Berlin: BKA counter-terrorism building attacked with petrol bombs & paint

I come like the furious tempest

It is evening in the city… While in the last few weeks hundreds of cops besieged Rigaer Strasse, harassed people and broke into homes and collective spaces,  the responsible bureaucrats met in Berlin together with representatives of the arms industry, delegates of various torturers from different countries and political actors from the entire European area to discuss how these and other repressions could generate more profit.

As a small gesture of solidarity for those affected by this machinery and to express our burning hatred for those responsible, on the night of 26.02.16. we attacked the counter-terrorism center of Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) with fire and paint.

In their usual lying manner, the cops said there were 5 petrol bombs and only one ignited and of course the salivating press happily accepted this version of events.

We threw 7 petrol and diesel filled bottles, all of them met their goal and provided a bonfire on the walls and a door of the building. We also presented some art with a bit of color on the building and some crows feet for the pursuing pigs. Too bad that concrete does not burn…but this fire was a small light in an otherwise pitch-black night.

Solidarity with Friedel54, Rigaer94, M99 and all endangered projects!

The whole world hates the police!

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Verfassungschutz is more important than their dogs BKA.

VfS infiltrate anarchist groups and report who is "extremist". they participate in publishing insurrection news, to get trust and spy, as attaque and chronik do. Both of them are getting pain in the ass when somebody speaks against the secret service.

chronik said I need psychiatric help, and of course, it is terminology of spies, true anarchists don't believe in psychiatry, spies want to represent us as crazy because "only crazy people attack gov or speak against VfS.


we can eyewitness more and more arrest in greece, spain, and it will widespread to france and germany, they arrest friends and relatives, not only anarchists, so, it is clear, they gather information before they make repression.who help them to gather it? those who are mixed between us.

I believe that chronik and attaque are honeypot, as people (snitches) and as websites (gathering IPs of readers).

hope linksunten is out of such spying shit. but in general, readers don't know who are admins (of website) and we must trust to some unknown people. I recommend tot he people to use tor/proxy/whatever and to make actions without to report to chronik and attaque.


the fact is, many anarchists got arrested and those who speak against secret service are called crazy by those who are “militant” i.e. they just publish news and they pretend they support such actions but in fact they work for the secret service. if they located osama bin laden and anwar al awlaki, they can surely locate people who burn cars or even make childish actions (paint “bombs”), but they don’t want (it is “so hard” to spy one building in rigerstrasse), they demand more money from the budget after anarchists burn cars, security is business, they don’t care for society, and therefore they let them to do it. only if they shoot, as they did in greece against US embassy, they will start to arrest them. until then, they let them to use paint and they demand more money from the budget on the basis “there is extremism”.