Open Callout new Squatted Social Center

For more than a century the castle on top of the mountain of les planes, Barcelona has remained in disuse, abandoned, and deteriorating, changing hands to hand from different owners since there never has been any real plan of usage for this building since its original plan as a leper en tuberculosis  asylum was never completed.


During the Spanish civil war it was taken by the antifascist resistance and used as a guerrilla hospital that even treated George Orwell when he was shot. Later in 2000  it was squatted and evicted to return into forgotten.


Today it we have liberated it again! we ave taken the castle, and now we open it to create a space for meeting, for creation, for debate, and political dissidence against speculation, and capitalism.


We make an open call out to come and build together with us, to bring to us your projects and ideas..all is welcome to come, visit, and to get to know the new social center.