “a very unfortunate incident”
29.07.2017 Gambia: Detention Without Trial is Unconstitutional
31.07.2017 Confront the G7 Agriculture: October 14-15, Italy
31.07.2017 Solidarity not Charity
31.07.2017 Bike Rave Party Berlin
31.07.2017 Banjul North Nam Calls for Enfranchisement of Diaspora Gambians
31.07.2017 Senegal parliamentary elections marred by voting problems
31.07.2017 Gambia: Author urges Barrow to ‘act against bad laws’
31.07.2017 Gambia: TGG holds youth convergence on FGM
31.07.2017 Gambia: Armed Forces wish Jammehs coup never happened
31.07.2017 Gambia: Victims Revisit Yahya Jammehs Reign Of Terror, Confront APRCs 22-Year Rule
31.07.2017 Senegal votes in Parliamentary elections after tense campaign