Texts in English – Februar 2016

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01.02.2016 Lager Mobilisation in Berlin: The "Welcome To Wedding"-Map is here!
02.02.2016 Raids on the Loose Cannons!
02.02.2016 Chile: Phoenix Project – Incendiary attack against a security company by FAI-IRF
02.02.2016 Greek Police raid the house of a group of international refugee-supporters
02.02.2016 Information event + solidarity kitchen: Racist aggressions against refugees
04.02.2016 Press Release: Syrian woman expelled from Berlin refugee camp for defending human rights
06.02.2016 Mega coalmine along Great Barrier Reef coast 'not a foregone conclusion'
07.02.2016 Freeing Julian Assange: John Pilger On The Final Chapter
07.02.2016 [PRAG] Statement of Klinika collective about attack on the autonomous social centre
07.02.2016 Statement of solidarity from the houseproject Senffabrik located in Flensburg to the squatters of Alte Post Münster
08.02.2016 Soli LP for Rojava
08.02.2016 Time to fund the "No" vote in the Australian constitution dispute
12.02.2016 Euahlayi cultural astronomy parallels with latest gravitational waves detection
13.02.2016 Call for a Berlin WLTI* assembly: Thursday, Feb. 18th at 7pm at New Yorck im Bethanien
13.02.2016 Maybe an idea to copy here
13.02.2016 Nuclear news, climate news to 12 February
13.02.2016 Stop Deportations Vienna - New Blog
14.02.2016 'Far-left' activists smash luxury cars in Berlin police protest
14.02.2016 No VWs for this gang: Bicycling arsonists in Berlin target Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches
14.02.2016 Masked Attackers Have Smashed Nearly 50 Cars in Berlin
14.02.2016 Pissed-off anti-gentrification activists smash and burn rich people’s cars
14.02.2016 Nuclear waste dump tour: Activists travel 10,000km to six shortlisted sites, meet community members
15.02.2016 Megachurch Fusion Or Solar Encounter?
16.02.2016 Manifestation - Ferries not Frontex
16.02.2016 South Australia wants to store all the world's nuclear waste
16.02.2016 Giulio Regeni: instigators, culprits, accomplices
17.02.2016 Berlin: Burning cars and broken windows after police raid against Rigaer 94
17.02.2016 No justice! No peace! - Stop Racial profiling in Hamburg – solidarity with our comrades of the HafenVoKü
18.02.2016 Self-declared sovereign Indigenous nation recognised by Australian minister
18.02.2016 Conference: Social Center do it yourself!
19.02.2016 [P] Racism Kills!
19.02.2016 CALL OUT FOR SOLIDARITY! Court Case for the occupation of the ‘Spirit of Britain’
20.02.2016 February 20 Nuclear News this week
20.02.2016 Star stories of the Dreaming
22.02.2016 Australia the ‘ideal location’ for nuclear waste dump, says (foreign minister) Julie Bishop
22.02.2016 Reform announced for insane Australian electoral system - but will it happen?
24.02.2016 [H] Solistatement aus Italien gegen die Razzia im UJZ Korn
24.02.2016 The Trans Pacific Partnership has been secret for long enough, say Australian activists
24.02.2016 linksunten server problems during the last few days
26.02.2016 Australian pro-refugees protesters achieving the impossible
26.02.2016 Government Crisis Tightens Grip On Merkel