[MUC] Den Nazis morgen entgegestellen!

Gegen die Nazikundgebung am 30. März 2013 vor der Agentur für Arbeit in München

We quote the press release of the Munich Alliance against Nazi Terror and Racism

“Outrageous provocation”: Manifestation of Neo-Nazis in Munich next Saturday

Meanwhile as the public’s attention is focused on the racist NSU murders and the up-coming trial the activities of neo-Nazi-groups continue without interruption.

As the Munich ‘aida’-archive reports, Neo-Nazis from the network “Freies Netz Süd” (FNS) plan a manifestation on Saturday, the 30th March 2013, from 4-6 p.m. in Munich. The rally will take place in front of the work agency in Kapuzinerstraße and is part of a series of Neo-Nazi manifestations leading up to a march which will take place on 1st May at Würzburg.


The location is not chosen randomly: The manifestation will take place between ‘Kafe Marat’, an antifascist culture centre, and Zenettistraße. This is the place where neo-Nazis attacked a Greek man from Munich, Artemios T., on 13th January 2001. He only survived this attack because passers-by intervened. The attacking neo-Nazis, who were celebrating in the pub Burg Trausnitz and were invited by Martin Wiese, yelled, according to a report of ‘aida-archive [4]: “You stranger, you will die now” – “the Kanacke (german curse word for a foreigner) shall not survive” – “We murder him”. Martin Wiese was the leader of the so called “Wiese-Gruppe” which in 2003 planned an attack on the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Jewish centre at Jakobsplatz at Munich.  Since he came out of prison Wiese has been a permanent part of the neo-Nazi-scene and leading member of the network “Freies Netz Süd” which is organizing the manifestation.


The lesson of the NSU murderers has to be a broad engagement in society against Nazis and racism, neo-Nazi activities mustn’t continue without interruption and have to be on the focus of more people.”, Kaminski comments. “The Nazis who wanted to kill Artemios T. 2001 acted in consequences of the same racist motivation like the NSU – the fact that Nazis now, on the verge of the beginning of the NSU trial, hold a manifestation at this place, is an outrageous provocation.


The ‘Alliance against Nazi-terror and racism’ calls on everybody to counter the Nazis and to impede this provocation.

Saturday // 30/03/2013 // 16/00 - 18/00 // job center (Kapuzinerstraße Munich) // INFO: LAVA-MUC.DE / AIDA-ARCHIV.DE / ANTIFA-NT.DE


UPDATE: Der Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) der Roten Hilfe wird unter der Nummer 089 / 448 96 38 erreichbar sein.