Texts in English – März 2017

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01.03.2017 Catholicism has done more harm to Australia than Islam. Where's the outrage?
03.03.2017 Australian Conservation Foundation vs Adani – in court today
03.03.2017 Berlin: Attack against Securitas in the context of the Global Anarchist Urban Guerrilla
03.03.2017 First Nations form green energy alliance to beat govt. electricity corruption
05.03.2017 18.03.2017 Leipzig: They shall not pass
05.03.2017 Lethal lies: how a corporate spy for a Kazakhstan company infiltrated the global anti-asbestos network
05.03.2017 [B] Attack in the Wrangekiez
07.03.2017 A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry
07.03.2017 Protest against new uranium mine in Western Australia
09.03.2017 Australian banks under mounting pressure to shun coal
10.03.2017 Urgent: Last chance to stand up for indigenous land rights!
10.03.2017 Nieder mit dem Patriarchat – Worte aus dem Knast
13.03.2017 Gambia: No dumping at Bakoteh Dumpsite, say protesters
13.03.2017 140 Gambians stranded in Libya return, says Interior Minister
14.03.2017 The Australian government's constitutional ‘Dialogue’ processes are fatally flawed
14.03.2017 [Belarus] Biggest protests in Belarus in the last 10 year
14.03.2017 [Leipzig/CZ] Defend Connewitz: Leipzig stays red!
14.03.2017 No Revolution without Feminism!
15.03.2017 The violent role of religion, nepotism and state corruption: Human rights abuses and persecutions in Pakistan
15.03.2017 Activists protest against demolition of Monkey Park
15.03.2017 Interior minister confirms repatriation of 140 Gambians in Libya
15.03.2017 War Starts Here Camp 2017
15.03.2017 Puerto Rico Religious Leaders Ask Congress to Pass Debt Crisis Actions
15.03.2017 [Belarus] Dozens of anarchists arrested in Minsk after anti-government protests
16.03.2017 Solidarity with Athens Squats – Pig Patrol attacked in Rigaer Street
16.03.2017 Dresden: Solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Struggle!
16.03.2017 Food & Trial prep: Solidarity with activists from “March for Freedom”
17.03.2017 [Belarus] Trial marathon in Belarus - 52 people jailed - Interview with activist
17.03.2017 Hamburg: Fire and Flames for the Police!
18.03.2017 "Miners and other rich developers will have even better tools to divide and conquer us"
18.03.2017 US releases Gambia’s human rights report
18.03.2017 Gambian escapee from arrest in Jammeh era speaks out
19.03.2017 ‘Die Rechte’ Rallies in Leipzig- Thousands Join Counter-protest
19.03.2017 MEANTRAITORS - psychobilly for rightwingers and nazi-skins on tour through Europe
19.03.2017 Ten years of Close the Gap; Why are we sicker, poorer and living shorter than the rest of Australia?
20.03.2017 Adani hopes to start mining in Queensland in August, state Premier confident
20.03.2017 International anarchist and libertarian book fair in Florence (Italy)
20.03.2017 [Belarus] Interview with belarussian activist
21.03.2017 Benefit for ZK Squatt @ Køpi [Berlin]
21.03.2017 Gambia: Gov’t establishes Criminal Case & Detention Review Panel
23.03.2017 Australia’s biggest green alliance formed to fight Adani's Reef-killing coal mine
24.03.2017 18th March: Last Saturday’s big international mobilization and those to come
25.03.2017 “9,000+ anti-Adani campaigners to occupy work sites, chain themselves to machinery and clog phone lines”
25.03.2017 Gambia: 30th ‘December Attackers’ Appeal Struck Out
26.03.2017 Australia isolated on UN nuclear treaty boycott
26.03.2017 Do: Freedom for Political Prisoners in Belarus (Video)
26.03.2017 Gambia: Arrest of NIA officials was in good faith - Interior ministry
27.03.2017 [Belarus] Hundreds protesters detained after massive wave of repressions in Belarus
27.03.2017 “Eat that little bit of poo go! go! go! Come suck my dick you little cunt”
28.03.2017 Vienna, Squatting action
29.03.2017 Everybody in Hamburg hates the police / The whole world hates the police
29.03.2017 Repression gegen die Villa Zografou (Hrsg. Athen, Griechenland)
30.03.2017 Young anti-coal nighttime activists visit Westpac banks across Australia
30.03.2017 Nuclear power crisis reaches dramatic new levels
30.03.2017 “I can't describe the feeling of having to prove my Aboriginality”
31.03.2017 Australian government fails to pass native land rights changes - major setback for proposed giant Adani coal mine
31.03.2017 Gambia: KMC denies receiving 2.2 million euros for the dumpsite