Texts in English – April 2016

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01.04.2016 Deceit continues from the top down in Australia
01.04.2016 A refugee mother's thanks to Australian activists
01.04.2016 Speaking tour by Australian and Marshall Islander nuclear test survivors demanding a ban on nuclear weapons
01.04.2016 Finland – Responsibility for arson attack two cars of the private security company Securitas
01.04.2016 One Struggle - one fight!
02.04.2016 Infotour: Anarchism in Chile
02.04.2016 Millions spent on [Australian] anti-refugee propaganda
02.04.2016 People power saves babies from deportation to island concentration camps
02.04.2016 Nuclear, climate, coal, oil news 2 April
03.04.2016 Greeting of Nikos Maziotis at the yearly meeting of Red International Help
03.04.2016 Brisbane outcry over coal mine approval amid worst Barrier Reef bleaching
03.04.2016 Crashing Schengen!
03.04.2016 This is a Call to Action Against Slavery in America
03.04.2016 Chance to tell the world the indigenous story - take part or picket
04.04.2016 The Political MOVEMENT- Appeal to Refugee Communities for Solidarity Network in Germany and Europe
06.04.2016 Troubled Outback town’s successful Aboriginal medical service turns 30
07.04.2016 City Of Perth: Stop Terrorising The Homeless At Matargarup
09.04.2016 No-Border-Kitchen Lesvos - Urgent Call
09.04.2016 Call to day of action: Stop deportations – There is enough space for everyone!
10.04.2016 Demonstration: Stop deportations – There is enough space for everyone!
11.04.2016 Violent Consequences of EU Policies in Idomemi Camp (Greece)
12.04.2016 [Idomeni] A Statement
13.04.2016 [Idomeni] Independent Volunteers are not responsible for EU violence
15.04.2016 Statement on the last repressive operation in Barcelona and in solidarity with the imprisoned comrade in Soto de Real (Madrid)
15.04.2016 Greek Militarism in the Age of Syriza
16.04.2016 More Australian indigenous people than ever dying behind bars
17.04.2016 Traditional owners shrug off Adani’s land use pact in Australia
17.04.2016 Stop Deportations - Resistance is Possible!
17.04.2016 Nuit Debout Berlin
17.04.2016 Gambia: Death in detention of key political activist
17.04.2016 Live Update: Gambia’s Opposition Launch Protest Against Jammeh
17.04.2016 Calm Returns To Gambia Amidst Opposition Crackdown
17.04.2016 [May 1 Bonn] To a self-determined life and the emancipatory abolishment of work, capitalism, state and patriarchy!
19.04.2016 'The World or Nothing': Meet MILI, the New Face of Student Protests in France
19.04.2016 Update on Aachen repression
20.04.2016 Hack Back! – A DIY Guide
20.04.2016 [Lesvos] Eviction of the No Border Camp
20.04.2016 Campaign to Break Deportation Culture and Criminalization of Refugees in Germany and Europe
20.04.2016 [Lesvos] Statement from NBK regarding the eviction
21.04.2016 More Than A Voice: The Legacy Of Tiga Bayles
21.04.2016 Why no-one should climb Uluru
22.04.2016 Frankfurt, Germany: Wild demo with an attack on the French consulate
22.04.2016 "Media activism in the favela: state violence, resistance and way of life"
23.04.2016 23 April Past week in nuclear and climate news
24.04.2016 People power stings Australian politicians over corporate tax dodging
25.04.2016 [B] We will never be divided- United Neighbours!
25.04.2016 Anzac Day: We’ve Already Said Thanks, It’s Time To Move On
26.04.2016 Symbolical action on the Moroccan embassy in Berlin
26.04.2016 Nuit Debout Berlin - 27.04.16
27.04.2016 The Netherlands: Person arrested on suspicion of spreading Anarchist Wallpaper
27.04.2016 Neues aus Belgrad
29.04.2016 Riots in the detention center of Moria.
29.04.2016 12th police raid on Aboriginal protest and homeless camp
29.04.2016 Another month’s walk with Aborigines against uranium mining
29.04.2016 Asylum seeker dies after self-immolation in Australian camp
30.04.2016 Aboriginal owners outraged by a spiritually important site being chosen for Australia's first nuclear waste dump