Texts in English – August 2015

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01.08.2015 About some car fires in recent weeks in Berlin…
01.08.2015 Leipzig: Deutsche Bank stoned in solidarity with anarchists in Spain
01.08.2015 Thessaloniki, Greece: Expropriation of supermarket
01.08.2015 Paris: on foot
01.08.2015 Claim for damage to Senate interior office in Bremen
01.08.2015 Policecar hit by stones at Rigaer Straße
03.08.2015 Ukraine’s left: between a swamp and a hard place
04.08.2015 Welcome to Britain
05.08.2015 Genoa, Italy: Sabotage Against Italsite Spa In Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners
05.08.2015 What is White Rex?
06.08.2015 Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership
07.08.2015 Xalapa, Mexico: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) for a Black June
10.08.2015 “You can keep your gold, we just want our land back”
13.08.2015 How Goldman Sachs Profited From The Greek Crisis
15.08.2015 Fat cat and activist Aborigines fighting over prime Sydney land
16.08.2015 [Bonn] Right to residency for all! Against police violence and racism
16.08.2015 From Berlin to Kopenhagen
17.08.2015 Whistleblowers expose alleged abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru – video
18.08.2015 [Antifenix] Welcome Home!
19.08.2015 Invitation for the "Connecting European Struggles conference"
23.08.2015 Open letter to the struggling textile workers worldwide
26.08.2015 Chronik: a new blog documenting social war from Germany
26.08.2015 There we go! Keep it up! Ende Gelände!
26.08.2015 A Dubious Deal with the NSA
27.08.2015 Anti-racist Demonstration in Hennigsdorf
29.08.2015 MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur) | Ahead of Bersih 4, dozens nabbed in raid on independent punk venue Rumah Api
29.08.2015 Paul is remanded in custody
30.08.2015 Ihar Alinevich, Mikalai Dziadok, Artsiom Prakapenka and Jauhen Vas’kovich are released
30.08.2015 Call for a NO BORDER block at the demonstration on 31st of August in Vienna
31.08.2015 Attack against Turkish general consulate in Zurich
31.08.2015 30 who oppose gay marriage claim to speak for 700,000 Aborigines
31.08.2015 Dortmund: ...until all are free