Texts in English – Oktober 2013

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02.10.2013 Occupied London statement on the ‘dismantling’ of the Golden Dawn by the Greek state: There ain’t no such a thing as bourgeois justice.
02.10.2013 'Virtual borders' scheme to track every non-EU citizen
03.10.2013 Syrien in Calais - Streik und Hafenblockade
03.10.2013 Erklärung der "Coordinamento Migranti" zu den Hunderten von Toten im Mittelmeer heute (eng)
04.10.2013 ALF legt über 30 Lastwagen von Tiertransportfirma tiefer
04.10.2013 For a society without fear
04.10.2013 Update on the Situation in Calais
06.10.2013 Kazan, Russia: Arrested anarchists released court pending
06.10.2013 Under Fire between the Lines - Russian anarchists during the 1993 Yeltsin coup
06.10.2013 Zaragoza, Spanish State: Responsibility claim for explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral
06.10.2013 Soli-Abend: Support political actions for Bleiberecht!
09.10.2013 Yet another inferno in RMG factory
09.10.2013 Non-Citizens Hungerstrike at Brandenburger Tor
12.10.2013 Erstes Jubiläum des Protestes in und vor der nigerianischen Botschaft vom 15.10.2012.
14.10.2013 The Hambach forest occupation is under direct threat of eviction
17.10.2013 Action in front of the german embassy in Vienna : Solidarity with hungerstriking Non-Citizens in Berlin
19.10.2013 Rio de Janeiro: Cops beat an 18-years-old boy to death
22.10.2013 Update aus Calais (en)
22.10.2013 Video: Remembering means fighting!
23.10.2013 A response to Slavoj Zizek: Syria a pseudo struggle
26.10.2013 (F) Animalrightsactivists against racism, sexism and homophobia!
28.10.2013 [Vienna] Armed Nazis attacked EKH
28.10.2013 Police repression in Rio de Janeiro
30.10.2013 About 100 animal-libartion-activists attacked vivisection-lab in brasil!
30.10.2013 [W] Refugees had to leave Servitenkloster
30.10.2013 [GR] International Action Day Against Gold Mines in Halkidiki
31.10.2013 Activists release dogs being used for tests by lab in southeastern Brazil
31.10.2013 Kevin is now on day 7 of his hunger strike
31.10.2013 Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land
31.10.2013 The siege of Palazzo Chigi: from the top of the police wagon