Texts in English – September 2016

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01.09.2016 Violent clashes between police and Aboriginal protesters in West Australian town
02.09.2016 Wilson Security to withdraw from Australia's offshore detention centres
02.09.2016 Senate tells Australian government not to fund controversial coal mine
03.09.2016 Nuclear news to Friday 2/9/16
03.09.2016 [DD] Social Center 4 All Dresden
04.09.2016 Collective Perspectives Against the Technological Attack
04.09.2016 Our shards against their repression
04.09.2016 Berlin: Solidarity banners for the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen
04.09.2016 Erfurt: Pax Bank branch trashed
04.09.2016 Hamburg: ATMs attacked in solidarity with the anarchists accused in Aachen robbery cases
05.09.2016 US Hate Group Forging Ties with the “Third Rome”
05.09.2016 Military Operation of Show of Vandalism in Civil Protest Against Annihilation Pacifico Usurper Michel President
06.09.2016 “Germany is coming home – (mobi)lecture against the reunification party in Dresden”
07.09.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right” about tides
07.09.2016 [RD] Nationalism is no Alternative - Boundless solidarity against the AFD party congress in Rendsburg!
07.09.2016 Defend the zad – a call for international solidarity !
08.09.2016 One in 10 young Australian Indigenous men rate their happiness at 'zero'
08.09.2016 Seven police cars set on fire at Magdeburg train station
08.09.2016 A visit at “Ogniwo”, Krakow – A free space that links together what belongs together
09.09.2016 [B-Neukölln] Manifestation: Remembering Luke Holland.
09.09.2016 [D] Demo: "Right to remain for all – there are no safe countries of origin!"
09.09.2016 We are under occupation by a foreign power, which keeps us in our place by superior force
09.09.2016 (B) One struggle, one fight! From Rigaer 94 to Ohlauer Schule – stop evictions!
10.09.2016 Solidarität mit dem Gefängnisstreik in den USA
11.09.2016 Australia's offshore refugee processing is no inspiration. It deserves condemnation
12.09.2016 Democracy or Freedom? - Demokratie oder Freiheit?
12.09.2016 [DD] Demo: "proletarian parade"
12.09.2016 [Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg] Demonstration: Together against racist violence
13.09.2016 „Stop selective exclusion, isolation & deportation of refugees! End the institutional racism of the ‚Ankunftszentrums‘ Rahlstedt!“
14.09.2016 A Casual Killing: How Government And Business Make More Money By Ripping Off Yours
15.09.2016 The Custody Notification System saves Aboriginal lives. Why isn't it national?
16.09.2016 Psychologists apologise to Indigenous Australians for decades of mistreatment
17.09.2016 Australian psychologists apologise to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
18.09.2016 Indymedia linksunten: Subversive News in Gloomy Times
18.09.2016 Demonstration, Saturday, 8 October (Verdun). Rise up against far-right extremism, racism and discrimination!
18.09.2016 Germany: 18 vehicles of the Federal Police & the Deutsche Bahn go up in smoke
19.09.2016 Bautzen Violence Mirrors Berlin’s Covert War Crimes
19.09.2016 Tony Abbott says Europe is facing 'peaceful invasion' of asylum seekers
19.09.2016 Nauru refugee denied emergency evacuation after suspected heart attack
19.09.2016 Turnbull claims Australian border policies 'best in world' despite widespread criticism
19.09.2016 [M] From Bautzen to Munich – a united struggle against racism / Ob in Bautzen oder München – ein vereinter Kampf gegen Rassismus
20.09.2016 Racist and bigot Senator Hanson tried to divide and hurt Australian people
20.09.2016 Malcolm Turnbull tells world leaders to follow Australia's asylum policies
20.09.2016 Kalgoorlie Uprising: Black Man’s Victim. White Man’s Culprit, And The Twisted Psychology Of Racially Motivated Crime and Punishment
20.09.2016 Another court challenge to Australia's biggest coal mine plan
21.09.2016 Poland, Warsaw : FREE THE WARSAW FREE CAMPAIGN : All the arrested are released! [ENG]
22.09.2016 Lingen-Demo 29.10. unterstützen
22.09.2016 More blah or real chances of progress for Australia’s indigenous peoples?
22.09.2016 Damn Cocktails!
23.09.2016 Call by Aboriginal rugby stars to snub the Australian anthem
23.09.2016 Action against Lafarge Holcim
25.09.2016 Aboriginal prisoner braindead after brawl with five guards
26.09.2016 South Australia: Anti-nuclear camp out and rally in the Flinders Range 7-9 October
26.09.2016 Nuclear and climate news to September 24
26.09.2016 [B] School- and University strike: stop racism – At School
27.09.2016 An Aboriginal prisoner has died after brawling with five guards
27.09.2016 Australia must recognise it has a race relations problem, to move forward on reconciliation
27.09.2016 Trial against antifascist one year after Pegida-birthday
28.09.2016 Australia continues its nuclear war against Aborigines
28.09.2016 Attack in Strausberg
30.09.2016 CatchApp tool can siphon encryption WhatsApp messages from a distance