Musik braucht Freiräume

Musik braucht Freiräume (Logo 2015)

On the 21st of june 2015 will be the 6. action of music needs free spaces – MUSIK BRAUCHT FREIRÄUME (MBF) – in berlin. This time we do an alternative free stage as KUNDGEBUNG for free independent music, arts and (sub)culture, from 3pm on to 9pm. After that there will be the night dance demonstration – NACHTTANZDEMO (Nachttanzparade) – again, for free music, (sub)culture, art and spaces and the freedom of movement, against capitalism, cultureindustry, gema and obsolete laws. See our statement.


And last but not least there will be an Aftershow – FREEPARTY – again, supported by some nice people.

The infos about what and where will come soon on several ways, u know.

Stay tuned and check out the blog.

More announcements as infos coming soon.

You will find our infos also in locations of left, alternative and real (sub)culture in berlin.

Everyone who likes to support us in that matter on our side, just contact us: mbf (at) 10247 (dot) netand come to our meetings.

Next and last info evening before the day and night: 19. of june.



Now it’s official…

- the space for the MBF – KUNDGEBUNG and independent freestage on the 21. of june 2015 -

…and it is:

„Rummelsburger Bucht“!


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(Kynaststr. 17/18)

Because, it is a place:
- of many discussions of restructuring and development of berlin
- where much had happened and is happening in the last years
- many things are changing there, f.i. the eastcross, train terminals and many more
- it is a place of plenty of history(/* herstory) 
of really bad and of some good (even karl marx himself went there in 1837)
- the heart of eastberlin
- …

for more infos see links (url) for instance:

Program, artists, running order and more are to be announced soon …

So stay tuned




The NACHTTANZDEMO (Nachttanzparade) – Night-Dance-Demo act – is also registered yet.

Be sure that it will happen on the 21. of june.

The start is at the place of the manifestation –KUNDGEBUNG – at Kynaststreet 17.

The manifestation starts over the day with independent artists at 3pm at rummelsburger bucht. The demonstration will be prepared at 9pm. It starts when all is on the street.

So be there in time! Coz‘ we got a good route with you to go…

More infos coming after tuesday.
On tuesday we have the so called MELDEGESPRÄCH, meeting for the registration of the demo and so on, at the agency. After that we will edit the next infos.


On the demo we like to express with music and verbalise with speeches our mood and goals about free, alternative, independent culture, living, lifestyle and the city we are living in and the developments going on here and elsewhere…
so be creative, bring your stuff, buddy, homies and friends!

What we don‘t want on our demo is any right winged bullshit and negative -isms, which belong in the scrapheap of old days! We won‘t tolerate macho shit, sexism, racism and other inhuman discriminating behavior. So please be aware and tell us fast if something wrong happens. Thank you!

Also after the demo there will be a big freetek aftershowparty again, for all of us who supported us and friends. Infos about where and so on will only be announced and given local on-site on the day itself.
So be there and stay tuned



Program, artists, running order and more are to be announced soon …




Preliminary announcement / vorläufige Ankündigung / of the route of the demo / der Route der Nachttanzdemo, vorläufige Route:

This year it’s going from the edge of friedrichshain/lichtenberg at the eastcross to the heart of kreuzberg…

Kynaststr. 17, Hauptstr., Eastcross/Ostkreuz, Markgrafendamm, Persiusstr., Laskerplace, Corinthstr., Rudolfplace/Am Rudolfplatz, Danneckerstr., Stralauer Allee, Warschauer Str., at the Oberbaum/Am Oberbaum, Oberbaumbridge/Oberbaumbrücke, Oberbaumstr., Schlesisches Tor, Skalitzer Str., Wrangelstr., Mariannenplace/Mariannenplatz, Bethaniendamm, Engeldamm, Ende.

The real route is to be announced in the week before.
Die endgültige Route können wir erst in einer Woche bekanntgeben.
Änderungen vorbehalten.

You may use Openroute and Wheelmap to find your way to us





We‘re ready to ship on board the following crews:

* Der Schwund (new wave, synth, punk, trash, pop, rocknroll)
* Elemento (rap, hiphop, reggae, fem.)
* Dampf in allen Gassen (punkrock, singersongrwriters)
* Kapatekanahuac (tek., int., IT)
* Jungle Syndicate (tek., bristol, GB)
* Cyberrise / YAYA23 (tek., int., IL)
* Terraristatribe (tek., berlin, ger.)
* GoGoTrash (czentrifuga)
* Bikewarcrew (artifitial bikeshow)
* Silkscreenprint
* Zero Stresz (pizza)
* Praxis/Datacide (mag.)
* Spentbrewcollective (beer)
* Gekko (gastro)
* Fahrende Gerüchteküche (küfa, van)
* Suppe & Mucke (support)
* Float support (watercrew)

not yet all confirmed!
new infos soon to be announced






We are sound activists, artists and political activists from the subculture and alternative scene of berlin.

We do what we do because we feel the need to do it and profit is not our motivation.

You will not find us in big clubs and posh galleries.

We are against all mainstream, commercialize, consuming shit of any kind of expression in art, music and lifestyle!!

We are against the gentrification process which tries to expulse us from our city, to eliminate us, steal our „souls“ put it in golden frames and sell it in galleries.

Our goal is to create a platform for all of us where we come together to exchange ideas, skills, interact and find ways to resist and defend our alternative way of life.

For that we go at the 21. of June in the street because its our playground of communication to demonstrate and make some noise.

Reclaim the street!

Reclaim the city!

For free spaces – free music – free arts – free city – free living – free culture – free people!!!



Everyone same mind, persons or groups who want to join us – for the 21 of june 2015 – you are welcome!!

Contact: mbf (_at_) 10247 (_dot_) net



What we want – why we are doing this – MBF 2015

Because, we are:
at first; for free, human, music, culture and arts, from people to people.
coz we think that we have to show always that we are here and that we say it clear and loud and proud that we dont want to go anywhere else, as we want to, coz we are here to stay and that we want the kind of life we want to live, when we want, where we want and how we want it to do.
against cultureindustry, cultural industry and a culture of capitalism, as industry and market-economy represent.
against that, therefore (our) music is our represantative instrument to show our well being and lifestyle, of more than just (a/one kind of sub)culture.
against the grey monotony of concrete deserts, coz there are enough dead citys
we like to live more colorful than the (civically) term of colors means.
we are against gentrification, despotism, anger of (mis)construction (not only of city), reduction of social society and the roll-back of (neo)conservatism.
but we are for free living, housing spaces, to live for everyone.
we are against capitalism, discrimination, marginalisation, racism, antisemitism, sexism, hating of others, xenophobia, adverseness of other sex and genders, as homo-, trans- and intersexuals.
but we are for the right to stay, the basic right on asyl, here and anywhere, the freedom of movement, as basic liberties and inclusion as the new emanzipative and progressive form of society.
for the good kind of living, for the nice life to all, luxury for everyone, not poverty.
we are not buyable, not by lotteries nor other tricks from gema and other bullshit of neoliberal structures and institution.
reclaim the music!