Texts in English – Mai 2015

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01.05.2015 French researchers: “Aboriginal communities should not be closed!”
02.05.2015 Popular opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement growing in Australia
02.05.2015 International anger swelling at plans to evict Australian Aborigines from ancestral lands
03.05.2015 Refugee Struggle Bustour – Münschen Demo, sunday
04.05.2015 Massive police operation against anarchists left three people in custody (Czech Republic)
04.05.2015 Last Night in Baltimore
05.05.2015 Police again smash Aboriginal protest camp in Perth
05.05.2015 Videobericht 1. Mai Okmeydanı [Istanbul] - "GLASS MARBLES AGAINST LEAD BULLETS"
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
06.05.2015 Contacts sought for Aboriginal art show in Europe
07.05.2015 Wuppertal: Visitor of AZ critically injured - a second statement
07.05.2015 Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges
08.05.2015 Finland: stop treating indigenous Saami as second-class citizens!
08.05.2015 Appeal to stop Australia taxing menstruation
08.05.2015 Arson with demands - on the Swedish riots
09.05.2015 Reparation needed before Aboriginal peoples can 'move on'
13.05.2015 Australia’s disarmament double-speak at this year’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference
13.05.2015 Aborigines expect more misery from new national budget
13.05.2015 Governments Negotiate UN Agreement on Global Development
14.05.2015 Australian government budget leaves indigenous affairs in a “trauma zone”
15.05.2015 A letter from Paul, anarchist prisoner of Operation Piñata (Spain)
16.05.2015 Nuclear News
16.05.2015 New coalition demands more justice for Indigenous Australians
17.05.2015 How an Australian Aboriginal family turned their sister's death into a youth suicide prevention group
17.05.2015 The 5 Anarchists Prisoners in Operation Piñata (Spain) Dispersed!!
18.05.2015 So 90% of us are 'proud Australians'. Proud of what, exactly?
18.05.2015 "We are still here" - Picket from 18th of May 2015
18.05.2015 (BO) Action in solidarity with the autonomous centre in Wuppertal and the anarchists facing repression in Spain
21.05.2015 More cuts to Aboriginal health spending
21.05.2015 Ethiopian Jews Riot in Israel
23.05.2015 Every 20th Aboriginal death a suicide
24.05.2015 Gardez la rage contre le barrage - Resistance Against the Reservoir Dam in Tarn
24.05.2015 2nd International Antifascist Martial Arts Tournament
25.05.2015 Nuclear-hit Aborigines again in radiation danger
27.05.2015 Info event+Küfa // life in the camp
28.05.2015 Belarus: Mikalai Dziadok protested against tortures by prison staff - he cut his abdomen and arms.
28.05.2015 KüfA and InfoEvent on the live in camps
29.05.2015 „Operation Phönix“: Repression in Czech Republic
30.05.2015 More Aboriginal children than ever ripped from their families
30.05.2015 Aborigines to visit US and European banks to prevent funding of Australia’s biggest coalmine on their country