Texts in English – 2009

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31.01.2009 Mission Statement
31.01.2009 Editorial guidelines
23.02.2009 VIDEO Israelis shoot palestinian farmer
25.02.2009 NATO summit 2009: A democracy free zone
25.02.2009 Thousands of Germans to join 52-km chain of light against nuclear power
26.02.2009 Informational evening for the antimilitarist Convergence Center in Freiburg
26.02.2009 15,000 demonstrated against nuclear power in Germany with 52 kilometres of light
28.02.2009 More Indonesian rainforest to be razed for EU palm oil
03.03.2009 Sign for an independent commission into Bush’s War on Terror
05.03.2009 International Womens Day - M8 09
07.03.2009 linksunten.indymedia.org on Drupal 6.9
09.03.2009 Nigerian villagers to starve, fall ill, for French tires
09.03.2009 Brine also seeping into Gorleben salt
11.03.2009 Videoclip: Block NATO 2009 - public action training
13.03.2009 Rejected proposal to create more jobs
14.03.2009 Publish Content
15.03.2009 Right to Stay Now! A Documentary
15.03.2009 Squat in Graz, Grabenstraße
22.03.2009 Support your local IMC
25.03.2009 LEGAL TEAM during the NATO-summit
26.03.2009 This is what democracy looks like
26.03.2009 Make NATO History!
26.03.2009 Call for Summer of Resistance 2009
26.03.2009 Infosheet with Useful Info for the NATO Protest
27.03.2009 Verfassungschutz (Intelligence service) attempts to recruit activists prior to Strasbourg protests
27.03.2009 Karlsbad: Protest against speech of Schäuble, minister of interior
27.03.2009 Press Release of the Freiburg Anti-NATO Plenum
27.03.2009 NATO-Summit: A faillure while recruiting 3 new members of the Federal Office of Homeland and Constitution Security
27.03.2009 G20 Summit Hits London ...
27.03.2009 indy deux rives 2009//02 - english
27.03.2009 NATO: After 60 Years, Out of Area - or Out of Business?
28.03.2009 Day Three of the Convergence Centre
28.03.2009 Sabotage the NATO Summit
30.03.2009 European neofascist march on Milan
30.03.2009 NATO-ZU (Ziviler Ungehorsam) - updates und newsletter 3
30.03.2009 Make Militarism History!
01.04.2009 Further Conflicts at the Border
01.04.2009 Repression began with the kitchen - Freedom ended up in the garbage
01.04.2009 Antimilitarist Demonstration in Freiburg
01.04.2009 Police harassment at the Anti-NATO Camp
01.04.2009 Nato Game Over 2009: Peace Activists close NATO Headquarter in Brussels
01.04.2009 Video: Make Militarism History - Anti-NATO Auftaktdemo in Freiburg
01.04.2009 Video: Make Militarism History - Anti-NATO Auftaktdemo in Freiburg
02.04.2009 Statement Indy UK: Protester dies during protest against G20
02.04.2009 Funding appeal for film to show Chinese there's shark in shark fin soup
02.04.2009 Camp Press Release Regarding the Border Restrictions and Provocation
02.04.2009 Border Ban for Anti-NATO protesters
02.04.2009 Police are simulating departure bans
02.04.2009 Veterans of the War on Terror to protest in Strasbourg with support from American expatriates
03.04.2009 strasbourg - anti-repression demo on 2.4.
03.04.2009 Block Baden-Baden with liveupdates
03.04.2009 (A) Book & Video Fair of Caracas
03.04.2009 Police gives restraining orders (Platzverweise) for entire Baden-Baden
03.04.2009 Paint Attack on DHL Offices in Mannheim
03.04.2009 Pictures from Strasbourg vom 03.04.2009
04.04.2009 Escalation at the camp in the afternoon
04.04.2009 Refusal of media access for journalists from Berlin
04.04.2009 indy deux rives 2009//08 - english
04.04.2009 Mobile D.I.Y.-Kitchen 'Le Sabot' denied entry at border - witeness statement of a cook
04.04.2009 Police in Strasbourg: “You want to break us? We will break you.”
05.04.2009 Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests
05.04.2009 Witnesses Statement: Death at G20
07.04.2009 G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson: Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died
08.04.2009 Police partout, Justice nulle part! [Police everywhere, justice nowhere]
08.04.2009 Solidarity with the Defendants of Strasbourg!
08.04.2009 Venezuela: The People’s Struggle is the Best Response to the Crisis!
09.04.2009 (Photo)Report from the other side: Ostermarsch in Kehl
09.04.2009 No peace with NATO!
10.04.2009 Zurich: Sans-Papiers protest for Identity Papers
10.04.2009 Strasbourg - north blockade
12.04.2009 German-style feed-in system to promote clean energies coming to Western Australia
12.04.2009 Fascism and racism in Denmark and Sweden
14.04.2009 Mass Arrest of 114 Climate Activists in Raid (UK)
16.04.2009 "I Couldn't Deny It Anymore"
16.04.2009 “How sorry I am for the violence that my Army has done…”
16.04.2009 Several nuclear waste transports through Germany likely next year
17.04.2009 Ingredients for a disaster: NATO, Strasbourg and the Black Block
18.04.2009 No Border Camp Calais
19.04.2009 Ian Tomlinson starb an inneren Blutungen und nicht an einem Herzinfarkt
20.04.2009 Communiqué of the Convergence-Centre Freiburg from the 14. of April 2009
21.04.2009 No Nazis on 1 May!
24.04.2009 After Strasbourg: Regarding the handling of violence within your own ranks
24.04.2009 Matthis Chiroux about hearing April 21st, his apology re: sexism in the military and war crimes
24.04.2009 Video of John Demjanjuk shows him walking without assistance
24.04.2009 How Europe and Canada Could Help Us!
24.04.2009 Rowdy protesters target nuclear meeting in Sydney
25.04.2009 Call out for a No Border Camp in Calais (France) 23-29 june 2009
26.04.2009 Tell the world in English about the Nazis
26.04.2009 1,000 at anti-nuclear demo in Münster
29.04.2009 1,250 tonnes of depleted uranium railed through densely populated Germany - to France?
29.04.2009 Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to the 14 SIDOR workers
30.04.2009 Active solidarity with Amadeu Casellas
05.05.2009 Social Festival of Antifascist Culture
08.05.2009 Beat the Fascists wherever you meet them!
10.05.2009 Do Indy Yourself
12.05.2009 Police attacks Immigrants in El Ejido, Spain
12.05.2009 The ticker on linksunten
16.05.2009 NATO summit in Almería/Spain cancelled
16.05.2009 Africans report hideous working conditions in uranium mines
21.05.2009 Lebanon: Growing discontent in Nahr al-Bared
28.05.2009 British social workers for Australian Aboriginal communities?
28.05.2009 Nickos Koundardas on Hunger and Thirst Strike demanding his freedom
30.05.2009 Protesters raid illegal nuclear waste dump at Gorleben
01.06.2009 Dead person in Biel, Switzerland
10.06.2009 Anti-nuclear bus to tour Germany, neighbours
11.06.2009 Lebanon: Short film from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Camp
12.06.2009 Lebanon: No Work in Nahr al-Bared
14.06.2009 Déclaration du Parti Communiste-ouvrier d'Iran
20.06.2009 Australian Aborigines publish a long list of complaints and demands
20.06.2009 "No more new nukes" says German minister - as clapped-out reactor goes back online
20.06.2009 Nuclear renaissance hits trouble
21.06.2009 German environment minister: “A pack of lies from the nuclear industry”
24.06.2009 France: Gay Iranian risks deportation
24.06.2009 Sign petition calling on ALL governments to condemn the crackdown in Iran
24.06.2009 Interview with El Libertario (Venezuela – June 2009)
24.06.2009 Lebanon: Short film on the siege of Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp
25.06.2009 Lebanon: Nahr al-Bared's forgotten 'Prime Areas'
26.06.2009 And yes: we "have had the heart" to protest against the leaders of the earth!
26.06.2009 Pictures from Calais, 26.06.2009
26.06.2009 Police provocations at the No Border camp
26.06.2009 We are students, we want the impossible! See you in l'Aquila
27.06.2009 Bewegung im Iran - progressiv oder imperialistische Verschwörung?
27.06.2009 WHO official admits farm biosafety rules are dominated by the industrial meat lobby
28.06.2009 fbi/cia illegal funding of their global crime spree
29.06.2009 After Calais Noborder Camp - What's Next?
30.06.2009 Iran - help break the blackout
02.07.2009 Zhibin Gu: is China a socialist nation? (5 parts)
06.07.2009 Site of a planned coal power plant in Mainz squatted
07.07.2009 Defeat Capitalism - Callout for an anticapitalist anti-G8 demonstration in Freiburg
08.07.2009 Update: Support and Stay Tuned: Struggle Continues Against Armed Border Guards in Akwesasne
09.07.2009 Video: Free all prisoners! graswurzel.tv aus Italien
11.07.2009 Polish wind energy conference calls for papers
11.07.2009 Summer school on energy and climate for young people in Netherlands
15.07.2009 Message to the women of Iran
17.07.2009 Burn the War Machines
19.07.2009 Iran: Khamenei must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity!
24.07.2009 Destruction of Calais migrant camps planned next week
25.07.2009 Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to the 14 Sidor workers
29.07.2009 Support our troops in Afghanistan: buy more heroin!
31.07.2009 A Vestas worker speaks about the struggle
03.08.2009 New Media-Lights for the North of England
03.08.2009 Repression has no place in our boat…
06.08.2009 Merkel has known for 13 years that nuclear dump is dangerous
07.08.2009 Australian Aboriginal man cooked to death in a prison van
08.08.2009 Revenge decision to make Gorleben the permanent German nuclear dump
09.08.2009 Antipsychiatrie in den USA
10.08.2009 Reclaim the Fields
11.08.2009 After we have burnt everything...
16.08.2009 Australian water companies' link to Israeli company stealing West Bank water
16.08.2009 Every Deportation a Scandal!
17.08.2009 Australia gets bad rap to UN rapporteur over Aborigines
19.08.2009 Corroboree revival in Moree
29.08.2009 Barcelone: forced repatriation of 120 Algerian boat people
30.08.2009 UN rapporteur trenchantly criticises Australia over Aborigines
31.08.2009 Nuclear waste dump in central Hamburg?
31.08.2009 Lesvos: Action at Pagani continues - URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED
31.08.2009 Camp in Ranua Set Up to Monitor Areva's Mining Activities
01.09.2009 Up to 200 vehicles in nuclear protest trek to Berlin
06.09.2009 50,000 demonstrated in Berlin against nuclear power
08.09.2009 100 good reasons against nuclear power
10.09.2009 German Nuclear Scandal is 'Hair-Raising and Unforgivable'
12.09.2009 BP's sugar cane climate vandalism in Brazil - your signature wanted!
21.09.2009 Graphic Gallery
22.09.2009 Carlos, 1 year without you, 1 year with you
23.09.2009 Wetteraukreis: NPD posters confiscated
24.09.2009 Lebanon: Nahr al-Bared's reconstruction in limbo
25.09.2009 2,632 events in 134 countries in climate wake-up call
28.09.2009 Greens vow to oppose U-turn on German nuclear phaseout
30.09.2009 Austrian firm involved in Tasmanian forest vandalism
02.10.2009 Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre attacked by neo-Nazis
07.10.2009 Is the German renewable energy industry in jeopardy?
11.10.2009 Anti-fascist demonstration in Sydney, Australia
13.10.2009 Costa Rica: Popular March, For Dignity in the South
13.10.2009 Renewable energy could power the world
15.10.2009 Racial Discrimination Act to be restored for Australian Aborigines
16.10.2009 Venezuela: Demarcation without land, criminalization and death for indigenous struggle
21.10.2009 Join more than 4,000 extraordinary climate actions across nearly every country
26.10.2009 Muslims Targeted in the Name of Minarets
03.11.2009 Venezuela: The error of being Lusbi Portillo
15.11.2009 "Caol kills" protest disrupts party conference in Australia
21.11.2009 “Third world scenes” among Australian Aborigines
25.11.2009 Refugees Remain Sceptical of Nahr al-Bared Reconstruction
28.11.2009 Venezuela: Anti-police impunity activist assassinated
29.11.2009 Cop15 Climate Conference: System Change, Not Climate Change
29.11.2009 COP15: Call for translations
30.11.2009 Aboriginal living conditions 'fifth world'
04.12.2009 First Stop of the "Climate-Justice Caravan (east) to the COP 15 summit
09.12.2009 Another Police Raid on Climate Campaigners
10.12.2009 Gr: Financial aid for the arrested of RESALTO social center.
11.12.2009 If you need help… in Copenhagen!
13.12.2009 Voices from the streets of Copenhagen
14.12.2009 Set them free! Hamburg comrade in jail in Copenhagen
18.12.2009 [Freiburg] Soli-Demo "Against the Copenhagen Detention Climate"
18.12.2009 Hope fades on Copenhagen - Climate justice movement grows!
27.12.2009 Violent clashes and riots in Teheran
30.12.2009 Lebanon: Rebellious rhymes from a destroyed refugee camp