Texts in English – 2013

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05.01.2013 Berlin: Houseraid in the Scherer8
09.01.2013 Mining industry successfully scuppered Aboriginal land rights in Australia during the 80's
09.01.2013 [Athens] Villa Amalias re-squatted and re-evicted – biggest number of anarchists detained in 15 years
09.01.2013 Solidarity with imprisoned comrades in Athen
10.01.2013 Statement by the 93 arrested at Villa Amalias from inside the police HQ
16.01.2013 Athens: Responsibility claim for three-day arson barrage
18.01.2013 The Hague: Second church squatted by refugees in the NLs!
22.01.2013 Trip to Normandy
22.01.2013 January, 19th: Arrests in Moskau
24.01.2013 German Library of the "Kommunistischen Internationale" online
24.01.2013 OP Blitzkrieg reloaded
24.01.2013 Solidarity campaign for liberated spaces and anarchist comrades worldwide
25.01.2013 „It's obvious, that the people are frustrated!“
26.01.2013 Egyptian Anarchist Movement Emerges with Wave of Firebombings and Street Fights
26.01.2013 The Individualist Hymn (anarchist song)
27.01.2013 Installation of an etherpad on a local linux server
27.01.2013 Greece, Heraklion: 1,000 anarchists march in solidarity with squats - photos
27.01.2013 The Parabellum - new greek anarchist website
28.01.2013 [Choucha] Refugee protest in Tunisia
28.01.2013 Greek revolutionary songs
29.01.2013 10 years of the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair
05.02.2013 abschiebung verhindern [wien]
06.02.2013 Indy linksunten militant and lively
06.02.2013 Serbia: another anti-migrant mobilisation (close to the reception center of Bogovađa)
07.02.2013 black and green anarchist forum (philippines)
07.02.2013 Catholic Church Torture case in U.S. Supreme Court
08.02.2013 [MA] Mehrsprachiges Flugblatt gegen Nazis und Bullen für die Antifa-Aktionen am 16.2. in der Neckarstadt
09.02.2013 Parents declare “proud” of four arrested bank robbers suspected of terrorism
09.02.2013 Animal Liberation Front greift Pelzladen in Berlin an
10.02.2013 Hungerstreik in der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft (Lager) in Mannheim
11.02.2013 [Wien] Demonstration for the culture-center KvU from berlin (and other projects)
11.02.2013 Solidarity with our Egyptian anarchist comrades !
11.02.2013 Ein Brief aus den USA an den black bloc egypt
12.02.2013 [Thessaloniki] Vio.Me. starts production again
12.02.2013 Can Piella will neither resign
13.02.2013 Numerous ALF actions in Italy - prisoner solidarity
14.02.2013 DNS problems of indymedia.org subdomains
14.02.2013 [B] Overview of the rally against the European Police Congress
15.02.2013 ALN action against animal experiments at Hamburg airport
16.02.2013 Serbia: The new accommodation policy for asylum seekers and the racist counter-mobilisation in Vračević
27.02.2013 Short communique for one recent set of arson attacks in Athens
01.03.2013 More powers, fewer rights
01.03.2013 ALF sabotages huntin towers near Greifswald
01.03.2013 THE WAY AHEAD: The Aboriginal Voice
02.03.2013 Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate
03.03.2013 Finnish neo-Nazi organization maintaining hit lists of Jewish people and political opponents
04.03.2013 Deported Tamils Brutally Tortured
07.03.2013 Anti-Capitalist Block March 9 in Ljubljana- GOTOVI SO! They are all finished!
08.03.2013 The world's 'third worst' firm runs Australian concentration camp for refugees
09.03.2013 Australian uranium discovery threatens ancient indigenous cave art
09.03.2013 ALF: Arson attack on construction vehicles in Russia
09.03.2013 ALF active against meat industry in Costa Rica
10.03.2013 “We demand our rights!” and “right to the city” – the struggle for a good living
11.03.2013 "Vivisection stop, AIR FRANCE Boycott!"
11.03.2013 Meat transport trucks destroyed (delayed report)
12.03.2013 Nuclear power looms large in German election this year
17.03.2013 Big Demonstration against racism and miscarriage of Justice!
17.03.2013 Quality of life for Australians 2nd only to Norway, but for Aboriginal peoples 122nd
18.03.2013 Athens: Fur Shop, Pet Store, University hit in Night of Action
18.03.2013 The Botching of the Cyprus Bailout: Worse Than Lehman Brothers
18.03.2013 SOSHalkidiki Magazine in English – Αγγλική Έκδοση
19.03.2013 Report on Künzelsau Refugee Strikes in Baden-Württemberg
21.03.2013 ALF attacked fur shops in Spain, Canada & USA.
22.03.2013 Australian prime minister and parliament apologise to victims of forced adoption
25.03.2013 Inside the killing fields of Queensland
27.03.2013 Friday Cine Night at former Servitenkloster
28.03.2013 Racist police control in Anhalt-Bitterfeld
28.03.2013 Days of Action on April 8 & 9th at Göttingen
29.03.2013 Animal Liberation Activists take explosive actions in Chile
29.03.2013 Refugee's Revolution Demonstration
29.03.2013 [MUC] Den Nazis morgen entgegestellen!
30.03.2013 from russia with love - animal liberation and arson
31.03.2013 Global protests against vivisection & HLS
01.04.2013 Philippines: direct action & animal liberation
01.04.2013 From forum to federation – the Federation of German speaking Anarchists (FdA)
02.04.2013 ALF active in Lithuania
04.04.2013 First uranium mine in Western Australia may mean 40 uranium mines by 2030
04.04.2013 Demonstration against deportation - Freiburg - 20th of April - 2pm
05.04.2013 ALF: animal liberation and arson in italy
07.04.2013 We need to talk about Facebook
07.04.2013 Declaration against „Residenzpflicht“(right not to move) AND Hausverbot (right not to visit friends)
08.04.2013 ALF: Rescue and liberation in the Balearic Islands (Spain)
10.04.2013 Refugee solidarity demonstration in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk
10.04.2013 Animal Rights Militia (ARM) against fur farmer
16.04.2013 Anarchist activist seriously wounded in a Nazi attack in Kiev of Ukraine, 14.04.2013
18.04.2013 Stop Nestlé trying to patent the fennel flower as a corporate drug
18.04.2013 Refugees Liberation Bus Tour “Break Isolation Strike”
19.04.2013 Αgainst the suppression of freedom of speech
23.04.2013 action against speciesism in spain
23.04.2013 [TURKEY] Solidarty with evicted IVI
24.04.2013 animal liberation in spain
24.04.2013 Black and Green Forum on Philippines - “Anarchism: Ecological Crises, Climate Change and Direct Action"
24.04.2013 (UK) ALF against butchery and betting shops, huntsabotage - soli with george house-
26.04.2013 Primark's supplying factory collapsed with hundred of deaths
26.04.2013 Liberation Bus Tour (First Day)
27.04.2013 3.000 anarchists march in solidarity to Athens Indymedia & 98 FM
29.04.2013 Infos and Discussion about Anarchists in Greek Prisons
29.04.2013 Infos and Discussion about Anarchists in Greek Prisons
30.04.2013 animal liberation in Israel
30.04.2013 [Russland] Well-known Russian anti-fascist, Alexey Gaskarov, arrested
03.05.2013 Anti- Fascist film trailer - 'No Pasaran'
03.05.2013 No Border meeting in Serbia
05.05.2013 no food for thought: extreme sports for the greek squares
06.05.2013 Fracking horrors in the American west
06.05.2013 What Til Schweiger does in case of fire
08.05.2013 Reclaim the Fields Camp 2013 in Rhineland
12.05.2013 South Africa, 20 years after Apartheid, doing better than Australia
12.05.2013 German potato consumers and farmers ripped off by cartels
14.05.2013 Vienna: "163 days of protest – Stop deportation"
14.05.2013 AZ Cologne eviction? No Way!
15.05.2013 ALF destroyed 14 hunting towers near Lüneburg
15.05.2013 Stoppt Xenios Zeus, notfalls mit Gewalt!
16.05.2013 Neonazi Band GOATPENIS on Tour
16.05.2013 CIA's Involvement In Drug Trafficking And Its Negative Impacts On Black Americans
17.05.2013 Ship with radioactive cargo gutted by fire in Hamburg harbour
19.05.2013 A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries
21.05.2013 ALF: "As long as there are cages we will destroy them."
21.05.2013 ALF active in france: "Jusqu'à ce que chaque cage soit vide."
21.05.2013 21.05. [Hambacher Forst] Helicopter & undvercover cops provoce at the Camp
22.05.2013 ALF - huntsabotage in canada
23.05.2013 Turkish Intelligence Services was aware of the bombs exploded in Reyhanli
24.05.2013 Australia fails asylum seekers, says Amnesty
28.05.2013 ALF - animal liberation in Spain - Soli for Noelia Cotelo
29.05.2013 Racialised imprisonment in Australia
29.05.2013 Alarm over asylum underclass in Australia
29.05.2013 Veganarchists attack in Chicago
29.05.2013 Mass rally for Bradley Manning at Fort Meade on June 1st
31.05.2013 Free Alexei Gaskarov and the Prisoners of May 6!
31.05.2013 Solidarity with the activists in Gezi Park, Istanbul
01.06.2013 [Wien] Demonstration: We Still Demand Human Rights!
01.06.2013 Bochum: Solidarity with #occupygezi!
01.06.2013 [B] 2000 people in Berlin demonstrated for solidarity to the movement in Istanbul
04.06.2013 #occupygezi: Translators needed for Turkey-news-timeline
04.06.2013 Robert Koch Institute attacked
06.06.2013 Paris: Three nazis killed Clément
06.06.2013 Let us reduce the world of authority...
08.06.2013 Anonymous releases private NSA documents regarding spying
08.06.2013 Australia's political heartland: hate, fear, prejudice
10.06.2013 Bradley Manning Solidarity at Hambacher Forst
11.06.2013 Riot police deployed amid G8 protest in London's West End
12.06.2013 Erfahrungsbericht vom Angriff auf den Taksimplatz
12.06.2013 Podcast of Gezi Radyo News from 12. June - 2pm
13.06.2013 ALF - Huntsabotage in canada
14.06.2013 Jusqu'à ce que chaque cage soit vide. ALF-Animalliberation in France
15.06.2013 [B] 15.06. International Refugee Tribunal against FRG - 2. Tag und Demonstration
16.06.2013 Fault line of Istanbul – Insurrection notes from Taksim
19.06.2013 What has been the psychological impact of the Intervention on Aboriginal people of Australia's Northern Territory?
22.06.2013 "This system has made it much harder for us to share and care for each other"
26.06.2013 EKH Haus- & Hoffest [Wien]
28.06.2013 Tear Gas & Twitter in Taksim - An anarchist eyewitness analysis from Gezi Park, Istanbul
28.06.2013 Inside Gezi Commune
29.06.2013 NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years under Obama
29.06.2013 The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant
29.06.2013 Munich: Urgent Call
30.06.2013 From Taksim and Rio to Tahrir, the smell of teargas - Open Letter by "Comrades from Cairo"
01.07.2013 Your asylum policy kills!
07.07.2013 [HowTo] Encrypt your Facebook-Chat
08.07.2013 Edward Snowden reveals Australia's Links To Secret US Spy Program
14.07.2013 Egypt: No MB, No Army: The Revolution Continues
16.07.2013 Heiligenhaus: Refugees are forced to move – accompanied by police operation
18.07.2013 “We are not machines!” - Anniversary of a strike in Chung Hong factory
19.07.2013 End Violence Against Sex Workers: Full Decriminalisation Now
19.07.2013 Interview: Greek Trotskyist facing charges by Nazis
21.07.2013 Sexual Violence in Egypt: Myths and Realities
22.07.2013 Repression in Turkey: Important strategy swift by police - repression is actually increasing
23.07.2013 US expands global drone warfare
24.07.2013 Rape and torture in Australian refugee detention centre: whistleblower
24.07.2013 We are back and we will always return – no peace for the deportationfactory Eisenhüttenstadt!
25.07.2013 Feds put heat on Web firms for master encryption keys
25.07.2013 Syria: the Kurdish question, the Islamists and the FSA
27.07.2013 Indy linksunten Server Upgrade
29.07.2013 press release of the hunger-striking asylum-seekers in Stuttgart, 29/07/2013
30.07.2013 To Willingly Enter the Circles, the Square (Cairo)
01.08.2013 Exclusive: NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ
06.08.2013 Australian treatment of boat people "a cruel and crass act of colonialism"
07.08.2013 Bring Out your Dead
07.08.2013 Anarchistische Antifas aus Kazan, Russland, brauchen Hilfe
07.08.2013 17 August a Day of Solidarity against the verdict on Pussy Riot
08.08.2013 [BE] Sexism and Violence in so called A.C.
09.08.2013 AR-prisoner George House was released from prison!
10.08.2013 Two Providers of Secure E-Mail Shut Down
10.08.2013 Deportation Chain - Stop Collaboration Deportation in Nigerian Embassy
10.08.2013 Animal Liberation in Uruguay
11.08.2013 International Animal Rights Gathering (IAR)
12.08.2013 [Hungary] Hunger strike of refugees at Nyírbátor detention center
12.08.2013 Ukraine: ALF animal liberation
13.08.2013 [Bitterfeld] Support-Aufruf Refugee Camp
13.08.2013 flying for freedom of movement and against state control at russian embassy in hamburg
14.08.2013 [Bitterfeld] People in hunger strike: Non-Citizens Declaration
14.08.2013 Press Release Rigaer 94
14.08.2013 Greece 2013: State kills for a 1.40 euro ticket
16.08.2013 Tahrir-ICN statement on events in Egypt
18.08.2013 The Revenge of the Police State (Egypt)
19.08.2013 Message of solidarity from Dublin to Berlin
19.08.2013 Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours
21.08.2013 New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach
21.08.2013 Letter to Egyptian revolutionaries
22.08.2013 Hell in Hitlersdorf
22.08.2013 Zeitweiliger Abbruch des diesjährigen International Animal Rights Gatherings in Belgien
23.08.2013 Solidarity greeting from Copenhagen to Berlin
28.08.2013 On Interventions and the Syrian Revolution
28.08.2013 International call for Sonja Suder's liberation
29.08.2013 ALF hacked Website in Mexiko
30.08.2013 New Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking
30.08.2013 U.S. spy network’s successes, failures and objectives detailed in ‘black budget’ summary
31.08.2013 [RTF] House squatted in Manheim
31.08.2013 Actions Days in the Rhineland Coalfield, Day II – Demonstration and Coal Train Blockade
31.08.2013 Update: 200 People are still blocking coal train tracks
31.08.2013 Egypt: ‘the revolution lives as long as we will die for it’
03.09.2013 Bundeswehr in Kunduz 2009 and 2013
04.09.2013 Kevin Olliff und Tyler Lang in prison!
05.09.2013 The man who made Femen: New film outs Victor Svyatski as the mastermind behind the protest group and its breast-baring stunts
05.09.2013 Stars of the constellation
06.09.2013 US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet
06.09.2013 N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web
06.09.2013 Revealed: The NSA’s Secret Campaign to Crack, Undermine Internet Security
06.09.2013 Mexico: Clashes during the protests against energy reform (photos, videos)
06.09.2013 Melbourne: ‘Felicity Ann Ryder Cell / FAI- IRF’ Attack Luxury Car Dealership (Australia)
06.09.2013 MPhoenix Project #5 : ‘ICR-FAI-IRF / Free Mandylas and Tsavdaridis Cell’ take responsibility for the incendiary attack against a school for police in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Indonesia)
06.09.2013 The main enemy is the state (Egypt)
08.09.2013 Syrian Anarchist Challenges the Rebel/Regime Binary View of Resistance
11.09.2013 German police thwart 'neo-Nazi model airplane bomb plot'
11.09.2013 punishment against Kevin & Taylor rising!
11.09.2013 (UK) Anarchists and animal rights groups burned down Police Firearms Training Centre
11.09.2013 Anti-badger cull group claim they torched £16m police firing range which burned to the ground
15.09.2013 All police “required” to report animal releases to the FBI
17.09.2013 Antifa demolishes concert venue
19.09.2013 Left Wing Student Union Activist in Ukraine Attacked by Far-Right Again: Second Attack in Just One Month
19.09.2013 Demo und Ausschreitungen in Athen
19.09.2013 Euro-sceptics could evict the German government on Sunday
20.09.2013 [B] Spontaneous protest in solidarity with all refugees
21.09.2013 [Wien] We will not forget, we will not forgive - Speech for Pavlos Fyssas at Refugee-Protest
21.09.2013 Abbott Government's first actions: trash climate change education, carbon pricing
22.09.2013 Rates of abused and neglected children on the rise in Australia: report
24.09.2013 Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival
24.09.2013 India among top targets of spying by NSA
24.09.2013 Defending the NSA leaks - Glenn Greenwald to Haaretz: Why whistleblower Snowden came to me
24.09.2013 The Antideutsche and me – an open letter to the german left by David Rovics
24.09.2013 A big election victory for Merkel – but who will govern with her?
25.09.2013 Realtime news reports from the streets in Greece
26.09.2013 Declaration of Enoruwa Charles, against „Residenzpflicht“ (right not to move) AND Hausverbot (right not to visit friends)
28.09.2013 solidarity with the french consulate occupation in düsseldorf — no one is left alone…
30.09.2013 Brussels, Belgium - Second wave of raids for the Operation Ashes
02.10.2013 Occupied London statement on the ‘dismantling’ of the Golden Dawn by the Greek state: There ain’t no such a thing as bourgeois justice.
02.10.2013 'Virtual borders' scheme to track every non-EU citizen
03.10.2013 Syrien in Calais - Streik und Hafenblockade
03.10.2013 Erklärung der "Coordinamento Migranti" zu den Hunderten von Toten im Mittelmeer heute (eng)
04.10.2013 ALF legt über 30 Lastwagen von Tiertransportfirma tiefer
04.10.2013 For a society without fear
04.10.2013 Update on the Situation in Calais
06.10.2013 Kazan, Russia: Arrested anarchists released court pending
06.10.2013 Under Fire between the Lines - Russian anarchists during the 1993 Yeltsin coup
06.10.2013 Zaragoza, Spanish State: Responsibility claim for explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral
06.10.2013 Soli-Abend: Support political actions for Bleiberecht!
09.10.2013 Yet another inferno in RMG factory
09.10.2013 Non-Citizens Hungerstrike at Brandenburger Tor
12.10.2013 Erstes Jubiläum des Protestes in und vor der nigerianischen Botschaft vom 15.10.2012.
14.10.2013 The Hambach forest occupation is under direct threat of eviction
17.10.2013 Action in front of the german embassy in Vienna : Solidarity with hungerstriking Non-Citizens in Berlin
19.10.2013 Rio de Janeiro: Cops beat an 18-years-old boy to death
22.10.2013 Update aus Calais (en)
22.10.2013 Video: Remembering means fighting!
23.10.2013 A response to Slavoj Zizek: Syria a pseudo struggle
26.10.2013 (F) Animalrightsactivists against racism, sexism and homophobia!
28.10.2013 [Vienna] Armed Nazis attacked EKH
28.10.2013 Police repression in Rio de Janeiro
30.10.2013 About 100 animal-libartion-activists attacked vivisection-lab in brasil!
30.10.2013 [W] Refugees had to leave Servitenkloster
30.10.2013 [GR] International Action Day Against Gold Mines in Halkidiki
31.10.2013 Activists release dogs being used for tests by lab in southeastern Brazil
31.10.2013 Kevin is now on day 7 of his hunger strike
31.10.2013 Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land
31.10.2013 The siege of Palazzo Chigi: from the top of the police wagon
02.11.2013 The fascist threat beyond Golden Dawn
02.11.2013 Refugee Support Day
03.11.2013 Refugee Protest needs your support!
04.11.2013 Kevin ends hunger strike - The book ban has been lifted
05.11.2013 Anarchists in Egypt, will the real Black Bloc please stand up?
07.11.2013 Today in 1947: The National Security Act is signed into law
07.11.2013 Griechischer Staatsrundfunksender ERT geräumt & weitere Repression - Solidarity4all ruft zu internationalen Solidaritätsdemonstrationen am 9.11. auf
07.11.2013 Initiative in Rememberance of Oury Jalloh: Press Conference
09.11.2013 Animallaboratory is shut down after riots and animal liberation!
09.11.2013 Animalliberationactivist Tyler Lang released from prision!
11.11.2013 Siempre Antifascista: enough is enough
11.11.2013 [Warschau] Video. Antifa Flashmob zum 9. Nov.
12.11.2013 linksunten server problems
12.11.2013 Israel is not a reference: occupation, colonization and apartheid are not our model for Catalonia
13.11.2013 Coprolalia on Syria, European pseudo-Leftists, and Žižek
14.11.2013 In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
14.11.2013 Tierbefreiungsaktivist Kevin O. drohen bis zu 6 Jahre Gefängnis!!!
14.11.2013 R94 – Chronology of the repression
15.11.2013 Brutal Assault on Sushma Ramtekke,undertrial political prisoner by Byculla District Prison staff and officials
15.11.2013 Further ALF-raid in brasil!!! Animal-Liberation again!
16.11.2013 Bavarian police: one activist arrested
19.11.2013 (B) Invitation: Open Meeting for Self Organisation
21.11.2013 Is Canada Guilty of War Crimes?
21.11.2013 Clashes and occupations during the Italian-French Summit in Rome
21.11.2013 Clashes in Rome over high speed rail link
23.11.2013 Methods of work of secret service
23.11.2013 Public Enemies - NSA and their companies
23.11.2013 Activists of Refugee Protest Assembly and Public Space are on Trial in Offenburg, Erfurt, Berlin
24.11.2013 Ultras in Egypt: state, revolution, and the power of public space (Part I)
26.11.2013 animal liberation activists attaced 50 aimes in Russia, Georgia and Armenia
26.11.2013 Ultras in Egypt: state, revolution, and the power of public space (Part II)
27.11.2013 Appeal from anarchist comrades concerning Typhoon Yolanda (Philippines)
28.11.2013 The Need Of The Dream In The Struggle... (Syria)
01.12.2013 The VOICE Refugee Forum - Judiciary Arbitrariness - Concerns of Bias on Authoritarian Police Violence in Berlin
01.12.2013 Egypt: “we don’t need permission to protest”
01.12.2013 Yolanda’s aftermath and Autonomous Initiative (Philippines)
04.12.2013 21.12.2013 International Demonstration in Hamburg
04.12.2013 Ukraine: What's going on, and what does it mean?
05.12.2013 The borders are the problem. De-criminalize Migration!
06.12.2013 On November 13, 2013, 5 anarchist comrades were arrested in Barcelona – Spain
06.12.2013 Nazi and Colonial criminal was kidnapped at HU Berlin
07.12.2013 Dynamics and Prospects for the Syrian revolutionary process
09.12.2013 A Conversation between Anarchists
09.12.2013 Ninjas of the night: shadows of revolt loom over Athens
10.12.2013 Notav - Italy - Wave of repression.
11.12.2013 Avalanche - Anarchist correspondence
12.12.2013 animal liberation by alf in eastern germany
12.12.2013 SYRIA: Who are Assad’s fascist supporters?
13.12.2013 ALF attacked Air France in Paris
13.12.2013 Interview with Saeed from Ni'lin in the West Bank, occupied Palestine
13.12.2013 Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies
14.12.2013 Vienna: New wave of deportations from Austria – get active for concrete solidarity to stop deportations!
14.12.2013 ALF pri­so­ner ex­pec­ted to serve 5 to 7.5 years for fre­eing hor­ses, set­ting fires at two go­vern­ment fa­ci­li­ties
15.12.2013 Urgent alert Honduras: Rio Blanco is once again being threatened with armed aggression
16.12.2013 Italy and the Pitchforks
18.12.2013 (Video) Squatted School in Berlin
18.12.2013 Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on police station in Exarchia
18.12.2013 Notav - Italy - Solidary actions with the four arrested comrades.
19.12.2013 Activists send two fake press releases negatively affecting Deutsche Bank shares' price
20.12.2013 Interview with Hashem Azzeh in Hebron, Palestine: “They want me to move but I will never give up, we are still fighting until we get our freedom”
21.12.2013 [Vienna] Attack in Solidarity with the 5 Anarchists in Prison in Barcelona
21.12.2013 Calais Winter Appeal
24.12.2013 Thank you!
24.12.2013 Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on police station in Exarchia
25.12.2013 First known house raid in con­nec­tion with last sum­mer’s Ani­mal Li­be­ra­ti­on Front fur farm cam­paign.
26.12.2013 Announcing Inter Arma’s kick off
27.12.2013 Black International editions
27.12.2013 Tahrir-ICN statement on the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization
31.12.2013 Documentary film: Prison World