Texts in English – Januar 2017

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04.01.2017 Gambia: Army Chief Pledges Allegiance To Jammeh
04.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow Urges Jammeh To End Crackdown Of Activists
05.01.2017 What is the status of the “#GambiaHasDecided” T-Shirts?
05.01.2017 Gambia: Breaking News: “Prosecuting Jammeh Will Teach African Governments A Lesson-Juwara Warns
05.01.2017 President Elect Barrow concerned about recent arrests, closure of radio stations
05.01.2017 Gambia: Plot To Kill Key Opposition Figures Revealed
05.01.2017 Adani's Mega Mine in Australia Runs Into Local Protests
06.01.2017 No Camps, No Prisons: Info & Discussion Weekend
06.01.2017 Human rights abuses complaint against WWF to be examined by OECD
07.01.2017 The climate and nuclear scene, as 2017 begins
07.01.2017 Bass against right-wing populists - January 20th, 2017 - 7o'clock pm (19:00) - Central Station Koblenz
08.01.2017 Importance of Anti-Facist Action in Small Towns
09.01.2017 Feminist Resistance - organized against G20
10.01.2017 ‘Ration days again’: Australian cashless welfare card ignites shame in Aborigines
10.01.2017 Policy Making As Violence – The Case Of The Carmichael Mine
10.01.2017 Gambia: President Jammeh’s Election Petition Suffers Major Blow
10.01.2017 Ghana completes its peaceful transfer of power
10.01.2017 “Jammeh has No Right or Power to Bring us Back to the Polls” Says Mamma Kandeh
11.01.2017 Train sabotage by Piromane against RWE
11.01.2017 Gambia: The Battle Against the Media Houses
11.01.2017 Gambia: Yahya we don’t want you and we don’t love you. Please go away
11.01.2017 Gambia’s Jammeh ‘Ready’ To End Election Standoff
11.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow vows to introduce term limit to avoid misrule
11.01.2017 Gambia: Supreme Court Hearings Fail to Commence
11.01.2017 Gambia: Press Release by the Tourism Fraternit
11.01.2017 The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar
12.01.2017 Gambia: Detention without Trial - Review of 2016
12.01.2017 Gambia: The Soldier Releases Weekend Bombshell-Jammeh’s Plots Unveiled!
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh files injunction against inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Seized T-shirts, photos not returned to owners
13.01.2017 Gambia: “Both Jammeh and I have drawn lessons from past election” Says President-Elect Barrow
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Seeks Court Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Seeks Court Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration
13.01.2017 Gambia: Opposition Ridicules Jammeh’s Attempts To Stop Barrow’s Inauguration
14.01.2017 Berlin: Paint bomb attack against luxury buildings
14.01.2017 Arson attack against the Leipzig Job Center
14.01.2017 Coordinated arson attacks against energy multinational RWE
14.01.2017 Arson and sabotage at Hambach open cast mine
14.01.2017 Berlin: Arson attacks against Sodexo and Vodafone
14.01.2017 Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’
15.01.2017 Thousands Fleeing Gambia As Political Standoff Deepens
15.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow’s Office responds to Jammeh’s televised message
15.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow Moves To Senegal Until Inauguration
16.01.2017 Aktions against ENF (21.01.2017 Koblenz,Germany)
16.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Pleas With Liberian Leader For Help
16.01.2017 Gambia: Chief Justice To Hear Injunction Against Barrow’s Inauguration Today
16.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Asks Parliament To Extend Mandate
16.01.2017 President-Elect Barrow joins ECOWAS leaders in Bamako summit
16.01.2017 Gambia: National Assembly And Jammeh’s General Amnesty Bill
16.01.2017 Hacker Steals 900 GB of Cellebrite Data
17.01.2017 Gambia: Migration from Greater Banjul Intensifies
17.01.2017 Gambia at a Crossroads – 2 Days to D-Day (*)
17.01.2017 President Jammeh, your Ardent Supporters are Crying for Peace
17.01.2017 What next for New Gambia after 19th January 2017
17.01.2017 Gambians await inauguration day with anxiety
17.01.2017 What next for Gambia after 19th January 2017
17.01.2017 Gambia: As Jammeh’s Term Expires In 48 Hours; Dozens Of Army Officers Detained!
17.01.2017 Gambia: Jammeh Vows To Scupper Barrow’s Inauguration
17.01.2017 Gambia: President Jammeh Why Opprobrium In A Doom Cause Or Did You Deserve To Die?
17.01.2017 Furious Gambia Lashes Out At AU’s Peace And Security Council
17.01.2017 Gambia: Gambian Parliament Passes Resolution To Bar ECOWAS Military Intervention In Banjul
17.01.2017 APRC attempt to block Barrow’s inauguration fails
17.01.2017 Gambia: Is Yaya Jammeh reliable and trustworthy in pranking a president?
17.01.2017 Gambia: Chief Justice orders substituted service on Barrow & Co via media
17.01.2017 Parties without discriminations, border crossing behaviour and assaults: How do we reach that?
18.01.2017 Gambia Declares State Of Emergency
18.01.2017 British Holidaymakers To Be Evacuated From Gambia
18.01.2017 President Jammeh: Why I Declared A State Of Emergency In Gambia
18.01.2017 ‘The choice of The Gambian people must be respected to preserve peace’
18.01.2017 Gambia: Letter Writer Pays Tribute To Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh
18.01.2017 Gambia's Yahya Jammeh declares state of emergency
18.01.2017 Thousands of Gambians Fleeing the Country
18.01.2017 Call for solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of participating in the expropriation of a bank office in Aachen!!
19.01.2017 26th January – illegal to celebrate genocide in failed state Australia
19.01.2017 John Pilger: The Issue Is Not Donald Trump. It Is Us.
19.01.2017 Gambia’s Jammeh Backtracks, Decides To Stay Put
19.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow Reaches Out To Jammeh
19.01.2017 Gambia: Five other ministers resign
19.01.2017 Gambia political crisis: What happens next?
19.01.2017 Gambia: Adama Barrow to take oath in Senegal
19.01.2017 [HH] Demonstration Friday 20.01. 16 o'clock in front of the town hall: Deportation stopp now! Monitoring of the Innenausschuss
20.01.2017 Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
20.01.2017 New uranium mine approved on Aboriginal land - and other nuclear news
23.01.2017 Gambia ‘Missing Millions’ After Jammeh Flies Into Exile
23.01.2017 [Aachen] Lawsuit against anti-fascists
23.01.2017 Gambia: I’ll Be Back, Exile-Bound Jammeh Vows
23.01.2017 Rousing celebration after President Adama Barrow’s swearing in
23.01.2017 NO muos NO borders Benefit in Koepi, Berlin
24.01.2017 [Koper/Slovenia] Autonomous spaces in Slovenia under attack - Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat!
24.01.2017 [Aachen] short report from the first day of trial against those accused of bank robbery
25.01.2017 Gambia: Barrow Rethinks Vice President Tambajang’s Appointment
25.01.2017 ECOMIG DISARMS SOME GAMBIAN SOLDIERS Takes over State House
25.01.2017 Gambia: Peace trip to bring returnees home
25.01.2017 President Barrow Should Improve Living Conditions of People Says the youths of Tallinding
25.01.2017 Gambia: ECOMOG troops enter Banjul
25.01.2017 Gambia: JAMMEH finally leaves the country
25.01.2017 Women’ Peace Forum Gambia Branch Visits Gambian Refugees in Casamance
25.01.2017 Gambia: Moves To Bring Back Refugees
25.01.2017 Militancy: highest stage of alienation - Organisation des Jeunes Travailleurs Révolutionnaires
26.01.2017 Gambia: Tijan B. narrates his ordeal
26.01.2017 Dutch secret service tries to recruit Tor-admin
27.01.2017 The far right: Is punching Richard Spencer inciting violence or 'American as apple pie'?
27.01.2017 'What are you actually celebrating?' Indigenous elder says Australia Day debate must continue
27.01.2017 Gambia: Families Of Missing Gambian-Americans Make Public Plea For Help
27.01.2017 Gambia: EU Parliamentarians Seek ‘Severe’ Sanctions Against Jammeh
27.01.2017 President Adama Barrow arrives in The Gambia, at last
27.01.2017 President Barrow receives rousing welcome
28.01.2017 The Good Fight - new website about martial arts
28.01.2017 Anarchism and Violence - Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina 1923–1931 [Osvaldo Bayer]
28.01.2017 Three interviews with a comrade from bulgaria about the current situation
29.01.2017 Elephant Editions Archive. A work in progress.
29.01.2017 The Human Zoo: Documentary sheds light on stolen Aboriginal people 'treated as animals'
30.01.2017 Anti-Judicial Anarchism
31.01.2017 Resistance against heroin pushers in Italy
31.01.2017 Jammeh’s regime was classical tyranny, says Amadou Scattred Janneh
31.01.2017 President Barrow meets the press
31.01.2017 Gambia: Former President Jammeh's close aide released
31.01.2017 Weapons Seized From Gambia Ex-Leader’s Home
31.01.2017 ECOMIG forces explain mandate in Gambia
31.01.2017 ECOMIG Forces in The Gambia: The indicators that guarantee their effectiveness