COP15: Call for translations

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The UN Cop15 Climate Conference is due to take place in Copenhagen from 7th-14th December. English turns out to be the "lingua franca" in international protests coverage but there are a lot of people who do not understand English. Independent News coverage should be available for everybody, regardingless of there language skills. For International major events like the NATO summit in Strasbourg Indymedia content was translated to German, French, English, Dutch and partly to Spanish.


Climate IMC does support translations of their articles so everybody around the globe can help with translations.

Volunteers for translations should join the respective channels on irc:// (HowTo) in order to communicate with each other and with people in Copenhagen.


General coordniation:




German translation:



French translation:



Spanish translation:



Italian translation:



Danish translation:



Dutch translation:



Greek translation:



You can start volunteering by translating this article.

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