Texts in English – Juni 2015

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01.06.2015 Ukraine: truce the least bad option, but it gave space to fascists on all sides
01.06.2015 [Wü] Trial report + outing of the ZAG
02.06.2015 One refugee child has spent nearly five years in an Australian prison camp
02.06.2015 International nuclear news roundup
02.06.2015 [Spain] Three of the five anarchist prisoners of the Operación Piñata released!
03.06.2015 Aboriginal actions across the continent to ‘Shutdown Australia’ on 1 June
03.06.2015 Greece: Solidarity to arrested Grigoris Tsironis and Spiros Christodoulou and in active insurrectionary memory of Spiros Dravilas
04.06.2015 Watch it now: Giant tampons at Parliament!
05.06.2015 Solidarity with the Spanish Anarchists
05.06.2015 Detention turns refugees into patients. Don't jail doctors for saying so
05.06.2015 T-Shirt Racism
06.06.2015 Aboriginal Elders and writers flail invasion of homelands eight years ago in an exciting anthology
07.06.2015 Downtime due to technical problems
07.06.2015 Musik braucht Freiräume
08.06.2015 Greece: “Communization: The senile decay of anarchy (or re-inventing anarchy)”, text by CCF
10.06.2015 [B] Frackanpada! Berlin info-event + soli-cocktails
10.06.2015 Ground Control - agriculture and climate action camp // Amsterdam 1-8 July
10.06.2015 Stop tightening asylum laws!!
11.06.2015 The forbidden texts of refugee activist Joke Kaviaar
12.06.2015 Ukrainian Anarchist Organizations’ Statement On the Attack Against the Equality March
12.06.2015 Big Agriculture: hands off of Papua!
13.06.2015 Australia must back indigenous expertise to end crisis of children’s incarceration
14.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear news
14.06.2015 Can Australia sink any further in its treatment of asylum seekers
15.06.2015 Decolonisation: to be or not to be included in the Australian constitution?
16.06.2015 The Cultural Afterparty of Maidan
16.06.2015 Stop Killing Refugees! Actiondays against Racism, Asyllawaggravation and Fortress Europe
18.06.2015 Berlin from 26-28 June: An art installation about the Yolngu people: S.O.S. Australia - restoring dignity
19.06.2015 “Take away from me my language, my responsibilities for the land, my land, and I am nothing”
20.06.2015 Christina Macpherson’s antinuclear week
20.06.2015 Calls Upon the International Community to Save Life of Detainee on Hunger Strike, Khader Adnan
23.06.2015 [Jena] Wenn der Schutzmann dreimal wegschaut
24.06.2015 Western Australian minister tells parliament he's 'proud' of world-beating juvenile jailing rate
24.06.2015 Signs against the gentrification: The Rigaer street party
27.06.2015 Protests in major Australian cities against cuts to Aboriginal services & closure of Aboriginal communities