Infos and Discussion about Anarchists in Greek Prisons

Veranstaltung: AnarchistInnen in griechischen Knästen

K19 Café

Kreutzigerstr. 19, 10247 Berlin
(U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse)


In Greece more than twenty anarchists are currently locked up in prisons, and even more comrades are being investigated or charged with criminal offenses, facing state prosecution in their everyday lives. In the context of Contra Info Europe tour, we wish to give you an overview in English on various cases of anarchists incarcerated in Greek prisons and discuss together ways to extend and strengthen the practical solidarity with prisoners in struggle. Translation in German will also be available on request. All money raised will go to anarchist prisoners in Greece.


The evening will be completed with an open mic session (DIY jamming and singing) and a solidarity kitchen


Free entry – Donations welcome