Fire in Moria, Lesvos after clashes - updates & photos from inside

riot police and fire department

On monday, the 24th of octobre, there has been another uprising against the estates in the Moria Refugee Camp, Lesvos, Greece. Six offices of the EASO were burnt down. They have been waiting for months on the results of their applications for asylum without any information. 


In september, large parts of the camp were burnt down. This was preceded by a hunger strike of refugees against the conditions in the camp with fights among inhabitants and with the police. 


More than 4000 people are living in the military camp, which looks like a prison from outside due to its razor-wired fences. This is more than twice the number of people who are supposed to live here officially. Some inhabitants live in camping tents, some in bigger tents with more than 20 people, without any private sphere. Some are even staying outside because of the narrowness.


The people sometimes have to stand for two hours in the queue to get food. There are reports about bad food which caused stomach upset for hundreds. 


Recently, the water pipes were switched off for several days making toilets and showers not usable. 


Also the coming winter frightens people - in the last winter, it was snowing on Lesvos, and they do not know, if they will have to stay in there completely inadequate tents.