Graphic Gallery


On this page you find an open compilation of graphics about Indymedia linksunten.

From flyers, layout and logo sketches to webbanners: for embedding them into your homepage, for printing out flyers and whatelse you can think about.


However, Indymedia is a project, which invites you to participate:

create your own sketches!



Create Indy yourself! - in three easy steps:

  1. Upload your completed sketch in the Media Upload.
  2. Send us afterwards the link of your contribution to linksunten (at) indymedia dot org.
  3. Don't forget, that the sketches have to be in a sufficient quality! Everything, which is for printing out (flyer, poster, for example): at least 300dpi | graphics for the net (webbanners, logos, for example): 70dpi.

Do Indy Yourself!
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