Texts in English – Dezember 2015

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01.12.2015 Is Terrorism actually a threat to the State?
01.12.2015 2 may 2014 in Odessa, Ukraine: journalist research and propaganda video
01.12.2015 Violence results from lack of veto against mining in Australian Native Title process
02.12.2015 A raft of new and ongoing threats to Aboriginal lives
03.12.2015 Communiqué from Gathering of Nations in Canberra 21 & 22 November 2015
03.12.2015 The future of Australia's violent offshore detention camps hangs in the balance
03.12.2015 Aboriginal opposition to mega-mine caves in – ‘We want a job, a car, a house like any Australian'
04.12.2015 Erfurt: Demonstration against Deportation
05.12.2015 Tell the EU to ban biodiesel!
06.12.2015 Upgrade to Debian Jessie
06.12.2015 Last-minute reprieve for life-saving Aboriginal prison support
07.12.2015 Bring down the Ba'ath regime in Syria! Against the Nazi demonstration in Connewitz!
07.12.2015 Dispute rises as Munich continues ban of stumbling stones honouring Holocaust victims
08.12.2015 Stan Grant: 'Black Australia is a foreign place and I feel like a foreign correspondent in my own land'
08.12.2015 The Intervention and its Consequences – 9-10 October 2015 (Bonn)
09.12.2015 Torres Strait Islanders on ‘the trauma of climate change in the land of our ancestors’ – video
10.12.2015 Assimilationist Aborigines hunting down educated young to oppose grassroots leaders
10.12.2015 GST 15% rise would hit lowest earners hardest, latest modelling shows
10.12.2015 Avalanche Nr.6 erschienen
10.12.2015 (B) No Extradition to Milano! Solidarity with the NoExpo-Struggle
10.12.2015 Stop the rally of Pegida fascists from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in Aachen on December 13th! Block the racist mob!
12.12.2015 protocol #13+14 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin
12.12.2015 US prisons: A writing by longterm anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble for Black December
14.12.2015 Right to the City Vienna Meeting and ROD Info evening
16.12.2015 Berlin: Act of destruction – December 6th
16.12.2015 AFA Stockholm: 13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison – We’ll take the hit together
17.12.2015 [Egypt] "We're the freedom people."
19.12.2015 Attack against RWE energy company headquarters in the context of the COP21
20.12.2015 Le: EWI was just the beginning!
21.12.2015 Montreal: Private patrol car sabotaged for a Black December
21.12.2015 Nantes, France: Call-out for a massive day of action on Saturday 16th January
21.12.2015 Athens: Attack against Jumbo S.A. chain toy store
21.12.2015 From the hands, to the legs, to the neck - lets break the stability of the authority of the State!
21.12.2015 [B] Call for demonstrations to the women's prisons
22.12.2015 Antifa Straight Edge: So just what is the point?
22.12.2015 Bus to Dessau: Oury Jalloh - this was murder
22.12.2015 Call for supporting refugees in Macedonia
25.12.2015 31.12.: New Years Eve Noise Demo at Coquelles Detention Center
27.12.2015 [Balkanroute] Call for supporting refugees crossing Macedonia
28.12.2015 English call for the campaign "fighting for 20 years"
29.12.2015 “Requiem for a Journey of No Return" - Nikos Romanos
30.12.2015 Facebook on CCC
30.12.2015 Indymedia linksunten Tor onion service
30.12.2015 [Spain] Letter by Anarchist Comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
31.12.2015 SFIZY VEG: Vegan Paradise, Worker's Hell
31.12.2015 Melbourne: Attack against BAE Systems for Black December
31.12.2015 "Internationalist Center's" delegationtrip to Greece