Declaration of solidarity with Indymedia Costa Rica


Indymedia linksunten shows its solidarity with the activists who started the process of founding the first Indymedia of Central America in February 2010.

The fist attempts to establish an IMC in Costa Rica date from the year 2003.


In the following years several attempts to found a Costa Rican IMC failed.


On February 11th, about 50 activists followed an invitation for another attempt. To give a first impresion of Indymedia, "((i)) the Film" was shown and afterwards the next steps towards an official IMC Costa Rica were discussed.


Since the first meeting, a group of activists gathers weekly and the reactivated mailinglist allows for digital discussions.


We call all media activists from Costa Rica and Central America as well as all established IMC's to support the activists in Costa Rica on their way.


Let's create two, three many Indymedias!


IMC linksunten

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Hi there!


Funny to see another cmi drupal instalation, after experimenting first with my own install. Lot of open space versus not that much info on a page. Then I've changed the editor inmediately for the the new CKEditor. Yes, no email address is asked for confimation & thats better for anonomity. Password rules a good balance of reasonable secure rules versus unbreakable nasty passwords. Then yes; all those european languages is also my idea! But then the problem; some people might bluntly mis a comment when its in another language..?! So it has disadvantages too, as I haven't seen yet how to get all the comments from different languages to the same article together? Still experimenting and making my install better; a long road to go.


The major bottleneck for the forming Indymedia Costa Rica seems to be the technical issues. Officially there is not a team, but 2 loone wolves. So getting more tecnicians working together really needs managements guidance to my opinion. Ofcourse there are more tecnicians  & around Costa Rica that should fortify the almost non-existing team. Then a manager or similar is needed, to get the loose sand together and structure the work and tasks, as it didn't happen spontanious yet. If that's arranged, an international network would be welcome to perfectionize the drupal install and maybe integrate on Latin-American level, like one drupal install that runs many sites who have their own mirror backup. Its horrible to see that there are like 3 Indymedia's for the whole region of Central Americaanmd Caribean of maybe 50 (island)nations. They never will be able to develop software like this, so the best is that the software can be used for all new forming Indymedia's. That safes them the major bottleneck like I think is happening in Costa Rica.


Another little problem is that there is not that much drive to connect to other social groups in Costa Rica and invite them, like its relaxed to talk among themselves, as most are students from UCR. A collective for the whole of Costa Rica should contain different cultures and social groups, like making a list of all the organisations that apply and inviting representants. The UCR is not a bad start. Although many students in these official banana republics are allied to elite (possible infiltrants, double agents, on multinational payrole, UN framers, etc.) and will be the future elite, UCR has partly an opposite reputation. And knowing a little about the culture here, they do it different; it has to go with a swing, or they might loose interest and don't continue (like before since 2003)? So 'UCR+' might be a good start, or there might be nothing. Although to my opinion there should be a condition so that they can start using the name Indymedia, but have to make the group more diverse towards the whole Costa Rican social-activist society.


I wish anyone luck and send then my thanks for helping this proyect. My personal objectives are promoting independent media in the whole region by making systems myself and integrate the software with several countries. The objectives are the forming of Indymedia collectives in the whole region by spreading the word with 'neo-CMI's':