Texts in English – September 2015

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01.09.2015 Australia pays more than $13 million per refugee to send four to Cambodia
02.09.2015 Australia nanny state: Have we become a nation of idiots?
03.09.2015 Australia decides next week whether to join bombing Islamic State
03.09.2015 Convoy Budapest Vienna - Rail replacement Operation for Refugees
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
04.09.2015 Powers for Australian Border Force 'disrespect human dignity'
05.09.2015 De Vloek declares independence!
06.09.2015 Indigenous suicides “Australia’s worst crisis”
07.09.2015 Art Ecology Resistance (SKA) event in the Philippines
08.09.2015 First Australians – Die unbekannte Geschichte von Australien
09.09.2015 Basel, Switzerland: Call for a “NoBorder – NoNation – NoConex” demonstration
09.09.2015 Australia joins bombing of Syria, it's already bombing Iraq
09.09.2015 Massive Aboriginal misery focus at Bonn conference
10.09.2015 Down Under Berlin Film Festival 16 - 20 September 2015
10.09.2015 Tribal leaders meet in Alice Springs to hammer out treaty with White Australia
11.09.2015 [B] protocoll #1 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
13.09.2015 Australia, you're standing in it: another day, another week of breathtaking Aussie racism
14.09.2015 Chile: Coordinated incendiary attacks against telecommunications infrastructure by FAI-IRF
14.09.2015 Mediterranean Anarchist Meeting
15.09.2015 Bright spark, black day: the political obituary of the prime minister for indigenous affairs
15.09.2015 [FR] Shameful conditions in Freiburg's BEA
16.09.2015 Some words on the situation at the Hungarian-Austrian border
16.09.2015 Call out for an EMERGENCY solidarity action at the Serbian-Hungarian border
16.09.2015 [Berlin] Jobcenter Mitte attacked - fuck austerity
17.09.2015 After the wreckage Abbott caused he still left feeling sore and under-appreciated
17.09.2015 “March for life”? – What the fuck! Sabotage anti-feminism! Protest for self-determination of the body! Block Christian fundamentalists!
18.09.2015 Protesters against military coup killed in Burkina Faso
18.09.2015 Military claims control of Burkina Faso amid unrest
19.09.2015 Melbourne woman taking on Transfield over children in detention
19.09.2015 Madagascar: demand freedom for forest guardian Armand Marozafy!
19.09.2015 Aborigines and foreigners complete 450-kilometre anti-uranium walk in Western Australia
21.09.2015 Transfield could face legal action over Nauru and Manus abuses, group warns
21.09.2015 In remembrance of Pirsûs
21.09.2015 Australia-India nuclear deal fails to meet its objectives - and other nuclear news
21.09.2015 Bristol: Direct action against estate agents – CJA trashed
22.09.2015 Threatened traditional Aborigines again seek global activism
23.09.2015 Call for global action to save Aboriginal communities
24.09.2015 Arrests and Deportations at #crossingnomore
24.09.2015 Massive pain inflicted on Aborigines to steal their land rights
24.09.2015 From $13.50 to $750 per HIV/AIDS pill
25.09.2015 Forest fires in Indonesia: stop the corporate arsonists
27.09.2015 Greek Police - Tradition of Torture
29.09.2015 Attack against the Military Forces
29.09.2015 Attack against the Military Forces
29.09.2015 "The trains are full" – Some Insights into an East German Neo-nazi music network
30.09.2015 Stuttgart am 11. October 2015: We'll stand queer!
30.09.2015 Rightwing Populist event in Mettmann
30.09.2015 2nd Open Antifa Youth Meeting