Texts in English – Oktober 2016

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01.10.2016 Neither here nor in Calais - Not keeping silence
02.10.2016 Children removed from families are at highest risk to suicide
03.10.2016 Social housing and the refugees affair in Berlin.
04.10.2016 Time to pick up the pace for decolonisation for First Nations Peoples in Australia – departing for London
04.10.2016 Nomuosfilm Screening und Diskussion
04.10.2016 Assassination of young antifascist in Finland.
05.10.2016 Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative arson attacks against cars owned by Turkish fascists
05.10.2016 Inter-racial tension grows over police shooting an Aboriginal man
05.10.2016 Refugee Protest March from Munich to Nuremberg
06.10.2016 Declaration of Yuggera tribal sovereignty to the lands of Brisbane/Ipswich
09.10.2016 Web2Web: Serverless Websites Powered by Torrents & Bitcoin
10.10.2016 Friedel54: Last round – rising up to the challenge of our rival
11.10.2016 Baton Song: The ZAD, destituent association, and the joy of pledging war
11.10.2016 Poland: urgent, call out for solidarity with AMEER !
13.10.2016 Calais: Updates of the October 1st Demo
13.10.2016 Eviction and dismantling – we demand humanity and freedom
13.10.2016 [The Netherlands] The Area Ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague
14.10.2016 [Prague] antifenix solidarity action
15.10.2016 Calais: jungle eviction probably delayed for one week
15.10.2016 How to deal with the AfD leaks
16.10.2016 Call-out against the coming evictions (Calais)
16.10.2016 Illegalisation of our protest
16.10.2016 Borders kill. Freedom of movement for all!
17.10.2016 Let us destroy the prisonsystem – inside or outside – until all are free!
17.10.2016 Demonstration against Deportations
18.10.2016 Companies Collaborating with the Border Regime in Calais
18.10.2016 Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull says Amnesty criticism of Nauru detention 'absolutely false'
18.10.2016 Upcoming Eviction of NoBorder Social Center in Lesvos and Call-Out for Activists!
18.10.2016 Aiton(Savoy, France): Prison on fire!
18.10.2016 Call to Action: No Border Action 27th til 30th of October
18.10.2016 RECLAIM EISENHÜTTENSTADT! demonstration
19.10.2016 Demonstration against deportations
19.10.2016 Some Updates on the Calais Eviction
20.10.2016 No still means no
20.10.2016 Dedicated Activists: The Next Big Threat For North-American Oil
21.10.2016 (B) Solidarity demonstration - Free the Röszke 11
22.10.2016 Solidarity with the Spanish student strike
22.10.2016 Calais Jungle - Räumungstermin 24. Oktober bestätigt
22.10.2016 Atom-News: Lingen-Demo, grüne Atompolitik, Westcastor-Resolution
22.10.2016 Representatives of enslaved indigenous people form a reparations alliance in London
24.10.2016 Australia lifts gag order on doctors treating refugees
25.10.2016 Film und Diskussion: Observation and Observation
25.10.2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership makes Australia vulnerable to court challenges, report claims
26.10.2016 [update] Court case dates for Amsterdam comrade
26.10.2016 Infovortrag über den Prozess gegen eine Anarchistin in Aachen
26.10.2016 The nuclear debate: the slow death of fast reactors
26.10.2016 Mark Guyula's election in NT 'wholly void', Electoral Commission tells court
28.10.2016 We haven't learned the lessons of the stolen generations. We are still failing Koori kids
28.10.2016 Fire in Moria, Lesvos after clashes - updates & photos from inside
29.10.2016 Native Americans protest against North Dakota pipeline
29.10.2016 R.I.P. Jacques Mesrine
29.10.2016 (B) HANDS OFF OF OUR HOUSES! – Statement on the raid of Braunschweiger Straße
30.10.2016 Opening discussion on Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Treaty process
30.10.2016 Ecumenical Forum supports Treaty, Sovereignty and Constitutional Recognition
30.10.2016 Anarchist call against the G 20 summit in Hamburg