Texts in English – Juni 2014

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01.06.2014 One solution – reconstruction! - Solidarity with Can Vies
02.06.2014 Actionticker against TddZ at Juni 07th 2014 in Dresden
02.06.2014 Filmclub Moderne Zeiten shows: A Movie Evening about Stuart Hall
03.06.2014 Mobi - Video : Wo bleibt die Menschlichkeit!
03.06.2014 [Vienna] Thoughts in solidarity to Barcelona
05.06.2014 Istanbul's Gezi protests: the first Anniversary - what remains and prevails of Turkey's largest unrests after the first year?
05.06.2014 A reaction to the repression an police violance on the day beginning of the Gezi-protests people squatted an police station
05.06.2014 Against the regime in Kyiv and the junta in the East! AWU-Kyiv statement on the conflict in the Eastern regions
06.06.2014 Resist the eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia in on 28.07.2014
07.06.2014 Welcome to 2014 Word Cup/ Bienvenidos al mundial 2014
08.06.2014 Repression in Russia: Murmansk humanists - foreign agents?
09.06.2014 Inmates at Berlin Tegel jail set up world's first union for prisoners
09.06.2014 Calling for solidary visitors of trial in Wiener Neustadt
10.06.2014 CasaPound and Neo-Fascism in Italy
12.06.2014 28 Refugees from protest camp Hannover in Hunger Strike against the deportation of Salah Abdallah
12.06.2014 Holding down revolutionary ground (Egypt)
14.06.2014 Greek and German consulates occupied in Bologna and Venice
15.06.2014 [B] Free Cuvry
16.06.2014 [B] Squatting action Franz-Künstler-Straße
17.06.2014 Dozens injured in riot on Berlin street
18.06.2014 Video : Break this Silence!
19.06.2014 War against war! Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine
19.06.2014 Demonstration against the summit of european council in brussels
20.06.2014 Urgent call for practical solidarity with the prisoners in Greece!
21.06.2014 Notice of greek prisoners
24.06.2014 Statement by Comrades from Cairo: Everyone's Right to Protest
25.06.2014 [B/Brussels] 20 people got arrested in German embassy in Brussels
26.06.2014 New Zine: MFAH, Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model
27.06.2014 Phocis (Greece): Parcel bomb sent to the police precinct of Itea
27.06.2014 [Berlin] Eviction of the school - Call for protest and militant interventions
27.06.2014 Secret police scandal: Bus-Verkehr Berlin KG refuses to transport civil rights activists after “friendly” call by German criminal police
28.06.2014 Solidarity action in Dresden for Refugees from occupied school at Ohlauer street in Berlin
28.06.2014 UK, 22. Mai 2014: Brandangriff auf Gericht von Yate in Gedenken an Mauricio Morales, von der FAI – Bewusstsein und Wut
28.06.2014 For a Europe without Borders, Deportations, War and Rascism!
29.06.2014 The story of the unsung heroes: Black Bloc Brazil
29.06.2014 Support Crimean anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko, detained on terror charges!
29.06.2014 Solidarity from Athens
29.06.2014 Phoenix Project #14: ‘Live Wires FAI/ELF’ take responsibility for 4 Arsons against Bristol’s cellular transmission infrastructure over 24 Hours (UK)
30.06.2014 Criminal Queers Support Ohlauer Rebels
30.06.2014 Athens: Reportback from anti-prison demo