[FFM] Racist Attack on the Project Shelter Bistro

Project Shelter

Deutsch – The Bistro currently used by Project Shelter in Frankfurt-Bornheim was attacked on the 9th of December 2016. A window was broken, bitumen was dispersed and a threatening letter, taken responsibility for the act was left, which confirms the racist motivation of the attack.


The Attack on the self-administered space was an attack on the idea to fight and overcome social and racist exclusions and divisions. Since 2 years people both with and without migration experiences are organizing collectively in Project Shelter to fight for the idea of a city united in solidarity and a society for all. In times in which refugee accommodations and emancipatory projects are attacked on a daily basis, in which one sharpening of the asylum laws is chasing the other and reactionary and nationalist movements in Germany, Europe, the world are on the rise, this attack certainly doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is not the act of confused single individuals, but the product of a structural racism deeply embedded in society, which is currently gathering strength. Nevertheless it is the first attack of this kind in Frankfurt since a long time and a new escalation of violence against refugees, migrants and comrades in this city. Concretely it is announced to attack activists and supporters alike in their private spaces. Our answer to these threats is clear:


They can break our windows, lay waste to our bistro and spread their racist fug. They surely won’t get rid of us like this! We are not afraid, we are here to stay, we are strong and we are many! Our idea is the better one, our arguments are so anyway. Our squattings are a direct consequence of the fact, that there is no political will to target the problem of homelessness amongst migrants in Frankfurt. Many people who are part of the project are confronted with the problem that under existing law they can’t find a permanent residence without a job and no job without a permanent residence. Our political work is scandalising these social conditions and critiques it within the context of the massive amount of vacancies and homelessness. The city of Frankfurt has in the past made its position clear by both cancelling the talks with us and clearing our squatting attempts, thereby enforcing law. It has been exactly one year now that the first squatting of our project was cleared forcefully by the police. Apparently now some felt this wasn’t going far enough. Our solidarity outlived repression and institutional exclusion. The recent attack is merely the next incentive to fight united. Today, on the 10th of December 2016, the anniversary of our first squatting we are calling upon all comrades and supporters to set an example against racism and for a neighbourhood united in solidarity both in Bornheim and elsewhere. Come and bring your friends! We’ll drink hot wine, talk about the past and upcoming political work and fill the Bistro with life.


Meeting Point: 18 h // Bergerstraße 103 / Corner Höhenstraße

The attack on the Shelter Bistro is an attack on all of us!
The houses to those who need them!
A House for Shelter!
Our solidarity against your racism!