[TURKEY] Solidarty with evicted IVI

METUs students protest the eviction of one of Germanys social centers

Turkey: Protests over the eviction of the Social and Students center "Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz" appeared today in one of Ankaras Universities. Today students of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara protested against yesterdays eviction of the Social Center „Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz” (IVI) in Frankfurt/Germany.

They where holding a transparent, claiming solidarity with the Institute and demanding the defense of all autonomous spaces."We are looking at the problems in Germany with big concerns", said one of the protesters, "as the situation  there seems to get more and more desperate for critical education. Like in Turkey, it is important to keep struggling to defend the realm of reason over functional rationality"

With their protest students were giving references to the situation in Turkey. Last December students of where protesting the against the visit of PM Erdogan. "As in Turkey society has grown more conservative and state is acting increasingly repressive, we want to emphasize that the fight for freedom is a global issue."

In a speech were they condemned the authoritarian practices of the German government, demanding for justice of oppositional voices. They ended their emotional rally after solidarity greetings in METU's Devrim (turk: Revolution) Stadium.

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Love & Strength to Ankara, thank you!


Auf dem Transpi steht übrigens "Autonome Freiräume schützen - Solidarität mit dem IVI".

thank you, ankara
we are really happy to hear that you support us.
IvI loves you!