Texts in English – Oktober 2015

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01.10.2015 [Heidenau] 3.10.2015 Demonstration "No discussion - For a save and humane accomodation for regugees!"
01.10.2015 Maurice Konstantinov: Nazi agitator in Freiburg-Herdern
03.10.2015 Greece: More Seclusion - More dead People
05.10.2015 “Es reicht, ya basta, it’s enough, كافيةأنها – Antiracist Demonstration
05.10.2015 [B] Arson attack on Liebig34
09.10.2015 Snitches, weak leadership and degradation of racial theories – Finnish Resistance movement in 2015
10.10.2015 [MS / Münster] Social centre opens its doors. The former Zollamt has been squatted
10.10.2015 Manifestation: "Solidarity with Gülaferit Ünsal".
11.10.2015 protocol #5 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
11.10.2015 Athens: Words from Evi Statiri – released after hunger strike, now recuperating at home
11.10.2015 meeting #6: forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
11.10.2015 meeting #7: forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
12.10.2015 refugeeswelcomemods
12.10.2015 Oppression is the cause of the majority of the suicides (or murders)
12.10.2015 Australia Redefines Hypocrisy And Human Rights In Bid For UN Position
12.10.2015 Indigenous call to Australian authorities: “Our communities and families have the capacity to care for our children”
13.10.2015 Father tried to kill himself when son was cured of TB as doctors over-ruled by immigration
13.10.2015 Keeping place for stolen Indigenous remains should take priority over Anzac centre
13.10.2015 Help to free refugee children from Australian concentration camps
15.10.2015 Aboriginal talks next month on declaring independence from Australia
15.10.2015 Terrible news: Australian government re-approves one of the world's biggest coal mines
15.10.2015 Our shit against your violence!
15.10.2015 Berlin: Banner drop in solidarity with Evi Statiri, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar
15.10.2015 An Aboriginal Artist’s Dizzying New York Moment
16.10.2015 Callout for a Weekend of Actions Against Police Weaponry - Oct. 25, 2015, Pont-de-Buis, Finistère, France
16.10.2015 Roundup of nuclear/climate news
16.10.2015 Asleep-at-the-wheel parliament allows Australia's wealthy and powerful to dodge taxation
16.10.2015 Fees paid by the Australian Wheat Board to dominate Iraqi wheat market were a 'bribe', court told
17.10.2015 Presentation of the Anarchist Newspaper APATRIS
18.10.2015 The Massacre of Ankara: Eye-Witness Account& Analyses
18.10.2015 Gewalt und Korruption: Bericht von bulgarisch-serbischer Grenze (Dimitrovgrad)
18.10.2015 Pregnant from being raped in camp, Somali refugee is denied medical care by Australia
19.10.2015 Breaking news from the borders - situation on the balkans migration route getting worse!
19.10.2015 Deal struck to end removal of Aboriginal children
20.10.2015 Aborigines take coalmine worries to United Nations bodies and corporations
21.10.2015 Human Rights Roundtable: Has Australia Become A Soft Theocracy?
21.10.2015 Curent Situation at the Serbian/Croatian Border
21.10.2015 Gypsies burn cars, block traffic, start riots in French town Moirans
21.10.2015 Waldkonzert am 5.12. mit MONO FÜR ALLE! im Hambacher Forst
22.10.2015 Anti-racist demonstration
22.10.2015 Campaign Intelexit: "Exit path back to democracy" for members of the intelligence community in moral conflicts
23.10.2015 Rise up against far-right extremism, racism and discrimination!
23.10.2015 Hambacher Forst | Arrests at Militant Actions Against the Forest Clearance
25.10.2015 International Call out against COP21
25.10.2015 Solidarity Party: Against Repression - Refugees welcome!
29.10.2015 A Short Report From the NoBorder Kitchen Team RIGONCE/BREZICE/DOBOVA 28/10/15
30.10.2015 Medicos rally against child detention