Texts in English – Februar 2014

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05.02.2014 Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !
06.02.2014 Repression in Moskau/Archipel Putin: Sechs Jahre Lager für Alexandra Dukhanina?
07.02.2014 [Greece] About the revolutionary practice of sabotage on the occasion of the “Green Nemesis” project
10.02.2014 Aktionsticker zum Naziaufmarsch am 13. Februar 2014 in Dresden
13.02.2014 Greece on high alert after extremists declare war on ‘German capitalist machine’
14.02.2014 Files Final Supreme Court Appeal in Global Hedge Fund Debt Case
15.02.2014 Animal Liberation Front (ALF) liberats animals out of Moscow Zoo
17.02.2014 Berlin: Person approached on the bus
20.02.2014 Ukraine: Statement about the situation in Ukraine from Autonomous Workers Union
20.02.2014 Ukraine: the protest movement and the fascists
20.02.2014 International call-out for antifa support/solidarity in Coulogne near to Calais France
21.02.2014 Fascists mobilise against squatters
22.02.2014 Ukraine's chief rabbi tells Kiev's Jews to flee city
22.02.2014 On supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv about Ukrainian nationalism and the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement
25.02.2014 Calais: report and new call-out after fire in Coulogne
27.02.2014 Spanish State: Arson on the Church of Santa Marina in Seville
27.02.2014 Pau, France: Arson attack on Christian Science church building
27.02.2014 Moscow: ELF torch excavator and dozer during New Year festivities (Russia)
27.02.2014 Chile: Attempted bombing of West Santiago Precinct and the 18th Ñuñoa Precinct
27.02.2014 France: Double arson attack in Tarbes