Texts in English – November 2016

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01.11.2016 Unanimously innocent Thodoris Sipsas for the case of Marfin
01.11.2016 'Wholly void' election of Aboriginal member a 'landmark case'
01.11.2016 Outrageous: Cameoon's Baka forest people abused to make way for elephant hunters
02.11.2016 Gathering of First Nations and Peoples 26 & 27 November 2016
03.11.2016 Obama: Army Corps Examining Possible Rerouting Of Dakota Access Pipeline
03.11.2016 A New American Low: One Rule For The Whites, Another For Its First Peoples
03.11.2016 Just released: Beyond the red lines – system change not climate change (film)
04.11.2016 Aborigines demand their historic shield and spears back from British museums
04.11.2016 Short outage of linksunten
06.11.2016 The victims of this asylum system
06.11.2016 Turkey Doubles Down on Censorship With Block on VPNs, Tor
06.11.2016 Coup plotters' use of "amateur" messaging app helped Turkish authorities map their network
06.11.2016 Gülenists’ Existential Fight Over A Mobile Application
06.11.2016 immigrant notes on exclusion
07.11.2016 A letter to 'Rojavist' Friends
07.11.2016 Wien - Demo: 8.11. ist Inter*-Solidaritäts-Tag!
07.11.2016 10 years imprisonment for a graffiti – freedom for Giyas and Bayram
07.11.2016 Apoist Youth Initiative Hessen claim two attacks against Turkish fascists in Kassel
07.11.2016 Attack against the Turkish Cultural Association in Bad Oeynhausen by Apoist Youth Initiative NRW
07.11.2016 Diplomatic vehicle torched outside the Turkish Consulate in Hannover
08.11.2016 Citizens jury trashes plan to absorb the world's nuclear waste in South Australia
08.11.2016 [B] Statement to XB-Liebig from Giraffenküfa
08.11.2016 Paint-bomb attack against Google headquarters in Munich
08.11.2016 Dresden: Arson attack against a vehicle owned by war profiteers ThyssenKrupp
09.11.2016 Hands Off!
09.11.2016 After the Election, the Reaction: Trump le Monde
09.11.2016 [B] Movie „Paris Rebelle“ with English and German subtitles!
10.11.2016 Growing up with family and culture is a human right. It's also essential for healing
11.11.2016 Aboriginal children in care 'isolated from family and culture', says Victoria report
11.11.2016 Gun-toting British anti-Muslim activist poses on Israeli tank
11.11.2016 71 Days to Prepare Before the First Executive Orders
11.11.2016 Kanal moving days
11.11.2016 Possible ‘first encounter’ Aboriginal shield uncovered in Berlin museum
12.11.2016 Queenslanders can’t challenge giant coalmine’s dangerous water grab
12.11.2016 Report calls for change in Indigenous suicide prevention in Australia
15.11.2016 Is South Australia’s nuclear dumping plan dead?
15.11.2016 Alexei Gaskarov: What Politics?
16.11.2016 No deportations to Afghanistan! Keine Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan!
16.11.2016 Servants And Slaves: A Simple Guide To Why Australia’s Rulers Cultivate Racism
16.11.2016 Leipzig: Antifascists destroy the home of neo-Nazi Istvan Repaczki
16.11.2016 German far-Right extremists teaming up with gangs in America and Europe to plan attacks, intelligence chief warns
17.11.2016 [Berlin] Information-event: Freedom for Lukáš Borl - Solidarity with the anarchist & social movement in the Czech Republik
17.11.2016 Call out to Australian indigenous people to a gathering of nations 26/27 November
17.11.2016 Red November, Black November – An Anarchist Response to the Election
18.11.2016 Anti-fascist Demo - Gegen türkische Nazis
20.11.2016 [B] What is a robbery of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?
21.11.2016 Responsibility claim: Attack against Deutsche Telekom in Berlin
23.11.2016 Claim of the fake press release that attacked Vinci
23.11.2016 Berlin: Attack against Thales
24.11.2016 Vienna: Rage and solidarity with anarchists accused of bank robbery
24.11.2016 Riseup: "There is no need for panic."
25.11.2016 Call-out for networking from the campaign 'ineumanity'
25.11.2016 [B] Anti-authoritarian report and analysis on the social movement against the loi travail in france
25.11.2016 [NL] Massenfestnahme auf Antirepressionsdemo am 19.11. in Den Haag
26.11.2016 Repainting of a bank in solidarity with the anarchists accused of the aachen bank robberies
27.11.2016 The Invisible Committee: "Spread anarchy, live communism"
28.11.2016 Athens Warzone ~ Front line view of the intense protest and riot for the November 17 student revolt
28.11.2016 New Australian 'biodiversity' law 'a direct assault on Aboriginal laws, culture, religion and spirituality'
29.11.2016 Excavator burns in Berlin – against G20-Summit
29.11.2016 Wrong Signal
30.11.2016 Ongoing crimes against humanity, gross violations of human rights, genocide, ethnocide, ecocide and persecution across ‘Australia’
30.11.2016 [B] Attack against construction-company HOCHTIEF and a call against the G20-summit