Texts in English – März 2011

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01.03.2011 Help write to the UN Human Rights Council about internet freedom
03.03.2011 Nuclear waste wasting billions of German taxpayers' euros
03.03.2011 Tata Noah: A Peruvian Family Tale
03.03.2011 Peru admits timber certificates faked in secret cable
05.03.2011 Suicide of a refugee
09.03.2011 URGENT: Government is trying to break the hunger strike!
10.03.2011 Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives
12.03.2011 Racially discriminative behaviour and ideas are still very prevalent in Australian society
13.03.2011 German protest in empathy with Japanese nuclear disasters
14.03.2011 [Cairo] The Eviction of Tahrir Square
14.03.2011 Germany to Reconsider Nuclear Policy - Merkel Sets Three-Month 'Moratorium' on Extension of Lifespans
16.03.2011 Germany temporarily switching off seven nukes, may rescind longer running times
16.03.2011 Stop Qaddafi
20.03.2011 The Animal Liberation Archive: AL-Archive.lnxnt.org
24.03.2011 Attention Bombay - Your City may be Sitting on a Volcano
25.03.2011 Neuer Castortransport nach Gorleben - BI Umweltschutz: "Volksabstimmung über Atomkraft im Herbst"
26.03.2011 Japan's wind industry hails earthquake-resilient turbines
26.03.2011 Australia is not doing enough to eliminate racial discrimination in Australia
26.03.2011 21-Year-Old Libyan American Medical Student Killed in near Brega; Hear His Interview with Democracy Now!
28.03.2011 Britain shows it can still stage a decent demo – pity about the mob
29.03.2011 Trying to stop Australians' gambling addiction
29.03.2011 Australia as “last bastion for the Aryan race”
30.03.2011 Civilmedia 11: Community Media For Social Change: Low Threshold - High Impact
30.03.2011 Germany considering export insurance for new quake-vulnerable Brazilian nuke
31.03.2011 South American Indians to receive royalties from potato sales
31.03.2011 Libya: dragged away for reporting rape