Texts in English – Juli 2016

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01.07.2016 We must die standing and fighting and not lay down and let these bastards have their own way
01.07.2016 "Every Eviction Has Its Price”: International Call Out From Rigaer 94 – Demos 5th & 9th July – Berlin
02.07.2016 R94 Action Day 05.07.
04.07.2016 call for international solidarity actions
04.07.2016 (B) Call out for demonstration: Defend Rigaer94! Destroy the Investor’s Paradise!
05.07.2016 (B) Solidarity statement from Meuterei and call for demonstration 9.7.
05.07.2016 Spanish State. Pandora II dismissed!
05.07.2016 [Rigaer 94] - Our strategy against their malice - A call out for a Black July
05.07.2016 [Ljubljana] Kurzes Update zur aktuellen Situation im ROG
05.07.2016 [Munich] Solidarity with LGBTQI refugees
06.07.2016 Rigaer 94 goes Black July
06.07.2016 (B) 2nd Update for the July 9 demo • Defend Rigaer 94! • Smash investors dreams!
06.07.2016 No Border Camp Muenster 2016
06.07.2016 Soli-party for Swedish Antifas
06.07.2016 Anarchist comrade arrested in Amsterdam
07.07.2016 [B] Cullet at Commerzbank
07.07.2016 [BI] R94 is everywhere!
08.07.2016 Frankfurt- smoke signals to Rigaer94 and for a Black July!
08.07.2016 First Aboriginal woman in Australia’s main parliament – tokenism or indigenous power boost?
09.07.2016 (B) statement by the refugees from the evicted JSH at Columbiadamm
12.07.2016 Report: Burst the dreams of investors – Defend Rigaer 94
12.07.2016 David Cameron promised to heal 'broken Britain' but left it more unequal
14.07.2016 Berlin: Black July – Attack with fire and stones against the Spittelmarkt
14.07.2016 Germany: Incendiary attack against Turkish fascist-owned business by Apoist Young Women’s Initiative
14.07.2016 Hanover: Feminist Attack
14.07.2016 Vinci excavator torched in Berlin to greet the rebels in France
14.07.2016 Whats going on with Friedel54?
15.07.2016 Does Indigenous Australia Need a #BlackLivesMatter Movement?
15.07.2016 Responsibility claim for the execution of mafioso Habibi in June , Exarhia area – Athens, Greece
15.07.2016 Clumsy is free, but the trial is not over.
15.07.2016 Message to the neighbourhood and all others
15.07.2016 Aboriginal mothers are 17.5 times more likely to be victims of homicide in Western Australia than other mums
16.07.2016 Ambulance Targeting Was Based On Turkish Disinformation
17.07.2016 New threat to remove Aborigines from tiny remote communities
19.07.2016 Berlin: Arson attack against Public Order Office vehicles for Black July
20.07.2016 Support swelling for treaty, falling for recognition in Australia
20.07.2016 One-stop shop for urban revolutionaries battles closure
21.07.2016 Actions against borders at NBC
22.07.2016 The unassignable riot
22.07.2016 A-Camp 2016
25.07.2016 [HH] Banks demolished in solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of bankrobberies in Aachen
26.07.2016 Impressions from the No Border Camp in Thessaloniki
26.07.2016 Aboriginal children stripped, tear-gassed, brutalised in Northern Territory prison
27.07.2016 Australian doctors going to court to challenge government gag order on refugee maltreatment
28.07.2016 Aborigines were NOT nomads – stirring for more teaching of Aboriginal history
28.07.2016 NT Juvenile Detention Abuse Royal Commissioner Needs No Introduction To Black Territorians
28.07.2016 WSH-Camp in Solidarity with illegalized and criminalized activists in Greece!
29.07.2016 [GR] Report of the action at Thessaloniki airport
31.07.2016 “This week, Australia is a boy in a hood in a cell"