Texts in English – Januar 2016

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01.01.2016 Erdogan says Hitler’s Germany an example of presidential system with unitary state
01.01.2016 "Internationalist Center's" delegationtrip to Greece Part 2
01.01.2016 ThyssenKrupp Vehicle torched by Informal Pyromaniac Conspiracy
03.01.2016 'Against Democracy': English translation of GAC's book 'Contra la Democracia'
05.01.2016 Call for help of independent volunteers in Idomeni
06.01.2016 Leipzig: Customs vehicles set ablaze – for Black December
08.01.2016 Athens: Incendiary attack against security systems provider
08.01.2016 Five big nuclear issues for 2016 — and Australia’s role in them
10.01.2016 Nuclear, climate, energy and sustainability news
10.01.2016 Athens: New squat in Themistokleous St. 58 in Exarchia
11.01.2016 Geneva: Solidarity greetings from Reclaim The Streets
13.01.2016 Urgent! * Call for support in Macedonia
14.01.2016 Statement from Rigaer 94 on todays events
14.01.2016 (B) Demonstration 6.02.: Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
14.01.2016 Électricité de France shares sink to all-time low as nuclear waste cost estimate soars
14.01.2016 (B) Demonstration 6.02.: Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
15.01.2016 Rojava 2015 - Ein Rückblick
15.01.2016 Solidarity with all Refugees!
16.01.2016 (B) Rigaer 94 says thank you!
16.01.2016 Update on the Demonstration:Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighborhoods !
17.01.2016 Amsterdam: Shove Pegida in the Canals
18.01.2016 Solidarity without limits – action day against Fortress Europe!
19.01.2016 Voigt36 in solidarity with Rigaer94
19.01.2016 [GR] Ferries not Frontex – situation on Samos (Greece)
19.01.2016 (B) Declaration of solidarity and call to take part in the demonstration
19.01.2016 Solidarity greetings from Australia
21.01.2016 Solidarity with the ZAD
22.01.2016 [Greifswald] Solidarity with Liebig 34 & Rigaer 94
22.01.2016 Child refugees tell of bullying on Nauru: 'They are rude to us, they punch us'
22.01.2016 Nuclear news by Christina Macpherson
22.01.2016 Letter from Nahuel (SXE Madrid prisoner) to Wolf Down
23.01.2016 Indigenous Estate: “as soon as you have a closer look it disappears into nothing”
23.01.2016 Syria Deports Misrouted CIA Agent
24.01.2016 "The Australian dream is rooted in racism"
24.01.2016 What nobody talks about- Refugees from Sudan
25.01.2016 “Galilei got it wrong, the Yolngu got it right”
26.01.2016 German city bans migrants from its nightclubs after women report they were sexually assaulted in toilets and slipped date-rape drugs in their drinks
27.01.2016 Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world
28.01.2016 Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth - Bayern
29.01.2016 Nuclear news at the end of January 2016
29.01.2016 Anti uranium mining walk in Western Australia
29.01.2016 John Pilger on the Indigenous struggle: 'There is no alternative now'
29.01.2016 "A cynical land and power grab" against Aborigines
29.01.2016 "The Intervention" book presentation - "Cynical land and power grab"
29.01.2016 Irregularities alleged in elections to wealthiest Aboriginal organisation - "the judge is the thief"
30.01.2016 Higher tax on everyday goods to slash Australian corporate taxes