Texts in English – September 2014

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02.09.2014 West Papuan Independence Leader Found Floating In Sack At Sea
03.09.2014 [Zine] Ferguson - Mike Brown & The 21st Century Race Riots
03.09.2014 Iranian refugee brain-dead after medical attention denied in Australian concentration camp
03.09.2014 (B) Refugee Protest seeks urgent support!!!
04.09.2014 Government cuts off water to remote Australian Aboriginal settlement
05.09.2014 Old mistakes in New Delhi: Australian irresponsibility and Indian uranium sales
06.09.2014 World Suicide Prevention Day – suicide takes more lives than war
08.09.2014 New UN human rights chief attacks Australia over asylum seeker rights 'violations'
08.09.2014 Slave descendants finally recognised as Australian minority group
08.09.2014 Solisampler für die TAV-Gefangenen Lucio, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia, Nicco, Fra, Graziano
09.09.2014 Attack on the Greek Consulate in Zürich
09.09.2014 hamid kehazaei family to receive aboriginal passport
14.09.2014 BDS Besiegerung als israelische Schiff in Vancouver blockieren war
14.09.2014 Demonstration: united neighbours Right to stay and housing for everyone!
15.09.2014 Let the cache flow!
16.09.2014 FBI Investigation against IMC Athens
16.09.2014 Statement on Justice Department Subpoena of Athens IMC
17.09.2014 Unitedt Neighbours?! Discussion Meeting
19.09.2014 Riots in Keratsini am Jahrestag von Pavlos Fyssas
19.09.2014 Responsibility claim for the burning of police vehicles in Keynsham by ‘Uncivil Disobedients / FAI’ (UK)
19.09.2014 Istanbul: Construction machine sabotaged by ‘FAI/IRF Furious Hookers Militia’ (Turkey)
19.09.2014 Filton, Bristol: ‘FAI “Sacco & Vanzetti” Circle of Propaganda by Life & by Deed’ take responsibility for an incendiary attack against BAE Arms Development Centre in the context of the NATO Summit (UK)
24.09.2014 excavator was stopped / hambach forest
28.09.2014 DDoS attack against Indy linksunten