Texts in English – November 2015

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01.11.2015 Flyer and posters for the RefugeesWelcomeAberAuch day of action
02.11.2015 [Berlin] KüfA and InfoEvent on the situation at the serbian-croatian border
02.11.2015 "Slaughter To Prevail" - Russian band with Neo Nazi frontman tours Europe
03.11.2015 Dortmund: Incendiary attack against Nazi’s car
03.11.2015 From Bakur to Germany - European Anarchists on the Kurdish Struggle
03.11.2015 Lands Of Opportunity, Travel Warnings, And Torture: The Places Australia Wants To Send Refugees
04.11.2015 Hambacher Forst: Occupation of Trees in Cutting Area
05.11.2015 [08/11] PEGIDA in the Netherlands (Utrecht) - help needed!
06.11.2015 Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists in Madrid
10.11.2015 HH - "koZe goes Collective Welcome Center"
10.11.2015 If You Read Just One Open Letter Opposing Labor’s Cruelty To Asylum Seekers, Make Sure It’s This One
10.11.2015 Greek conscripts: 'we won't take part in fighting migrants'
13.11.2015 Statement about the Party on 7. November
14.11.2015 November 13 attacks : Reject the murderers and let's protect the spirit of Charlie !
15.11.2015 Paris: Attacks against „Cultural Industry“ and „Hedonistic Life“? Some thoughts after the killings in Paris and other places around the world
16.11.2015 protocol #10 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin
16.11.2015 Fake „leftists” and „anarchists” in Ukraine
16.11.2015 Anti-Fascism, Anti-Capitalism and Straight Edge
17.11.2015 Festnahmen wegen 1 Mai/ Mailand in Italien und Griechenland
18.11.2015 [Spanien] Operation Ice: New repressive strike against anarchists
19.11.2015 Timely Gathering of Nations this weekend in Canberra 21& 22 November
19.11.2015 [Spanien] News! Released from prison Enrique, anarchist comrade arrested in Pandora II.
19.11.2015 Islamic State is losing ground. Will that mean more attacks overseas?
19.11.2015 European call for ‪‎Lund‬, Sweden‬: Antifa demo against the fascists congress, 28 November 2015, 14.00
21.11.2015 Turkey: Osman Evcan on Hunger Strike
22.11.2015 [Poland] Freedom Fighters martial arts league
26.11.2015 Call for demonstration againt the eviction of the SC4A
27.11.2015 [GREEK-MACEDONIAN BORDER] Violent clashes between refugees and police
28.11.2015 Help to fight government move to extinguish Aboriginal right to Barrier Reef land
28.11.2015 [B] Rigaer: Reminding another episode
28.11.2015 2nd antimilitaristic Counsel
28.11.2015 Block the train to Paris – the climate summit is part of the problem!