Texts in English – Februar 2015

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01.02.2015 Queensland parliament likely to get its first two Aboriginal members
01.02.2015 I am not Charlie/No to attacks/No to racism and Islamophobia
01.02.2015 Interview with a proud Wiradjuri woman
04.02.2015 Most Australians 'don't actually understand what human rights are'
06.02.2015 (B) Kaufhof is selling fur again - direct action in Berlin!!!
08.02.2015 Call-out for Aboriginal sit-in at the Australian parliament
10.02.2015 Aboriginal protesters come face-to-face with politicians during Canberra 'sit-in'
10.02.2015 Call for Germanwide Demonstration on February 28th in Dresden
10.02.2015 Anti-nuclear activists: "Don't buy holidays from Hapag-Lloyd or TUI"
11.02.2015 Culture of fear growing among Australian immigration officials
11.02.2015 Leadership squabbling, not Aboriginal rights struggle, consumed by mainstream media
11.02.2015 Rotting nuclear waste drums to be retrieved from Brunsbüttel "breakdown reactor"
11.02.2015 Nearly 4000 blacks lynched in the US from 1877 to 1950: study
11.02.2015 Show your ass to the authorities: call for solidarity with Belarusian anarchists from 25th February to 1st March
12.02.2015 [DD] Demonstration for a humane asylum politics and the rights of the refugees
12.02.2015 Australian government insider slams failure to close the gap between Indigenous and white Australians
12.02.2015 three animalliberationactivists were detained in russia!
12.02.2015 animal liberation and arson in la plata
14.02.2015 Grandmothers protest worst ever stealing of Australian Aboriginal children
14.02.2015 Plan to make Australia a nuclear recycling and waste dump
16.02.2015 Info-Event: European Police Congress Sets Security Policy Trends
16.02.2015 Asylum seekers on hunger strike, sewing their lips and swallowing razor blades
16.02.2015 Invitation for Final Actions concerning the Voucher system for refugees in Hennigsdorf
18.02.2015 Islamic group worried by Australian government's new toughness
18.02.2015 Innocent Sayed Abdellatif and his extraordinary detention in Australian immigration
18.02.2015 Closure of remote communities devastates Aboriginal residents
18.02.2015 JUST CROSS
19.02.2015 Transnational Migrant Strike - Brennero aperto – Free passage across Brenner
19.02.2015 MDB and WWF: against hate, discrimination, and inner-scene elitis
21.02.2015 Stop a billion-dollar gift to the palm oil industry!
21.02.2015 Arms fair in Abu Dhabi/War on your doorstep action against National Aerospace Laboratory/Statement of solidarity
22.02.2015 Fifty years on, Freedom Ride again holds up a mirror to white Australia
24.02.2015 I AM CONTROLLED: Creative Action opposite the "European Police Congress" at Alexanderplatz in Berlin
24.02.2015 Racist entrance-policies at the „Musichouse“ in Graz
26.02.2015 (GÖ)Feminist fighting beyond boundaries – against antifeminism, racism, homophobia and trans*phobia!
27.02.2015 Guccio No 1: Eine etwas andere Streitschrift - für Frankfurt und darüber hinaus
27.02.2015 [Erfurt] Appeal for manifestation at the 04.03. at 9 pm against deportation at Stauffenbergallee 25
28.02.2015 Monika Herrmann is shamefully planning another eviction for ohlauer ghs school
28.02.2015 No expulsions from Goerlitzer Park. Stop police brutality!