Block the train to Paris – the climate summit is part of the problem!

Sonderzug nach Paris blockiert (Foto: Presse)

On 28th of November, delegates, including the German secretary of environment Barbara Hendricks, are traveling to Paris in a special train organized by Deutsche Bahn, to take part in the climate summit there.


We catched the train in Frankfurt and blocked its journey!


The „eco-friendly“ journey, advertised by Deutsche Bahn, used to gain media attention by hundreds of politicians and representatives of companies, is part of a spectacle. A spectacle, which is meant to pretend climate protection to us since decades. To the outside, they claim to take serious action to save the climate.


But this is a distraction! For us, the issue of climate is always connected to the issue of system. We live in an economic system, which can't survive without permanent profit and more and more growth (and nevertheless gets into crisis periodically). We are ruled by a state, which primarily aims to defend the righ for property of those, which search to exploit us and the resources of this planet. As long as this stays like this, we will always head into a collapse of society. Global warming is only one variation of this!


Caused by their interests based in the system, state and economy are not able to take effective action to save the climate. That's why only our own, direct action can stop global warming! Those, who will negotiate in Paris, are for the most part responsible for global warming – because they hold the power in their hands which caused this situation in the beginning. They are ALONE responsible for the repression which hits climate activists all over the world. In Paris, all demonstrations against the climate summit were prohibited. In the brown coal mining area Rhineland, three activists, „the T(h)ree“, are in imprisonment on remand because of direct actions.


This means for us: Those who will negotiate in Paris in the next two weeks are not the ones to solve the problem – they're the ones causing it!


That's why we disrupt their journey in Frankfurt, to make this clear to the public – and to themselves.


The blockade of this train is symbolic – nevertheless, we think it's important to oppose the selfrighteousness of the „climate negotiators“ in this way. But we also have to take direct action – block coal mines, burn down animal factories, destroy construction equipment, carry the fight for the global climate in the streets, break the power of the state.


We'll meet in the streets, on the rails and in the forests!


Free the T(h)ree – dump capitalism!