Texts in English – April 2015

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01.04.2015 South Australian Aboriginal communities hold emergency summit to fight 'cultural genocide'
03.04.2015 Why I Broke Up with the Anarchist Community
04.04.2015 „Berkin Elvan was an ordinary person, but he was our child“
04.04.2015 Greece: The hunger strike of the CCF was victorious
14.04.2015 Brussels: The struggle against the construction of a maxi-prison
15.04.2015 Fight For Your Poverty - DADA_DANCE_DEMO + Musical
16.04.2015 [Chile] Anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran declare hunger strike
16.04.2015 TekkBackDaPark Act III
16.04.2015 For the record: First People's sovereignty never ceded
17.04.2015 Police ends occupation of Athens University: no tear gas, no tears
19.04.2015 White and black deceit, corruption and looting over land against autonomous Aboriginal people in South Australia
19.04.2015 Refugees Soli Bustour in Kiel
19.04.2015 Athens, Greece: Incendiary attack against a poultry company in solidarity with imprisoned hunger strikers
20.04.2015 Aborigines appeal to UN indigenous forum over homelands closure plans
20.04.2015 Network of Imprisoned Fighters end their 48 day hunger strike after Greek parliament agree to significant portion of the demands (Greece)
21.04.2015 Upcoming international Perth conference on racist theft of Aboriginal children
21.04.2015 ALERT: New grouped deportation to DRC on April 28th 2015!
21.04.2015 2nd of may "Danube Channel for everyone - Let's take back the city!"
22.04.2015 By evicting the homelands, Australia has again declared war on Indigenous people
24.04.2015 'Systemic racism' against Aboriginal communities is savaged at the United Nations
25.04.2015 Free Mumia
25.04.2015 Ferrys not Frontex!
28.04.2015 Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Australia -- Call-to-Action day!
28.04.2015 A fair go for the First Nations: Australia needs a Treaty
28.04.2015 Stop Tightening of asylum laws InfoEvent and Küfa
28.04.2015 No bees, no future
29.04.2015 Refugee-Movement-Bustour - Sponti in Lager Bramsche-Hesepe (Osnabrück)
29.04.2015 Refugee-Movement-Bustour - 21-24 april in Kiel, Oldenburg and Hannover