Texts in English – September 2013

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03.09.2013 Bundeswehr in Kunduz 2009 and 2013
04.09.2013 Kevin Olliff und Tyler Lang in prison!
05.09.2013 The man who made Femen: New film outs Victor Svyatski as the mastermind behind the protest group and its breast-baring stunts
05.09.2013 Stars of the constellation
06.09.2013 US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet
06.09.2013 N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web
06.09.2013 Revealed: The NSA’s Secret Campaign to Crack, Undermine Internet Security
06.09.2013 Mexico: Clashes during the protests against energy reform (photos, videos)
06.09.2013 Melbourne: ‘Felicity Ann Ryder Cell / FAI- IRF’ Attack Luxury Car Dealership (Australia)
06.09.2013 MPhoenix Project #5 : ‘ICR-FAI-IRF / Free Mandylas and Tsavdaridis Cell’ take responsibility for the incendiary attack against a school for police in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Indonesia)
06.09.2013 The main enemy is the state (Egypt)
08.09.2013 Syrian Anarchist Challenges the Rebel/Regime Binary View of Resistance
11.09.2013 German police thwart 'neo-Nazi model airplane bomb plot'
11.09.2013 punishment against Kevin & Taylor rising!
11.09.2013 (UK) Anarchists and animal rights groups burned down Police Firearms Training Centre
11.09.2013 Anti-badger cull group claim they torched £16m police firing range which burned to the ground
15.09.2013 All police “required” to report animal releases to the FBI
17.09.2013 Antifa demolishes concert venue
19.09.2013 Left Wing Student Union Activist in Ukraine Attacked by Far-Right Again: Second Attack in Just One Month
19.09.2013 Demo und Ausschreitungen in Athen
19.09.2013 Euro-sceptics could evict the German government on Sunday
20.09.2013 [B] Spontaneous protest in solidarity with all refugees
21.09.2013 [Wien] We will not forget, we will not forgive - Speech for Pavlos Fyssas at Refugee-Protest
21.09.2013 Abbott Government's first actions: trash climate change education, carbon pricing
22.09.2013 Rates of abused and neglected children on the rise in Australia: report
24.09.2013 Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival
24.09.2013 India among top targets of spying by NSA
24.09.2013 Defending the NSA leaks - Glenn Greenwald to Haaretz: Why whistleblower Snowden came to me
24.09.2013 The Antideutsche and me – an open letter to the german left by David Rovics
24.09.2013 A big election victory for Merkel – but who will govern with her?
25.09.2013 Realtime news reports from the streets in Greece
26.09.2013 Declaration of Enoruwa Charles, against „Residenzpflicht“ (right not to move) AND Hausverbot (right not to visit friends)
28.09.2013 solidarity with the french consulate occupation in düsseldorf — no one is left alone…
30.09.2013 Brussels, Belgium - Second wave of raids for the Operation Ashes