Stop the rally of Pegida fascists from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in Aachen on December 13th! Block the racist mob!

den rassistischen Mob blockieren! - 13.12.2015 - Aachen

On sunday the 13th of December Neo-nazis from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands are calling for a joint demonstration in Aachen. Right-wing forces are trying to establish a regional alliance in the border region. The event is supposed to further boost the weak initiation of Pegida groups from the Netherlands and Belgium through the increased mobilizing power of German neo-Nazis.  

We oppose this cross-border event of hatred by neo-Nazis and right-wing forces of all kinds and are calling for anti-fascist resistance! No to racist agitation in the streets of Aachen on December 13. - block Pegida!

Provisional meeting spot: 10 a.m. - Aachen Westbahnhof


Check for information regularly since time and place may change. You can do so here:

What we have to expect


The event is advertised online by right-wing forces and is supposed to start at 2 p.m. at the Bendplatz in Aachen. The Bendplatz is one of the largest squares within the city limits and is currently being administered by a private company belonging to the Eurogress entity. It was discussed online why this square of all places was chosen despite its unappealing nature for a demonstration. Right-wing activists made it clear that the place was chosen because it is easiest to seal off in order to ensure an undisturbed event. It is still unclear whether or not the fascists will actually end up using the Bendplatz to spread their message of hate.


While neo-Nazis are marching every week all across Germany at Pegida demonstrations, the Dutch counterparts still have to deal with severe start-up problems.  The number of participants of the latest rallies in Rotterdam and Utrecht has usually been within the mid double-digit area.

The same goes for the organized Right in Belgium as they have also had a hard time to keep up the German Pegida wave. Most events ended disastrous or were canceled in advance, despite the increased swing to the Right, also in Belgium.


About Pegida NRW

For about one year Pegida functions as a gathering point for racist agitators of all sorts. While there is a strong mobilization power in the original Pegida city of Dresden which has been attended by thousands, it is  vivid that the attending groups in North-Rhine Westphalia consists of those who were not united in the past. Furthermore, in this part of Germany a significantly smaller mobilization power is the case.

Duisburg has regular rallies every Sunday, with several hundreds of right-wing activists gathering, who spread hatred against refugees.

Aachen and the surrounding areas – precisely in Linnich in the Düren area – also experienced a rally against a planned refugee hostel with up to 200 participants. This included activists associated with „HogeSa“ (Hooligans against Salafists), the NPD (fascist German party) and the by now banned Kameradschaft Aachener Land (militant neo-Nazi group)  which is now continued as the fascist party „Die Rechte“, as well as the right-wing group „proNRW“.

Pegida has been able to unite nationalist, racist and right-wing forces as it has been empowered by the general social atmosphere, the tightening of migration laws and the racist propaganda of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, large right-wing populist party) This phenomenon has been present all across the country and is closely connected to the increasing right-wing terrorist attacks on refugees and their homes in 2015.

It is overdue to end the neo-fascist high and to blight right-wing propaganda wherever it begins!

Why Aachen?

The choice of the city of  Aachen is not surprising due to its geographic position. The fascist scene in the area has been one of the most active within the state. One of the most symbolic events, the now discontinued annual march in Stolberg attracted up to 800 neo-Nazis from all over the country and abroad. The headlines about fascist attacks on presumed opponents are innumerable.

Neo-Nazis and hooligans are currently involved in the Pegida rallies in Duisburg on a regular basis.

The local Nazi scene hopes to gain strength and to receive increased intake through the Pegida march.
Let's unite and make this impossible! Block Pegida – Let's turn the Nazi rally into a disaster!
Provisional meeting spot: 10 a.m. - Aachen Westbahnhof

Check for information regularly since time and place may change. You can do so here: