Squat in Graz, Grabenstraße

Former police station in the "Grabenstraße" squatted. The group "Projekt A-Z" will, together with other groups, demand the establishment of an autonomous cultural centre.


One lucky day for Graz: Since Friday, the 13th of March Graz has an autonomus cultural centre again. Friday night the building in Grabenstraße 56, which was vacant for the last 4 years, was squatted. It fits the needs of the initiatives of "Project A-Z" perfectly and is easily accessible with public transports. The former police station is in public ownership and is therefore the property of and should be used by all of us.

"Projekt A-Z" is not the only initiative demanding an autonomous cultural centre. About 300 supporters subscribed for a new social centre.

Last December the associations KiG and TAG demanded the establishment of such a centre at Andreas-Hofer-Platz. But the mayor of the city, Nagl, thought that a casino was more useful than culture. A pretty strange approach on urban development... We will get into contact with the representatives of the owners, the associations and the city to push forward the interests of all parties. As mentioned in the last press statement, "Projekt A-Z" will found the legal structures, the city demands; in return we demand mayor Nagl and his proxy Rücker to be cooperative.

Contact: projektaz@riseup.net